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Re: recommendation for Dr. Aidan Michel

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Re: recommendation for Dr. Aidan Michel

I had a horrible experience both during and after the work I had done at the Advanced Medical Center by both Dr. Aidan Michel and his wife who did many fillings for me. She did unnecessary cosmetic work and spoke no english which made communication with her impossible. The night of and for days after the work was done pieces of the fillings were chipping off my teeth. Some completely. (She tried to adhere porcelain to the bottom of a crown where some metal was showing - had I been able to talk to her I would have told her I didn't want that done and wouldn't have had to pay $100 for the filling or feel be more frustrated when it fell out a few weeks later.)

My crown that Dr. Aidan did was not fitted correctly and even though he said that when he did it and mentioned I would probably have to have it re-done soon I was still charged full price.

The other fillings have been chipping out and becoming more discolored then any fillings I've had before in my whole life. They make my teeth look disfigured and gather so much food and horrible issues of discoloration because of her poor work and them chipping off.

I am having to get over 1/2 of the work they did at the Advanced Medical Center done over again and it hasn't even been a year since I did the work. At 6 months after the work was done I was already being told by a reputable local dentist here in the states that it would need to be re-done soon.

It's all very depressing and going there (to AMC) made me scared of the dentist because I had such a bad and traumatic experience but the worst part is that when I reached out to ask if they could refund part of my money for all the work that needed to be redone and showed them the current xrays and work order I was argued with and told that it had been done over a year ago (it was about 6 months later that that point!) that I had poor dental hygiene and that they would be happy to do the work over again if I came back to PV! Are you kidding me? As if I would let anyone from there in my mouth at all!

Please save yourself and protect your smile and don't go to the Advanced Medical Center. In the end it doesn't seem like it will actually save me any money and the headache and pain and anger - and really the embarrassment with my teeth is just not worth it.

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11. Re: Re: recommendation for Dr. Aidan Michel

Post #7 (Libby) ---- and you were one of the 9 referrals I got for Dr. Michel and I thank all of the people who helped me find him. His biggest issue these days is that he is SO busy (he told me 80% of his clientele is from the US and Canada --- mostly expats who live there but also people who travel to PV regularly, like me, who prefer to have their dental work done there) so that he no longer can do cleanings as he's mostly doing crowns and implants and sophisticated dental work.

Dissenting opinions are always very helpful (IMO) --- all opinions are helpful but if someone comes on to a *travel forum* for the first time to give a very bad review of a well respected medical professional, it should be expected that those of us who use this professional (and are extremely satisfied with the work) will speak out, to give balance.

Also, Libby is correct in that Dr. Adan Michel's father is a well-respected dentist in Puerto Vallarta as was his grandfather. Dr. Michel has incorporated all his family background into making Advance Medical a state-of-art facility. His education is superlative and his office has state-of-the-art equipment and processes.

Whatever happened to the OP, I'm sorry for that BUT I'd gotten to the point of not recommending Dr. Michel anymore (at least on this forum) as he's so good that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to get in there anymore. I have to balance out the OP's report with my own personal experience though. Last week, in his office, everyone in the waiting room was raving about his work. I'd not met Dr. Gonzalez before but she did an excellent job on my cleaning and was extremely professional.

Even though all opinions (dissenting or otherwise) should be honored here ---- Medical Tourism being a "travel issue" --- some of the OP's comments bother me, such as the no English. Really? English has been spoken all over that office every time I've been there (6 times in Advance Medical). That's the part that's bothering me about the OP.

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12. Re: Re: recommendation for Dr. Aidan Michel

I just find it curious that people can find the forum for a bad review, but where were they when they were researching this dentist? No posts about that. Just my 2 pesos.