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Tell me about Huatulco

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Midwest, USA
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Tell me about Huatulco

Hi everyone,

We have travelled extensively around Mexico and Carribean. We are looking for a different destination to try. Have been to Ixtapa but never Huatulco.

Like to snorkel and do different things. Can you tell me about the snorkeling and the bay tours? Is there dolphins and whales in the winter? Are the towns nice to browse around and shop and stop and have a cold beer at little bars? Anything else you think we should know to influence us on visiting Huatulco?

Thanks for all comments and suggestions

Galesburg, Illinois
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1. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

Hey Jake,

We are also from the Midwest and have also traveled to Mexico for the last couple years. We are going to Huatulco for the first time in 9 days!!!! I would suggest that you read through the forums, things to do, and the top questions on the right side of the screen.

We picked this area because it seems less touristy but enough to be safe. I love the Mexican culture and people (and the food) but not the tourist trap feel that came with PV, nor the stuck on the resort feel that came with the Riviera Maya.

The only catch with this area I found were the flights. If you don't book a package (we don't) you can still book the flights from the tour operators through their websites (apple) and get the non-stop charters for a good price from the major airports.


Cleveland, Ohio
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2. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

The bay tours are fun & we have seen whales, dolphins, sea turtles & rays this month. We've done three this visit all different experiences, Hurricane Divers with Pauline's lunch, Panga & a yacht.

Shopping is fun in both Santa Cruz and La Crucecita weaving shops, silver jewelry, painted pottery, etc.

Many places to stop & have a cold beer.

We book through United out of Cleveland, stop in Houston then HUX.

We've been coming here since '06, this year we've been here for a month! Sadly we leave tomorrow, but have already booked for next Feb!

Winnipeg, Canada
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3. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

This year was our 3rd visit to Huatulco and we LOVE it. Just as a note Huatulco and Ixtapa/Zihua are my 2 favorite area's in Mexico. Just a small list of what we really enjoy about Huatulco

-very friendly and safe

-beautiful bays, beaches and warm water (ocean is clean)

-hot and sunny everyday ( 3 times in Jan and weather has been perfect)

-tour of the bays and snorkeling, hire private boat and go at your own pace

-meals out are very reasonable and sooooo good

-many great tour guides to plan a day of exploring (Marcos Lopez was wonderful booked a Monday market tour in Pochutla with him)

-cab's very inexpensive to both Santa Cruz and La Crucecita

-night cap at Sky Lounge , amazing view and comfy white leather couches under the stars.... (Hotel Quinta Real)

-Santa Clara restaurant for chicken baked in clay- order day before as it takes 5 hours to bake ( Pollo al Barro)

-Cafe Vienna (twice in one week!)

-El Rigoletto- fantastic Italian food and huge salads

-pizza's are wonderful everywhere

-El Sobor de Oaxaca - Sopa Tortilla one of the best

-Dona Celia, feet in the sand,overlooking pier. Order fresh fish

-Aqua de Jamaico so refreshing had with my pizza at Mama Mia's

-La Bocana beach, great surf. Had mud treatment for 100.00 pesos so much fun.

-Playa la Entrego, nice calm beach go early to snorkel and stay for lunch and a cold one

-Copalita village

-stayed at Camino Real with breakfast only, on the beach with splash pool, heaven

-Las Brisas all inclusive-still dine out each evening. Great beaches and lovely/clean rooms but the other parts of the hotel look tired. It was a bargain and the staff were wonderful, especially beach waiter on the snorkel beach.

Also met a lot of nice guests

-If you want a party atmosphere this is not the place

-would stay in a smaller non inclusive hotel next time

-did I say how beautiful the water is....

dreamer 300

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4. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

Sounds like you had a really good time.

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5. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

Best Mexican vac. you,ll ever have. VERY safe , people are friendly , area is truly a Mexican experience. Santa Cruz and LaCrucida are GREAT . Have been there 5 times and will go back again for sure. Have stayed at the Dreams ( Gala ) then, Mission De Archo,s down town whish we really enjoy , The Zaschilia. Huatalco-Santa-Cruz area are the best in my book. Having traveled Mexico since 1962 This is "Mexico" Went to Ixtapa last year and ti was ok-- Zuahiatino is much more of the real Mexico though as Ixtapa is very commerical . We tend to get out and away from the resorts and mingle with the locals. Enough said Hualtuco is stilll the best

Huatulco, Mexico
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6. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

As others have already posted...you'll love Huatulco!

There are definitely great areas for snorkeling and and there are 9 bays/36 beaches to explore so a bay tour is definitely recommended. You'll almost always see some life in the water - dolphins, whales, turtles, rays. You can also take surf lessons in La Bocana if you want to give it a go.

La Crucecita, the main town, is great for browsing around, shopping and grabbing a cold one or a bite to eat. There is a great central zocalo (park) with a church and shops/restaurants surrounding. Stop and try the fried grasshoppers and mezcal!

Huatulco is a very safe, friendly and pristine place. You can actually drink the tap water here! The area has been recognized for environmental practices (EarthCheck Gold) and you'll notice it's cleaner than most other places in Mexico.

