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Cameras in DF

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Lake Oswego, Oregon
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Cameras in DF

My wife and I are spending 4 days in DF in January (for my 30th birthday -- whoo-hoo!). I've been reading up vigorously on how to enjoy the city safely: don't take the green taxis, don't dress like a tourist, be vigilant, etc.

I have one little question. For years, I have documented all of my foreign travel with my video camera. It's now a bit of a tradition, and Mexico City seems like such a panoply of colors and sounds that the video could really capture the spirit of the place.

So, given that there's no better "I'm rich: rob me" flag than a video camera, are ther eplaces where I can relatively safely use it? Are there precautions I can take? I can accept that I might have to leave it at home, but I'd much rather bring it with.

Thanks for any advice!


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1. Re: Cameras in DF

Congrats on your impending big B-day!

I often caution people about the safety/security situation in Mexico City, and, sometimes . . . just sometimes . . . the concerns can be over-emphasized. Traveling as a couple lessens the risk, IMO. Remain aware of where you are and who is around you, and use "common sense" and don't be too distracted, and you should be just fine.

Just about anywhere you go in the city you'll be able to use your video camera without much risk, just don't let it dangle off your shoulder or hold it loosely in your hand . . . in crowds or while using public transportation. If you don't take many shots at night just leave the camera back at the hotel, maybe with the front desk for safety.

I travel with a digital still camera that's the same size, or larger than many of the newer video cameras, and I take lots of photos. When I've finished "shooting" whatever it is that interested me I put the camera away in my backpack . . . and I take it out when I see something else I want to shoot. Yes, it's a bit cumbersome to do so (depending upon the size of your camera), but you can get used to doing that quickly.

When you move through crowds and/or ride public transportation, hold onto your bag/pack tightly. Don't just sling it over your shoulder, or across your back . . . out of sight. "Snatch and grab" is a burgeoning sport in Mexico City.

I returned this past Sunday from another of my trips to Mexico City, and elsewhere in the country, and I can say that the city looks/feels better than it has in a long time. The security concerns are still there - the crime rate is high - but there's a lot of restoration of older buildings and construction of new ones that show a renewed vigor in the city.

For a "taste" of what you'll find in Mexico City, you might find some of my photos interesting. Here's the web address for some of my online albums.


Enjoy the trip, and have a Happy Birthday!

Lake Oswego, Oregon
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2. Re: Cameras in DF

Thanks for the info, Bill. I wasn't planning on bringing the camera out at night anyway, so that all sounds good.

I'm very excited about going to Mexico City. We're staying at La Casona, about which I've read good things. I know there are plenty of great restaurants in Condesa; are there any that anyone would particularly recommend? Especially Mexican places that we couldn't find in Chicago?


mexico city
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3. Re: Cameras in DF

i live in mexico city and agree with the last post. i am an artist and am constantly taking videos and pics all over the city, all you must do is be aware of your surroundings and keep your camera out of sight when not using it.