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1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

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Forest Lake, MN
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1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

I think there are a lot of people that read the forum but never post. I was thinking that maybe if they read our experiences it might get them to consider Acapulco for there next Vacation.

The first time I came to Acapulco was with my future wife. She had been many times and kept telling me how wonderful it was and how much she loved it. I did take her to the Mayan Rivera where we stayed at an all inclusive. I wanted to take her to Acapulco but I couldn't get reasonable airfare. It was OK but I could tell my girlfriend was not that impressed. So the following February I was introduced to Acapulco.

When the plane landed we walked down the stairs and took a bus to the terminal and customs. I was impressed with warm weather and the the drivers were so friendly.

We were staying at a little Mexican hotel a couple of blocks from the Zocolo. We were greeted like we were long lost family and I felt like I was part of the family. We had a small veranda and I could get the maid's attention and she would bring me coffee.

The Birthday surprise at Paradise Restaurant. The Huachinango a la Talla at El Pulpo restaurant in Bonfil. The Bull Fight.

In short the people, the weather, the food and the ambiance.

Why do I keep coming back. All of the above plus finding new things to do every time. New experiences. New friends. Did you know there is an American Legion post in Acapulco? They meet at Restaurant Bocana Beach by the Papagyo. For the Vets you can go to the American Legion web site and contact them for meeting dates and times plus there events. They do fund raisers for the orphanages in Acapulco.

Bottom line I love Acapulco and will return every chance I get. I have been coming since 2004 and even worked from Acapulco for a month in 2009. It's always like coming home.

Floral Park, New...
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1. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

1st year was 1987 with my future bride and her twin and husband and we had a blast. I never knew then that it was just the start of so many trips.


I agree totally with all and all seeing all our friends every year is terrific!! The beautiful bay!!

"In short the people, the weather, the food and the ambiance" (says it all)

Bryn Mawr...
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2. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

First trip for me was a Cheap package from Liberty Travel Less than Four Hundred ,Mexico City Taxco Acapulco in 1971, Had a blast all the way, Went Back on my Honeymoon in 1976 and have returned well over Fifty times. And for about fifteen years twice a year. The local people I have met over the years are a big part of it. The Weather in February always great,, I just feel so comfortable and relaxed in Familiar surroundings , No matter what happens there its always the same, I just love being there. Hard not to bump into someone you know .I have taken many people to Acapulco with me and not one of them has been disappointed. Try it you will like it. ,PS. No offense but its not for the All Inclusive Sandals resort type people

Booked for Feb 15 to March 2.

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3. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

Ist year 1998. RwRobb had been suggesting I try Acapulco and through fear or stupidity I booked All-Inclusive at Club Bananas. Missed all the "good stuff" that year, but made up for it every year since. The people, the food, a girl named Cecelia and friends like BlindBill made the experience very rich. The TripAdvisor crew showed me many things over the years that keep me coming back.

Montreal, Canada
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4. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

First trip was in 1995 at the Romano Palace....lol. Cheap hotel but located in the action where you could hear the music from the Disco Beach !!!! What a good frist trip. Acapulco was fun with so much "carnaval atmosphere". I miss those old days. Looking for prices for season 2015, very VERY expensive. A never seen before as the prices are so HIGH in all destinations. 1700$ for one week at The Ritz.....Never seen expensive prices like that...Hope prices go down because alot of people are going to stay home :-(((

New Orleans...
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5. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

A friend who had been going there since the 70's finally convinced me to try it in '96. Got a taste of PDLC that year, and that was it. Back then, PDLC was quite primitive, with no a/c and screened windows so that you'd fall asleep to the sounds of the roaring, crashing, shore-breaking waves. Spent most of the next 12 years staying mostly out there and then found a scenic spot mid-bay with all conveniences nearby. Love the costera and the friendly natives, plus there's always plenty to see and do there along with the great opportunity of total cultural immersion.

Montreal, Canada
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6. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

My 1st visit was in 1992 with g.f. and had a great time. Since then I have returned 11 times because of the friendliness of the local people, guaranteed great weather in Feb.,fabulous food and all the new friends made through T/A. Hope to return in2015.

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7. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

First visited in 1978 and stayed at the Canta Mar Hotel in Los Americos and loved the city, the ambiance and the weather. Currently I am staying at Pacific Paradise Hotel & Suites which fits my needs perfectly and is centered in the middle of the tourist zone.

Have returned every year since and once I retired am fortunate enough to stay for two months, mid-January to mid-March.

Enjoy visiting with Sylvester and the group every morning at Raquel's and then seeing people from across the world during the remainder of the day and night plus joining Hilde for drinks every Thursday afternoon on the beach.

Dining at Napoli, Tabasco Beach, Jimmy's, Tortuga and Carnen'aire are a must and the employees are all friends whom I look forward to seeing and they always look forward to seeing us.

Hopefully I will be able to return to the City by the Bay for another 35 years!

Brooklyn Park...
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8. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

The first time I went to Acapulco was 1990 as a 19 year old spring breaker. I come from a family that did not travel much and lived in a small town for the first 16 years of my life. I had never been to the ocean or outside of the Midwest until then. I remember my jaw dragging on the ground with awe as we taxied from the airport, and seeing the ocean for the first time. I was impressed enough to go in 91 and 92 for spring break as well. The night life was outstanding, and I remember many nights that I started to see the light of day before I went to bed. Many years later in 2006, my wife and I decided to go. She had never been there, but always wanted to go. I was a little skeptical as I was not an all night partier anymore, and thought that it might be a little much. As it turned out, you don't have to be an all nighter to enjoy everything that the place has to offer. We have been going every year since then, and plan on going every year for the foreseeable future. We love the busy carnival type atmosphere, the great food, the very friendly people, and the outstanding weather. We have yet to even experience an overcast day. We went to Cancun in 2000 and thought it was nice, but I don't feel like I need to go back. It just doesn't have much of a personality. Acapulco is not for everyone. As stated by many, it's not for the all inclusive low key sleepy type vacation seeker, but for those of us who have Acapulco imprinted on our brains, it's the best place to take a vacation.

Lewiston, California
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9. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

Sorry. Stopped off in 2007 planning on spending a week.

Just too big, dirty & noisy for this Old Grouch.

Stayed 2 nights catching the bus to my true beach love Zihuatanejo.

In fairness found the restaurants very good plus cheaper than Zihua which amazed me. But also a lot of US chains which I do not care for but also believe Mexicans should have choices just like we do.

Loved the buses but not the beaches with it's slope that made it almost impossible to stroll on. The Zocalo I found frankly a bit disgusting. Dirty with tons on trash.

Floral Park, New...
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10. Re: 1st time in Acapulco and why do you keep coming back?

An acquired taste for some that's for sure and at times your correct about Centro. 2 days doesn't nearly scratch the surface of what the city has to offer.

Over the years I've practically done something new/different every vacation. Zihua is one of a few Mexican cities that's on my to go list sometime.