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sharing vacation photos

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sharing vacation photos

Here is a video I made of some of the photos from Cancun. I will upload more of Cancun palace in the next few days ( trying to locate the memory card) The first hotel is Ambliance and the food photos inside the hotel is Cancun Palace. I have to say It was a wonderful vacation evern though there was some bumps while there. We will forsure be going back to Cancun Palace in the next couple years. The staff was AMAZING with the kids. Within 24 hours most of the staff knew when we sat down with our son that silverware could not be put in front of him and it was removed right away. They knew not to sit hot food in front of him and to sit it near me and DH. They interacted with our son by sounds and voices and made sure to make it special for both children. When walking around the resort if they seen us go to move something so he would not get hurt or run in to it they RAN and moved it for us.( a chair out of place ect) They gave both kids hugs everyday and actully seemed sad when we told them it was our last night! we was sad as well!

We did have problems at our first hotel the villias as a made stole stuff out of our room but we got it back when we said we was calling the police( I was shocked we got it back!!) The only people rude to us or our son or made remarks about our son was the tourist NO staff anywhere was rude to us! Matter of fact you will see our son did the bungie!! this is a big step for a child that is completely blind, cp and autisic. He did it 3 times over the period of our trip and each time they helped him every bit of the way.They even got him up real high!! HE LOVED IT! It was so nice to see him enjoy some normal things children like! The staff made this happen for him.

The Staff never once complained if he spilled something . Everytime I tried to clean it myself and was told no it is my pleasure! Actully we had one staff member that told us we was him to much and tried to give us some $ back! We said no way it is OUR pleasure!

This is the first family vacation I have fully planned by myself as our first family vacation we had help with a Dr and some other people helping us plan it. So even though Me and Dh had been to Cancun twice I was a nervous wreck as well when you go on vacation with any children expecially a special needs child you have to know everything and have every detail planned out. I was so worried I thought I'd have to have my Dr give me a nerve pill LOL!!!

It was really nice to have this time with my kids with little stress.I can't wait to do it again in 2 years. Me and dh are thinking of maybe trying to go some place alone next year( we never have! always had someone with us) Then take the kids back again in 2 yrs!!

Flights with Mexicana.

We boarded first everyt flight we took.

The flight there was BUMPY and LONG as we was flying in with Dolly causing heck LOL So they had to fly around Cancun and it took forever. We did not get in until VERY late! Not their fault as the storm happened and thats that.Staff was very nice.We did however notice our son's Medical stroller was broken when we got off the flight ( The wheels) We did manage to finally get 3 working and will get the other working soon! SO no big deal. His braces also broke but we fixed in within the first few days! So again no biggie.(and the braces breaking was not mexicanas fault it was the rain ect making it where the "tape" would not shut. BTW we was sitting together on the flight there but when they seen our son they changed all our seats to the first roll on half the flight there!

The flight back we was worried as we was not sititng together. The first part of the flight me and my son sat roll 5 with a lot of leg room for him.The second part of the flight they moved us all up to roll 5 so we could sit together and he have leg room again.

We would fly with them again.

If you have a handicap child and you are worried about traveling to Cancun with your child don't worry! Honestly they was wonderful with our son. From getting him special food, to make sure he had a straw with every drink to making sure everything was out of his way when he was walking. They also would remove food when they seen by his facial expressions he did not like the food, They would then replace it with something new he did like! They insited! We did not ask for this as we was just feeding him off our plates. They told us it would be a pleasure!

When we would be getting a new waitstaff the ones that knew us would make sure the new one understood our son's special needs. It was nice not having to explain it over and over!

They even tried to talk us in to leaving our Daughter and son in the kids area while me and DH had a meal alone. We are worry warts and did not but they told us no worries! We will play with them and take good care of your daughter and son! They kept making sure we knew our son and daughter would be cared for if we did decide to go to dinner. I know they don't offer babysitters but they did try to babysit our son for us lol ( our dd is 11 and could play alone).

They had ramps around the resort also which was nice! BTW We checked in at 11 am and they had our room ready in 25 minutes. They told us our lil man looked tired and they thought he may need a nap! ( he didnt he was just waking up LOL!) but it was ready for us right away! We had a ocean room as well. Very nice.

Ok I am rambling now. LOL I have lots more to tell but I need to get some sleep! hugs!

BTW Ladybird50 it was a pleasure to meet you! please do pm me with your email addy! I also meet another TA member but she does not post but knew who I was! Our families will be life long friends now!

Here is the photos( some of them I have so many!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-9EUIHEcOE

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1. Re: sharing vacation photos

Glade (even with the bumps) you and the family enjoyed your trip. One of the many things we enjoy about the area is the staff at the resorts and how friendly and helpful they are.

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2. Re: sharing vacation photos

What a great photo link on youtube! Your family looks like they enjoyed lots of different activities in Cancun. The food & drink pics are making me hungry! Was the ring a new present in Cancun?? Thanks for sharing your family and vacation with us!

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3. Re: sharing vacation photos

what great memories you made for your family vacation..something the won't forget..but you could have taken more pictures....lol.

Great job. Thanks for sharing them.

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4. Re: sharing vacation photos

Thanks for sharing, Really looked like you guys enjoyed yourselves. The pictures are wonderful. :-)

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5. Re: sharing vacation photos

Thank you everyone!

Yes!! The ring is new! He surprised me with it on Isle Mujeres! Beautiful hu!!

LOL I actully took over 3000 photo's That is just 300 of them hehehe.

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6. Re: sharing vacation photos

oh btw in Mexico City there was a very long line for immagration A worker seen us and pulled us out of the line and did our paperwork then.

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7. Re: sharing vacation photos

WOW Looks like you all had a wonderful time. What a beautiful family you have! The people in cancun are wonderful.

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8. Re: sharing vacation photos


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9. Re: sharing vacation photos

I see that you guys did the zipline tour. Was that the included tour through Cancun Palace? IF so do you know if it was at Selvatica or someplace else? Is there anything you can tell us about that tour since it is so new?

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10. Re: sharing vacation photos

Hey You,

I am so glad you had a great time. Your pics are great...Looks like everyone had a fab time. Sorry to hear about the theft issue...Your family looked as though you all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.