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Is it safe to go to Cancun

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Is it safe to go to Cancun

Been in Cancun in 2014 last time, and want to go again, but heard that it is very dangerous from 2017 since there were couple of murdered tourists.

Can someone tell me how is situation now compared to 2014/2015 regarding safety in Cancun?

I will be spending most of the time in Zona Hotelera, Isla Mujeres, and Chitzen Itza?

Thank You

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Harbor Springs, MI
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1. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

As long as you stay out downtown you’ll be fine. I go three times a year.

Tampa, Florida
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2. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

We just got back from Cancun this past weekend. We spent a wonderful week there. Honestly, if I didn't pay attention to this forum or read some of the news about the violence there, I would have never known there were/are any issues. We didn't see or hear anything bad while we were visiting. We spent most of our time in our resort area and ventured off to spend the day riding golf carts on Isla Mujeres. We took a taxi and/or bus to and from restaurants and even walked 20 minutes down the road in the hotel zone to check out another restaurant. We stayed at Royal Cancun and had the most relaxing time on the calm beach. We will continue to visit.

DeForest, Wisconsin
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3. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

Be aware of your surroundings, as you would with any travel destination.

Kansas City, Kansas
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4. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

We just got back Friday night. Felt totally safe, but this time we just wanted to relax and lay on the beach, since we only had three complete days and four nights. We're seniors, so no interest in the bar scene downtown. We would go back more than once a year if we could manage it. I know bad things are happening some places, but the hotel zone seems quiet and ok. We didn't hear or see sirens going by on the street, but did see guys patrolling the beach on four wheelers, whizzing by pretty quickly.

New Windsor, NY
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5. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

You may want to do your homework before booking your next trip.

In 2014 there were: 21 Murders

2015 - 37

2018 - 550

Look at the local papers: https:/…

Cozumel, Mexico
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6. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

As Finsky points out, the murder rate is unfortunately increasing in Cancun. However, it is mainly between rival crime organizations and the large majority of all violent crime happens in the downtown section of the city, away from the tourist areas. Since tourism makes up a large part of the income, most people (even criminal organizations) have a vested interest in keeping tourists safe.

In fact, if you inspect the statistics on American tourists to Mexico, the risk is actually quite low. It may surprise you to find out that on a per-capita basis, Jamaica is more dangerous than Mexico for US travelers. A quote from this article sums it up nicely (https://worldview.stratfor.com/article/murde…):

"Of the 152 [Americans] who were murdered overseas during [June 2017 to June 2018], exactly half died in Mexico. Naturally, however, the question of scale is paramount in interpreting the figures. The 35 million U.S. tourists who visit Mexico dwarf the number of their compatriots (1.5 million) who go to nearby destinations such as Jamaica. And while just six Americans fell victim to homicide in the latter, the murder rate for U.S. citizens is, per capita, higher on the Caribbean island than it is in Mexico.

To put things further into perspective, Chicago has a population of 2.7 million — about the same as the number of Americans that live in Mexico (to say nothing of the 35 million that visited last year). Last year, however, 561 people died in homicides in the Windy City, more than seven times the number of Americans who were murdered in Mexico."

Despite what the media narrative is, the ;large majority of tourist destinations and resorts in Mexico are still widely accepted as safe with quite low risk of violent crime. Tens of millions of visitors come to Mexico every year and very, very few suffer at the hands of violence. If you visit places like Chicago without blinking an eye, than Mexico should not scare you.

It is worth pointing out, as with travel anywhere in the world, you should always be aware of the dangerous city areas and keep your wits about you (i.e., don't stumble around drunk, don't be flashy with your wallet/jewelry, and avoid overly secluded areas). This is especially true if you are coming from an area that has a much higher income than the place you are visiting. During those times, leave the designer-label purses and large-stone jewelry at home to minimize your risks. And if worst comes to worst, no property is worth more than your life. Hand it over willingly and file an insurance claim later on.

More articles about the safety of tourists in Mexico which actually inspect the details:



Some perspective with US murder rates: https:/…

Comparison of Mexico:US crime rates: https:/…Crime

New Windsor, NY
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3,007 posts
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7. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

You may want to read about taxi driver being shot with tourists in the car. A family with two children going to Xcaret.


Dallas, Texas
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8. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

I was in Cancun with my grandson for Christmas--16 days. We have been going to Cancun since 1986. Lived on Roatan, Honduras for 10 years---so in saying that I love Mexico and Honduras. But I will say this is the 1st year that I noticed a different attitude towards gringos. I personally believe that right now all it takes is being in the wrong place at the right time!

I tell everyone I know "there is a very weird vibe" happening in Mexico right now. I personally will not be returning anytime soon! The heydays or Cancun are over! Stay safe, but remember things are "hot" right now!

Villa Ridge...
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9. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

We were there in April, didn't just stay at the resort, and never felt unsafe, or were treated badly. We will be back, wouldn't do anything there we wouldn't do in downtown St. Louis and don't think we'll have any problems.

Seattle, Washington
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10. Re: Is it safe to go to Cancun

Came back last weekend. Used the city buses, the ferry to Isla Mujeres and never saw anything unsafe. But there were things happening every day that I read on the internet. Too bad because this area is beautiful.

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