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Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

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Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

Just got home last week after another glorious trip to PV and returned to daily shoveling, salting and chiseling of ice. Gad, this is so bloody depressing. I can't even stand to look at my trip pictures and when I get emails from my Mexican friends down there, I just cringe at the thought of not being there. How do you other non-robots return to a happy new normal once you get home...aside from implementing mid-day happy hour at work, putting the sounds of crashing waves on your ipod and walking alongside your frozen neighborhood lake pretending your enjoying the malecon or shoveling off the 9 inches of snow on your roof to re-live the glorious rooftop terrace views you had for the past week in PV. Man, this blows....please tell me I'm not alone with this crippling case of post-PV blues....I need your support now more than ever. Does the pain ever go away?

Hinton, Canada
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1. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

Hi Ocixem! Unfortunately the answer is no.....at least not for me. I too am losing my patience when I hear the pilot say that it is below freezing when I touch back down. Grrrrrr! My remedy? Well, my cousin feels the same way so together we are partnering up and going to start to look at real estate in PV so that there is some light at the end of the tunnel! In the meantime, make yourself a pitcher of margaritas, put on some salsa music and let your memories take you back there.

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2. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

here is a start in a relief

cams of vallarta put together by rick hepting


Lake Mills...
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3. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

Find a place where you can buy Pacifico.

Go to a Mexican restaurant. Watch the soccer on TV, speak a little spanish, learn their unique "secret handshake".

Watch Telemundo or Univision.

Go to a Mexican grocery. Sniff the tomatillos and chiles -- dried and fresh. Buy some cumin (comino).

After you've salted and sanded your sidewalk, dump a little salt/sand mixture in your socks, slip them on and pretend it's salt water and beach sand.

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Chilliwack, Canada
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4. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

Lol, we've only been PV once so far last October.

But so far:

I hang out reading these message boards. I take notes for our next trip.

Try and recreate some of the food I ate.

Turn up my heat.

Plan another trip, We'll be there later this week.

Find a mexican restaurant.

Make margaritas.

Watch videos on Youtube.

Um, I've been looking at real estate sites too.

Columbia, South...
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5. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

I get the same blues, although it's warmer down here in the South. However, I simply go ahead and book the next trip back to PV and start a countdown calendar on my whiteboard at work. Now 87 days and counting. Then you know there's something to look forward to and the snow and ice will not last forever. I've been doing it this way for almost 10 years.

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Redlands, California
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6. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

There are some good ideas posted here. For me, the only cure for that deep sadness is to book my next trip.

Calgary, Canada
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7. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

I book my next trip.

I keep all my laundered items from the lavanderia in the bag they came in, and open it and take a big sniff of Ariel laundry soap from time to time (yeah, it's a thing, really...and I'm not exactly wearing sundresses in the snow so it's ok).

I watch slideshows of my photos with some Jorge Acosta playing in the background.

I drink a good margarita whenever I can, as unfortunately there is a real dearth of good Mexican food in my city so that's out unless I make it myself.

And last but certainly never least...did I mention I book my next trip as soon as I can after I get back home?

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Edmonton, Canada
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8. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

I accept that Real Life - home - is where I live, so I make the most of it.

I remember some of the things from home that I missed when on vacation, and enjoy them again. Cooking in my own kitchen, hanging out with friends, whatever.

I hang out on the TA forums for places I've visited, and offer assistance when I can.

I work on my Spanish for the next trip.

I check for seat sales.

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9. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

Lots of helpful tips to help me back in off the ledge - thanks. I particularly like the "work on my spanish" one as that is something I have actually taken to heart in recent years. After years of taking German growing up and nary a class of Spanish, I've worked pretty hard through immersion and self-study to get to the point where I'm actually a pretty efficient conversational speaker in most situations. I've never received so many compliments from both Mexicans and English speaking people regarding my Spanish than this past trip and I'll be honest...if felt pretty good!

(hands still shaking a touch from chipping sidewalk ice)

Shawnee, Kansas
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for Puerto Vallarta
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10. Re: Post-PV-Depression: How Do You Cope?

I plan my next trip to PV. Planning a little inexpensive trip somewhere in the US helps a little...just getting away to somewhere different. Watch airfare for your next trip to PV.

Stay with reading the forum. Even after 23 years of going to PV, there is always something new to make note of.....which is of course one of the things that makes PV so special, you just can't do it all at once.

Read the PV newspapers, read the local forums and any blog you can find.

Cook....I usually bring home notes of new things I tried and want to try at home.

Keep with the Spanish but it is hard when you aren't needing to speak it all the time. In a condo I stayed in the owner had placed little labels of the spanish words all over the place. I thought that was a good idea for those unusual things...not lamp, table etc. but instead curtain rod, drawer knob. Takes a little time to research this lol. Also look for a private spanish teacher....it helps having somebody to speak the language with.

You have a bad case of PV-itis...we know the feeling. Cherish your time before your next trip....it's fun looking forward too.

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