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Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

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Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

Hi - with all the post about ident theft I have a question. We are taking cash and we dont have any credit cards all we have is our debit card. Will i have to give the hotel my debit card for anything since everything is paid for all ready? I am leary about giving them my debit card like for a deposit or something because i am so scared of id theft. If you have stayed at Dreams before please let me know if you had to give debit or credit card to hold upon check in. Thanks!! We leave thursday!

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1. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

According to NWA Vacations, Dreams requires a Credit Card Deposit at Check-In for incidentals. You may want to contact the hotel regarding a debit card or cash deposit directly.

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2. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

They probably won't hold the actual credit card that you give them. More like take an imprint and then rip it up when you check out if there are no additional charges.

*I haven't stayed at Dreams. Just going by my experience with hotel stays in general.

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3. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

Any hotel holds a credit card for any "extra" things you might charge to your room. This could include extra tours, purchases in the gift shops, some outside stores, jet-ski or other rentals, and many other conveniences you might find convenient to charge to your room.

I rarely get a charge to my credit card after checking out, because I find it unnescesary to charge things to my room. Not to mention I have yet to find the time to enjoy all the included activities.

Any resort WILL require a credit card to protect themselves from room charges.

I don't think that is unfair.

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4. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

A deposit with a credit card seems to be the norm. What I do when traveling is 1 credit card and my debit card. Make sure you call the bank and the credit card company and let them know you are leaving the country. This way if there is anykind of activity on your accounts after your check out date they will flag it!

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5. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...


I was at Dreams 8/23- 8/29 and they asked upon Check in if would like to put a credit card on file and we said no. They said it would be for extra amenities incurred such as Palomo restaurant or whatever it is, excursions thru the hotel. That way if you want to do something extra - you can say put it on the credit card or what not. We declined because we didnt plan and didnt do anything extra. Didnt do the extra cost restaurant or excursions thru the hotel. Saved money and took up on excursions on the strip outside Dreams. So just decline the offer, and if you need to buy something then, then I guess you will pay have to pay up front since a cc# wont be on file....... enjoy your stay, you will love it! I posted a fantastic 5 star very long review that is pending still- soon to be on here...... enjoy !

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6. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

I don't remember being asked for one at Dreams although I know it is usual to have to swipe your card at most hotels.

The only extra charge we incurred was for telephone calls so we just paid cash on the day we left. Actually we didnt' we had paid the DVD deposit, so we got money back when we checked out!!!

Unfortunatley ID theft will happen anywhere, it is a sad fact of life these days, but we did feel very safe and secure at Dreams.

If that helps at all!

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7. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

Dear swiftgrl:

Yes, when we checked in at Dreams they took a IMPREESION of the credit card for any additional charges, etc. When we left at check out, they gave back the impression charge papers and that was it!!! No real problem.

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8. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

WCD81- Glad to hear you had a great time! Can't wait to see your review!

swiftgrl- We gave them our debit card number both times we've stayed at Dreams. We've never had anything charged to it, though. They do not hold your card. We just paid cash for our excursions. We actually didn't book any from the hotel. We booked them from Olympus Tours right outside. So, I can't give you any tips on how the hotel books things or whether or not they would let you pay cash. Have a wonderful trip! You're gonna love it! (I hope)

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9. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

check into a pre paid debit card. you can purchase the card and "load" money onto it as if it were a gift card. It has a visa account number so it works anywhere they take visa. when there is no more $ left to be used, simply throw the card away. You can also call and transfer more $ to the card too.

This is what we do everytime we go on vacation. Dont have to worry about someone copying your debit card # and getting into your checking account later.

They are avail (in our area at least) at most large grocery chain and drug stores.

You made a great choice in Dreams-you will love it.

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10. Re: Question about Dreams... & identity theft...

I was there in June 2006 and they asked if we wanted a credit card on file for extra charges. We said no and that was that. No worries at all.