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Earthquakes CANCUN

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Earthquakes CANCUN

My fiance and I have a trip booked for CANCUN departing Oct 12 2017.

Is there any disruptions in regards to the recent earthquakes/hurricanes?

I need some sort of piece of mind or I may just end up cancelling my trip.

Let me know.


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1. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

Suggest you look at a map. Cancun is nowhere near either of the earthquakes.

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2. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

Doesn't matter I asked a legit question to ease my mind...don't tell me look at a map.

I'm looking for positive feedback not your suggestion now get off my post if you have nothing to say.

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3. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

Christina there are many threads that will tell you that there is no issue with hurricanes or earthquakes in Cancun. Regulars here tend to get a little testy when questions are asked that have been answered in multiple posts. Please read them. There is one on earthquakes and one on hurricanes on page one of this forum. You have no issues to worry about.

This is only your second post. Many questions have been answered if you take even a quick look at what has already been posted. People here are all volunteers and appreciate people who have done a little research on recent posts before repeating a question that has recently been asked.

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4. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

May be a legitimate question but RobertSDF gave you a very legitimate and accurate response.

Looking on a map will show you the distance that Cancun is from the affected areas.

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5. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

Your question was appropriate, especially if you haven't been to the area.

Your are perfectly fine going there. The hurricanes have been mostly in the Caribbean, not the gulf, except for Harvey which I think dumped some rain on the area when it was still a tropical storm.

The earthquakes were several hundred miles away. I don't believe that the Yucatan peninsula is seismically active.

Anyways, rest easy and look forward to your trip!


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6. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

"I'm looking for positive feedback not your suggestion now get off my post if you have nothing to say."

Wow, nice response from a new poster to a long term poster with well over 43,000 posts to his credit. FYI, this is a public forum and whilst you may be the original poster, this is thread is not your personal property; any forum member can post here.

To answer your question, the recent earthquakes have not affected the area and neither have the hurricanes.

However, it is still hurricane season and no-one can predict what pop up weather-wise a few weeks from now. My suggestion would be that you check the National Hurricane website - http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ Based on the current projections, I'm pretty confident that Maria won't affect the Cancun area but I'd definitely keep an eye on the unnamed disturbance out in the Atlantic (the yellow cross on the NHO map) to see what path it takes and whether or not it gains momentum.

For more information about the recent earthquakes and the geological context, this CNN report is not overly technical (which some seismic websites are!) - cnn.com/2017/…index.html

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7. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

The question may have been appropriate, however Cristal's response to Robert was pretty rude. As well, as someone else has mentioned, there are plenty of very recent threads on this topic. Some on the first page. And the suggestion to look at a map was an excellent one. Seeing how far away the other earthquakes were is definitely positive.

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8. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

I have real empathy for Cristal's fiance.

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9. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN

Cancun is 1000 miles from Mexico City. Roughly the distance from California to Nebraska. So I hope that is the peace of mind you are searching for

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10. Re: Earthquakes CANCUN


As a 1st time poster, welcome

On an issues this important, please READ the current forum - there are usually MANY threads on this subject

See https://www.tripadvisor.ca/ShowTopic-g150807…

You don't need to re-post, just READ and ask for clarification

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