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Trip Report March 2013

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Whitley Bay, United...
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Trip Report March 2013

I arrived on Tuesday March 12 and a cab was sent from the hotel to pick me up. Very considerate gesture.

My room was ready and I was in it within ten minutes of arriving. I unpacked after I cleaned the welcome sign off my bed made from tiny little rocks. I just put them in a glass and left them on the night table.

First thing I did was check the bathtub plug. Of course it was broken. It always is. I called maintenance and

got it corrected.

I curbed my instinct to go straight to the beach and I stuck to my plan. I got all business and bill paying out of the way the first afternoon. I put minutes on my phone and it was about 6.30 when I got back to the hotel. I had a nap, as I had endured 3 time changes in a 5 day period. The prior Thursday we were in Whistler so that was one hour earlier. Then when we got back to Edmonton the time change was in effect so that made it two hours later. One day later, I had to fly to Mazatlan so it was one hour earlier again.

When I woke up it was 8.30 so I didn't bother going out for dinner. I just slept until the next day.

I was on the beach by 10 and I ordered my usual cheese and grapes for breakfast. Bea and Jim were already there and soon my sister found me on the beach.

This vacation was pure relaxation. I really didn't do anything except lie around, eat and drink.

We went to Panchos a couple of times and to Diegos only once.

We went to Tres Amigos once and walked out after 3 minutes.

We went to the market once and Maria got a parking ticket. There was no amount listed on it and she said she won't have to pay it until she re registers her car.

I went to El Presidio the first Friday I was there, with Katy, Chuck, Meaghan and Chad.

It was very nice and afterwards we walked around the Plaza Machado looking at all the stuff for sale. Very impressive.

Then on Sunday it was the St. Patricks day pub crawl. Salem from the Funky Monkey was there and Meaghan, Chad and people from his hotel. We were at Yoopers the longest then at Roots.

The bands ending at 11 is really annoying as usually things don't get going until that time.

Apparently nothing can be done about it and that's the new rule. I went to Roots one other time when they had a blues jam and one girl was absolutely fantastic. She was like a Janis Joplin clone.

We went to GusyGus 3 or 4 times and other than that, we just stayed on the beach during the day.

After a week and a half I was dying to get back home.

I think the Whistler trip burned me out before I even got to Mazatlan. I had no choice. The timing was bad. I had breakfast at the Inn once with Katy and Chuck and was very impressed. It's very nice there.

Overall, it was a nice relaxing two weeks but honestly, I think three weeks is the most I would like to spend there now all at one time.

There is so much to do at home in the winter, even though I hate the driving. I'm lucky that I don't plan my life around vacations. Maria has lived there for over a year now and she is thinking of coming back.

Whether or not she will remains to be seen.

It seemed slightly livelier than it has been in the recent past so that's a good sign for their economy I suppose.

I might go again in October or November. Or early December, as long as I'm at home for Christmas and New Years Eve.

We booked a suite in Malaga at the Grangefield Oasis Club ( El Cid Vacation Club ) for our vacation this May/June but we cancelled it after researching it on the internet. To get ANYWHERE from that resort, you'd have to rent a car and there is no way either of us will be driving after drinking. NOT cool!

In about 5 weeks we are off to England and Spain. We are going to scout out properties in both locations and make a decision. Hopefully, we can get rid of our Mazatlan condos soon. We don't need them and we were foolish to buy them but everyone makes mistakes. At the time of purchase we both thought we wanted to live in Mazatlan. We realise now that we don't.

I'm very happy to stay at the Moro when I go to Mazatlan. It has everything I need. An ocean view, super staff, friendly vendors, and everytime I turn around I see somebody that I know.

As usual, it was a nice getaway and I'll be back soon.

Sylvan Lake, Canada
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1. Re: Trip Report March 2013

Glad you had a great trip Gillian!

Saskatoon, Canada
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2. Re: Trip Report March 2013

Thanks for the read Gillian. I thought things were a tad bit livlier this year too! Sometimes we make changes...always something positive happens.

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3. Re: Trip Report March 2013

Wow, now that is indeed a change from two or three years ago! For us, there is very little to do to occupy our winters in Ontario, so we get out and stay very busy when we are in Mazatlan. We both agreed that if we didn't, we'd go crazy just sitting around the beach or pool, drinking, for more than two weeks, so there you go! When we look at our calendars each year, it is startling how much fuller our lives are January-February nowadays.

As you say, everyone has their time, and expectations.

On a lighter note, I now travel with my own sink/bath plug....!

Whitley Bay, United...
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4. Re: Trip Report March 2013


Travelling with your own bath plug is a fantastic idea. Before I go the next time, I'll pick one up at Canadian Tire or Home Depot.

I forgot to mention the fog. I have NEVER seen anything like it before. The sky was clear and blue and suddenly a heavy fog would envelop everything for five to ten minutes, then it would disappear as quickly as it came. I have some amazing pictures of it on Facebook. I had the window open in the living room and I put my hand out and it disappeared into the fog and I couldn't see it, but I could see the tops of the bugambilia flowers sticking out of the top of the fog cloud.

This happened on and off for only two days but it was really strange.

The people I was with were happy to spend all day on the beach so I did also, but I think I would have had a better vacation if I'd gone out by myself and done anything. This is the first time I didn't go on a city tour.

