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Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

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Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

Is a good idea rent a car in Cancun to go the Presidente Intercontinental and walk ( without schedule control of excursions) Chichen-Tzá, Playa del Carmen-Cozumel-Tulum , Presidente Intercontinental, for seven days?


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1. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

We have rented cars in Cancun to go down the coast and it is a nice way to see the sights. However, beware corrupt cops that will pull you over for a bribe! Also be aware of the other vehicles as some of the drivers can be a bit crazy!

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2. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

We have been 4 times and have never needed a rental car. The bus system is awesome in Cancun. It is very inexpensive and they come every minute or 2. THis is one of the great things about vacationing in Cancun.

You can take "tours" for all your excursions which will include a bus ride. You will have to do stopping to get other people along the way, but they will make the ride fun and you will get a lot of history/info on the bus that you will not get on your own.

Our last trip, we decided to rent a car for one day to go to Tulum and Xel-Ha. We passed XCarat and Playa Del Carment along the way. It was pretty much a straight shot down there, took about 1.5 hours.

You should be aware of the reports of being pulled over by cops and "asked" for money. Also, I have seen others advise to not drive after dark. We did make it back shortly after dark, and we never felt unsafe.

Long story short- I would only rent a car if you really, really hate bus rides. And I would only reserve it the night before (since your plans for the day might change due to weather, etc.).

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3. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

I am taking my parents to Cancun on Feb. 11th for two weeks. This will be my third time, and i have always used the buses or taxi.

However this time i made arrangements online and have reserved a Cavalier through Budget right at the airport. The cost for the two week period is only $479.00. unlimited Kilometers!!

I am not sure if i`m going to take it, but this seems a very attractive offer. As we plan on a few excursions to the Playa area, golfing etc. Especially when you consider the cost of transportation here and there, constantly having to deal with money, and negotiations etc.


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4. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

Hello from Detroit

I have been to Cancun many times and I have never rented a car. I always used the bus system and it is excellent. You can go just about anywhere by Bus or Cab.

I wouldn't have the balls to drive around the Hotel Zone or the Downtown area. The way People drive there is crazy, and the Police are known to pull you over and shake you down. I have had friends and locals tell Me stories.

The main bus station is downtown, and easy to purchase tickets. The local Miami Herald printed for Cancun has bus times and schedules printed and that really helps too.

I hope You and Your Family have a Fantastic Vacation in Cancun, and I'm really glad your taking the time to be with Your family. Some people can't let go.

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5. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

We have traveled to Cancun 10+ times and always rent a car as we like to go on our own to ruins and to stay in Playa or Tulum and get around when we want. Many people are happy with the bus system, it tends to be very good. We have been pulled over once and did pay $10 just to get going. If you are getting pulled over, mainly they are wanting money to get on with it. The driving is aggressive, but if you are paying attention it is not that bad and the highways are fairly decent. Get the insurance, and be careful and all is well.

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6. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

I would not rent a car. I have been to cancun 8 times and never felt the need to rent a car. The bus is awesome and I would not drive in Cancun, they drive crazy!

Brooklyn, NY
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7. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

I've been to the region several times but mostly out of the hotel zone. (EDSS, ASP, HB, Moon Palace etc) and I finally rented a car the last time I went down. My wife and I commuted from ASP to Playa Del Secreto about every other day.

I would say they drive a little crazy down there having two speeds;

Speed #1-Hey Gringo get out of my way!

Speed #2-Hey Gringo, didn't you hear me?!? I said get the *&$%# out of my way!

But then I can't talk 'cause we drive the same two speeds here in NYC.

If you are an adventurer and like to stray off the beaten path then a car is the only way to go. Just make sure you have pesos when you go to the gas station because they will try to rip you off in Gringo tax exchange rates.

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8. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

These inputs are great, and appreciated

Thanks Alias

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9. Re: Is it a good idea rent a car in Cancun?

I think I would be nervous about renting a car in Cancun. Maybe in the Riviera Maya it would be okay. You are really isolated at most of the resorts down there unless you stay in Playa Del Carmen.

The nice thing is that you can ride the collectivo anywhere from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum for $2 a person each way. Unfortunately, it stops running at 10 PM, so if you go to the clubs, you will need to get a taxi back (expensive).