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Have you ever forgot your passport?

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Chicago, Illinois
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Have you ever forgot your passport?

Everyone has an irrational traveling fear, and this is mine. I am always afraid I am going to get to security and not have my passport! This actually happened to my friend, sort of. She drove from St Louis to Chicago to stay with family for a night before she left on vacation to the Dominican. She realized when she got all the way to Chicago that she forgot her passport in St Louis. She got it, due to some handy landlord work and some great friends, but was in a total panic! Is my friend just a total airhead, or could this (or has this) ever happened to you or anyone you know?

Colo Spgs
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for Cozumel
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1. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

If you do, you won't get on the plane.

I check mine several times before I even get out of my driveway and on the way to the airport.

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2. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

Ah, my nightmare, too. My OCD kicks in and I check, double check, triple check that I have my bag with all of my confirmations packed in my carryon.

I pack that stuff in my carryon first and then check religiously until we leave. Last thing before we lock the door, check again. Then, in the cab, hubby will ask (for the first time)...do I have the passports and confirmations?


Ewing, New Jersey
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3. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

Hi Carleebeth, Back in 97, my family of four and another couple traveled to Jamaica. In those days of course all you needed was a birth certificate and a photo license. The couples names are Mike and Tracy. Mike must have asked Tracy 10 times "Tracy, are you sure we have everything that we need"?? Tracy screams "FOR THE LAST TIME MIKE, YES, I HAVE ALL WE NEED, DON'T ASK ME AGAIN"!!! Fast forward to checking in at the airport. Myself, my wife and our two kids check in, no problems at all. Thats when we hear Mike screaming. Tracy in fact did not have their birth certificates but had picked up the title to their boat!!! We got on the escalator, waving goodbye, heading to our gate not knowing what they were going to do. Lucky for them Tracys sister lived near them, went to their house, picked up their birth certificates and raced down I95 to the airport. They made it just in time!!

Fort Myers, Florida
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4. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

Okay, our daughter bought us this Coach big nylon/polyester whatever (we could care less about the brand) bag a few years ago for Christmas when we started traveling on our own without kids. So I never take the passports out of this bag which I always take as a carryon. So we can never forget them!

Salt Lake
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5. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

Two stories: I was travelling with a co-worker internationally and he forgot his passport. He had to have a relative break into his house and drive it to the airport. He arrived to the gate with passport in hand just as they announced final boarding.

The second story: I bought new luggage (expensive stuff with lifetime warranty) just before going to London. When I got to London, the subway system was broken down so I drug my luggage through Green Park to my hotel. In the process I ruined the wheels, and on the first day of my trip! What a pain!

When I returned home I took the luggage back and got a replacement. A few weeks later I was off to Frankfurt. The night before my flight I went to get my passport and it was nowhere to be found. I realized that I had put it in the zippered pocket on the luggage that I had returned. Fortunately the store still had the broken luggage and was able to find my passport prior to my trip. They had to have me sign a bunch of paperwork because they had reported this lost passport to the department of homeland security.

Chicago, Illinois
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6. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

My irrational fear has been confirmed! Oh goodness, I'll probably ask my boyfriend if we packed the passports 20 times on the way to the airport. U-G-H!

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7. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

ok heres what i do. i got one of those super dorky looking passport/airplane ticket wallets that hand around your neck. i put all my travel stuff in it and around my neck it goes. it may look dorky but i am a happy on the plane on my way to mexico dork ; )

Northern California
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8. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

I too bought one of those around the neck dorky things for our latest trip. Everything of importance in one place - passports, boarding passes, and in the zippered part in the back, airport transfers, resort confirmation and cash. Do I care if I look like a dork - hell no! I'm on vacation, I don't care about anyone's opinion, I only care that I actually get to my destination! It also fit nicely in the safe at the hotel and I always knew where "the important stuff" was.

Southlake, Texas
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9. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

NOPE! I suppose we travel too much - but for an INT flight you cannot even check in w/out your Passport - so the fear of not getting through security is something I don't understand........

Dallas Texas
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10. Re: Have you ever forgot your passport?

Well, I think I have shared this before I am not sure..

My husband and I traveled to Barbados last year with his sister and Family. While at the American Airline ticket counter my neices husband submitted his passport from India and his green card.

But, what was not done is getting permission from the Barbados government to travel to their Country.... He did not know he had to do that!

Since he was not a legal US citizen and only has a US work visa he was not allowed to travel to Barbados without their consent!

Our plane was leaving in 1 hour. My neice did not want to travel to Barbados without her husband. After multiple phone calls including the travel agent and Barbados government officials we got the green light to go!! We RAN!!!

We only had 3 minutes to get to our gate on the other side of the airport!!!

He was very lucky. It could have turned out much worse.

It always pays to read the small print! If you are living in another Country on a work visa. Its hard to travel to certain Countries without the proper route being taken...