...haven't met a person yet that didn't enjoy themselves here!

Midwest, USA
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7. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

Thanks everyone!! Sounds like we have to try it!

NYC / Fire Island...
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8. Re: Tell me about Huatulco


To us Huatulco is like "Mayberry" (from our Andy Griffith days) with a welcoming small-town charm where almost everyone is within 1-2 degrees of separation and dependence. Most kids have not yet discovered “texting”, instead they still play dress-up, shoot marbles on the ground and peddle their scooters and bicycles in the parks:


There are so many possibilities in and around Huatulco that "what to do?" depends on your interests and the length of your stay. To point in a few directions:

Land trips by taxis, bus, minivan, ATVs, scooters, bikes and/or horses to the mountains and jungles to see the flora and fauna and plantations, or to bathe under a waterfall, or go to river rafting or rock climbing or to see and lay-on the beaches.

Bird watching.....remember that Huatulco is in the middle of a National Park System

Water-based fun....you can hire various types of small crafts and kayaks and jet-skis to see the bays and beaches, or to go swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving, or to fish for sailfish, marlin, mahi mahi, and tuna, or to "veg" on a beach or two (or three....)

And if these are not enough (or to your liking) how about a sunset cruise?

You can arrange inexpensive tours at the visitor’s information kiosk in the main plaza in La Crucecita or take a stroll to the marina in Bahia Chahue and negotiate a water-based excursion with one of the boat owners.

We highly recommend that you enjoy the GREAT food at the local eateries. The entire Mexican state of Oaxaca (in which Huatulco is located) is known for its wonderful cuisine. Oaxaca de Juarez (the capital) has some of the world's finest restaurants and cooking schools that even offer kitchen-courses to visitors who are spending a few days or more. Some Huatulcan chefs have studied in Oaxaca, and no matter how great of a cook you may be, living here for even a week may change your approach to food and cooking (for the better) and for the rest of your life. But it is mole (MO-lay) that has made the state of Oaxaca (and Huatulco) famous. Today every great Huatulcan chef (and grandmother!) has his or her own secret recipe(s) for the 7 varieties of this zesty, cacao- and chili-based sauce that traces its ancestry to the time of Montezuma, when it was quite literally a food of the gods—a potion for priests and royalty only.

On many of our Huatulco beaches (including ours at Chahue), various types of fish and shell fish are simply plucked from the sea, quickly iced or cooked and eaten on the spot. During the years we have been here, we have had an opportunity to eat at many of the local restaurants and food venders for instance:

Grillo Marinero: on Calle Carrizal and Macuhitle in La Crucecita. This place is a local favorite and was featured on the Travel Channel. Inexpensive to mid-range prices.

Sabor de Oaxaca: at Guamuchil #204 in La Crucecita for GREAT regional Oaxacan cuisine and margueritas. Mid-range price.

For very good regional food, you should try Restaurante Santa Clara located in a residential area across the highway from La Crucecita. Inexpensive.

Terracotta: in the Hotel Misión de los Arcos in La Crucecita (2 blocks from the church) for great breakfasts, pizza and ice cream. Mid-range price.

Cafe Vienna/Astriaco: in the Hotel Plaza in Tangolunda for Austrian, Mexican, and Thai flavors. Expensive, but the hosts are VERY engaging and the food is heavenly. Caution: NO credit cards.

Kristal Rose: in La Crucecita has an outdoor BBQ and GREAT meats; Juan (the owner) also provides us with a platter of uncooked "cuts" prior to selection. Expensive.

The Onyx restaurant in La Crucecita (on the second floor overlooking the Zocalo) is also VERY good, but also expensive. But right downstairs is Los

Portales (same owner) and the food is also VERY good but much less expensive. Sometimes we sit at Portales and order food from both menus.

L'échalote: located only a few feet from the Villa Blanca it has become our favorite as the food is International but with wonderful Oaxacan dishes. The prices are mid-range.

Charlie's place at Bahia San Agustin: if you catch it, Charlie will cook it!

Pollo Imperial: on Carrizal between Guamuchil and Blvd. Chahue in La Crucecita for the best marinated (rotisserie) chicken. Inexpensive!

There are many more, and we will let other knowledgeable locals (who participate on this forum) to describe them.

Hope this helps. Your questions are always welcome.



Casa Hoffa (South), Bahia Chahue, Huatulco, MX

Casa Hoffa (North), Fire Island, NY USA

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9. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

Glad you all love it, but sorry to pick on positive reviews from posters, but if you claim to have been coming to the area for several years, please, you should know the proper names of places, so that others who use this forum can follow up on advice that is offered....check the spellings before posting will help new TA users when they are planning their visits..

Cleveland, Ohio
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10. Re: Tell me about Huatulco

To really enjoy any trip while you are in Huatuclo area, please contact Mario Cobos for a guide, he is a wonderful man that speaks fluent English and Espanol, is honest and friendly. You can contact him and arrange just about anything you would like to do, at a very reasonalble price at cobosmario@hotmail.com

He also has his own website at Mariocobos.com Any of the forum readers who may have used Mario as a guide I am sure will give him glowing reviews.

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