The ONLY exercise I got was walking up the stairs to my room and running down them.

I got stuck in the elevator AGAIN and this time it was for fifteen minutes. This time I wasn't by myself so it wasn't as bad but the elevators are in really bad shape. ONE is brand new but it broke down for a few days.

I witnessed a near drowning also. Suddenly all of the lifeguards went racing into the sea with their red floaters and they were diving down into huge waves over and over. There was a huge crowd watching and hoping that it would be a good outcome. The whole thing took about ten minutes and they finally got the guy and pulled him in. He was a Mexican man and he was white. I think it was because he was terrified and very cold. The police were there and the Marina police and they were all asking him questions and writing things in their notebooks.

Then the crowd started chanting PropinAAA....PropinAAA. Then everyone started laughing, including the poor guy, so all was well.

I could have enjoyed myself more if I'd done the things I usually do but I chose to do what others wanted to do instead, so I have nobody to blame except myself. The next time I go, I'll do what *I* want to do.

One other thing I think I should mention is the difference in the Panama cafes. For a long time I preferred the selection of desserts at the downtown one even though I like the Golden Zone location more. The day that Maria got her parking ticket we went to the downtown location and I had two desserts....Tres Leche and Guava

and they didn't taste like they usually do. Maria had a chocolate cake and we both ate only about a third of them.

I DIDN'T EVEN GO to the regular Panama in the Golden Zone. Thinking about that now really upsets me.

Anyway, that night we were in La Concha having dinner with four other people and she just got up from the table and said she didn't feel well and she went up to the room. When I went up there later on, she was violently ill all night and she insisted that she got poisoned at La Concha.

I think it was probably from the Panama earlier in the day because we both ate the same thing at La Concha.

We ate different things at the Panama.

Then again....it could have been from something else. She ate something on the beach from a vendor but I can't recall what it was.

Anyway, if my trip report came across as being a boring vacation.....it was no fault of Mazatlan. It was entirely my own fault. I was ignoring my own instincts and not doing what I usually do.

It'll be better the next time I go.

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for Mazatlan
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5. Re: Trip Report March 2013

Excellent trip report(s) Gillian. Sorry you did not have as good a time as usual, and that you will not be in Mazatlan for Posadas. Katy and I enjoyed our time with you and look forward to your return. And yes, I have had better meals at Golden Zone Panama's then in Centro, as well.

Houston, Texas
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6. Re: Trip Report March 2013

Thanks for the trip report, Gillian!

We enjoyed our 2 weeks at The Inn at Mazatlan, but after my DH left, I was invited to join up with some friends over at the El Cid El Moro. (I thought of you while I was there because I'd remembered that you stayed at the El Moro.) It was incredible...they were in one of the Penthouse 3 bedroom suites on the 28th floor!!! The view was incredible, to say the least! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I did the all inclusive because that is what they'd done, and I wanted to wine and dine with them! We enjoyed lobster at The Marina, Italian food (mediocre) and did fillets at the main dining room at El Moro. That was very good! Lived like a queen for a few days...now I'm back to reality ;)

Whitley Bay, United...
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7. Re: Trip Report March 2013


Meeting you both was one of the highlights of my trip and I might be there for a posada but Ed wants me to be home at Christmas. As long as I'm home a few days before, I should be able to come then.

I'm really annoyed about my lobster allergy also and I still can't accept that I can not eat it again. I'm going to experiment a bit the next time as I was told by a doctor friend of mine that sometimes a combination of too much sun and shellfish can cause an allergy. I'm going to try eating it after a day of NOT baking in the sun and see what happens.


I've stayed in the one on the left side ( when you exit the elevator and look down the hall it's the one at the end on the left ) They are gorgeous but unless all rooms are used it's a waste of points for me.

I hated the Italian restaurant in November and vowed I'd never go again but we went THIS trip and it was fantastic. Better than La Concha. Things change there all the time. They hire and fire chefs etc. so you never know what it's going to be like each time. Everytime I go I get 2 bracelets and I give one away so maybe sometime in the future if your DH leaves you there and I am there, I'll give you one to enjoy.

Houston, Texas
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8. Re: Trip Report March 2013

Gillian, we stayed in the Penthouse on the left too! It was awesome. I had the bedroom right at the top of the stairs so my balcony looked over the pool. I was with 4 other people, so all the bedrooms were used. The couple who booked have LOTS of points, and decided to splurge. Glad I was able to enjoy it with them for 4 nights. All of us said the Italian restaurant was our least favorite "El Cid" meal. I enjoyed the breakfast at La Concha, and their beef was very good, also! I actually enjoyed the AI, partly because we'd been eating all over the place for 2 weeks! It was nice to order wine with dinner and not have to worry about how much they would pour or how pricey it would be...wine in Mazatlan is iffy, but getting better.

Quilcene, Washington
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9. Re: Trip Report March 2013

Happy you had a good trip & yes doing what others want to do is sometimes a huge head ache.

For us 7 days is too short, 14 is too long, so we always book for 10 or 11 days & that seems to work ok

Mazatlan has lost some of it's luster over the past couple years & like you we thought I might like to live there at some point that idea has left our heads.

10. Re: Trip Report March 2013

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