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Knitters Beware

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Louisville, Kentucky
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Knitters Beware

My wife knits on airplanes. Where for a while after 9/11 needles were not allowed, they don't even get a second look here in the States.

New Year's day we flew Frontier to Cancun. No problems at security and she knitted much of the way down. Yesterday, on our return flight she was stopped by security at Cancun and told no knitting needles allowed. She had to return to the check-in area, get a zippered bag and then check her knitting.She was furious.

Frontier was wonderful. They allowed her to bypass the long check-in line since she already had checked-in once and waived the extra bag fee. Her knitting was one of the first pieces of baggage off the plane but she is still upset that she was not allowed to knit in transit.

I am not sure whether no needles is just a Mexican issue or if other non-USA airports have similar rules. She asked that I warn everyone and I thought this was a good place to do it.

You've been warned.

Birmingham, United...
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1. Re: Knitters Beware

Here's some more info on the subject of knitting needles.


However in the UK it would appear that although you may get past airport security with knitting needles, certain airlines have their own rules which ban the bringing of knitting needles on to their aircraft. Therefore you are advised to see what your airline's specific policy is.

Minooka, Illinois
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2. Re: Knitters Beware

Thanks - I just took up knitting and was curious about the needles.

Cozumel, Mexico
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3. Re: Knitters Beware

They sometimes do strange things at Cancun security. I have had them take the little needles out of small sewing kits. A pilot friend said he supposed you could gouge someones eyes. He was joking. Also told me they took a little screwdriver he had in his flight bag. He said he supposes they dont know he has an axe in the cockpit !

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4. Re: Knitters Beware

I agree about Cancun airport security being crazy. A couple of years ago thay were (during the boarding security check) making all the passengers dispose of their 3-1-1 quart bags with their 3 oz stuff. Nothing was being allowed past them. Earlier this year there were several post regarding them taking your batteries. You just never know.

Portsmouth, Ohio
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5. Re: Knitters Beware

The same thing happened to my wife a couple of years ago. She knitted on the way down but was not permitted past security at Cancun on the return. What I don't understand is that they sell cigarette lighters in the shops after the security checkpoint at the Cancun airport.

London, United...
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6. Re: Knitters Beware

Swiss port made me remove 200g

Yes thats right

200 g out of a suitcase to keep it bang on 25KG

That was a tube of toothpaste i took out

Fort Worth, Texas
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7. Re: Knitters Beware

Try going thru DFW airport security with some knitting needles. They will make easy work of this issue. No dice, I promise you.. Easily understood over here.

Cancun's airport lets me board with a full 44oz margarita, I mean gasoline in a Styrofoam cup. But will not allow my 3.3 oz cologne bottle, that has a clearly visible 1.2 oz in it. .

Splain that

Burleson, TX
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8. Re: Knitters Beware

Wow. No knitting needles? For shame! I whittle. Should I complain when they take my whittling knife? YES, it IS the same.

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9. Re: Knitters Beware

A few years ago when we were leaving Cancun I was told I could not bring on an unopened bottle of juice that was obviously pruchased after security on the plane. I did not complain but asked the flight attendant if something had happened while we were away that caused the change in the rule. She looked at me like I had 2 heads and said "since 9/11 no liquids were permitted" I knew the rule had been liquids purchased in the terminal(after going through security) were premitted, I had just flown from NY to Aruba with no problem, think I was even on the same airline. Go figure.

Santa Cruz...
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10. Re: Knitters Beware

Oh, please: A blunt tipped 3 inch wooden or plastic needle is NOT even close to the same as wa whittling knife. Knitting needles are less dangerous than a sharpened pencil, yet no one takes those. Also, I would not trust wikipedia as a source of TSA rules. Check each country's TSA website for details.

Last time I checked: American TSA allows needlecraft supplies of any kind and suggests you print out their policy to take with your project.

Mexican TSA (or whatever they call that dept of the government there) does not allow any needles of any kind, but each airport chooses what to enforce. I have flown many times from Mazatlan without any problem at all with my needles, but Cancun airport is much more strict.

PM me for tips re knitting on planes.

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