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Sickness @ Barcelo

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Salmon Arm, Canada
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Sickness @ Barcelo

After reading the latest reviews of the Barcelo I find it interesting to read the response from the GM. My family stayed at the Barcelo between Dec 8 & 14 and unfortuntaly also became sick. I honestly can not say why so many people were sick because on the front, it was a very nice hotel with good food and no pointers to suggest a problem. Even reading the reviews the others say the same thing. After reading the GMs comments, he is suggesting over indulgence of food and alcohol. I know in our family that was not the case. The hotel has a bit of a history for sickness during run off season. It's easy for guests to blame food and water but it seems easier for the GM to lie and say nothing was happening. Ther hotel even had a doctor makeing "house calls" to several guests on more than one day, so how can he say there was no problem?

Mike :)

Saskatoon, Sk.
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1. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

There is a problem there for sure. We almost booked our wedding there 2 years ago, but after reading the reviews from previous years, we changed the venue altogether. Barcelo is a beautiful location, and would have worked well for us, but it seems Dec-Mar every year there are HUGE problems with people getting sick. It's not an overindulgence thing either, it seems to come during run off. you would think a high end chain such as Barcelo would have looked after this by now.

Surrey, Canada
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2. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

You never know for sure.

Victoria, Canada
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5,377 posts
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3. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

I agree Yaz.......We have never stayed at Barcelo BUT on quite a few of our trips down to PV we do spend many days at the first restaurant across the bridge from the resort. We eat, drink, swim in the ocean and never had a problem. These day trips have been scattered throughout Jan/Feb, Oct/Nov, May./July

Minneapolis, MN
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4. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

I agree.... you never really know. People can bring in a stomach flu bug too, which spread like wild fire and have pretty much the same types of symptoms. With that said, I also understand their food just has different "bugs" so to speak vs. the bugs/germs we eat every day in our own countries and are used to, hence an American and person from Mexico might eat the same exact food and only the American will get sick from it.

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5. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

This problem keeps coming up, every few years, for many years now. I have never stayed there and what I know about it is from reports on this and other travel forums. But no other resort seems to keep having this problem over and over again. It's gone on waaaaay too long and way too often to blame it on guests over indulgence. That's ridiculous.


Salmon Arm, Canada
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1,473 posts
6. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

My 19 month old, breastfed daughter, was not over indulging. My wife never got sick but the daughter did, go figure! I don't believe it is a case of diff food either as we travel at least 3 times every winter to many diff places and never been sick in 15yrs. As I said originally, I can't put my finger on where,what or how because I thought it was one of the better buffets and cleaniest resorts we have been to. It is annoying to hear managment deny it even happens when you were there to witness it.

Mike :)

Shawnee, Kansas
Destination Expert
for Puerto Vallarta
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7. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

This resort has without a doubt had problems in the past, but I don't ever remember it being in December...usually it's Feb. and March. It's been discussed before and many theories discussed.

I''ll venture to say.... I don't think it's a problem of run off because like Quincy we frequent those beach restaurants often and have never gotten sick, and there is run off of water even between the restaurants there, not just the river. In fact, at the end of November and first week of December we ate on the beach on 3 occasions without incident.

The other thing that is different this time, is a reviewer said they were sick for 3 days. Usually when people are sick at Barcelo it's for a long long time, even after they get home, so they see their family doctor. It's quite memorable even from a reader's perspective which is why so many of us who have never stayed there....are so aware of illness there.

Maybe this time it's good old fashioned flu. We have several people here for Christmas and out of 17 that have arrived so far .....7 have been sick in the last 2 weeks, or are sick now and haven't all been around each other until now. We have family in LA, KC, and NY so we're spread far and wide. Even those in the same household....not everyone got sick. I'm keeping my distance....I'm still on crutches from knee surgery and this is the last thing I need lol.

Milford Michigan
Level Contributor
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8. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

We had looked at booking the Barcelo PV, about 4 years ago....but, then read the reviews, at a time when so many were getting ill, we changed our minds. The property looks so pretty, it is disappointing that we will never get a chance to see it, as, we will never book the Barcelo, because of the number of people getting sick. It is a shame and yes, you would think that the Barcelo chain would get it together and figure out what the problem is. It certainly isn't over indulgence.

Level Contributor
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9. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

I sure don't remember the sickness reports back when it was La Jolla de Mismaloya, but LJ was not all inclusive.

I do know the reports have come up at least every two or three years since Barceló took over. So that would also debunk the runoff being the cause theory.

Of course I have no idea what the cause is, but I'd sure take a close look at the breakfast or any other buffet's steam trays, but then again I've always been a bit leery of buffets.

Edited: 2:02 pm, December 25, 2012
Winnipeg, Canada
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8,664 posts
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10. Re: Sickness @ Barcelo

i have been watching this resort for years and this problem keeps coming up... anywhere between dec and march. I have heard it's the river beside it but who knows... b/c of this on going problem, i have never booked it and that is a bummer for me.