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Getting annoyed with some reviews

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Getting annoyed with some reviews

I just need to let off a bit of steam, but why do people go to the Maldives with young children? when I think Maldives I think utter relaxation, peace and quiet, romantic walks and meals, who actually thinks when they have young kids that its a place for them, there is nothing for them to do apart from go in the pool, and of course children get board and make noise, I love kids but I really think people who go to the maldives with them and come back moaning should of thought a bit more about where they where going first, and dont be suprised if they do get looks from people who are on their honeymoons or relaxing holidays when their kids are running around screaming!

Few sorry but had to say it!


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1. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

if you are referring to the latest review of Kuredu , I think some-one's expectations were not met. !

The point you make about understanding what the Maldives is about, is valid and also considering is the Maldives an appropriate place for their holiday especially if they have children in tow is true also, but that can be applied to many long haul destinations.

However if an island is marketed as family friendly you would assume they are and prepared to cater for children. I would suggest its a case of the island trying to cater to everyone and failing .


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2. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

OMG !!!!!! Iam sick of the people moaning about taking their children to the maldives . We have two children ages 17 and 6 and we have been to the maldives 4 times WITH our children and they have loved evey minute of it and havnt been bored ONCE ! We have also been to sri lanka, mauritius and again they have loved it . Why should it be that if your a family you cant go to the to the "nicer" places in the world . As for couples who want a relaxation hoilday to the maldives then i would say look at islands that dont specify child friendly !!

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3. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

My opinion is that providing children are well behaved and kept under control why shouldn't they go,some adults behave like very annoying children and should definately be seen and not heard!! Unfortunately me and my husband don't have children but if we did they would come with us if they were at an age to appreciate such a wonderful place and they would be well behaved! For the people who aren't child friendly go to a different resort and don't moan about it,lifes for living not moaning!! :0))

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4. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

yes i agree :)

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5. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

Although I was born in the UK I have lived in 3 countries, I think it is common in the UK not to take your children anywhere even a restaurant and that is probably why some grow up without any culture or life skills.

My daughter is grown up now, but I took her everywhere with me as a baby. I would never have thought just to leave her with minders whilst I jetted off somewhere.

I do think the Maldives is a wonderful place to take children if you can afford it and it is very safe as they are contained on a small island also the Maldivian staff most of whom have been seperated for long periods of time from their own families dote on the youngsters.

I have seen many small children during my trips to the Maldives enjoying the wonders of 'Finding Nemo' and enjoying quality time with their parents.

I would much rather be surrounded with children than raucous aldults!

Shoot me down


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6. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

I've been to the Maldives 3 times with my children. When I first went with my kids, they were aged 7 & 9.

The Maldives is NOT a adult only destination .... there is plenty for kids to do .... my kids loved the place & want to return asap.

I also agree that it is the parents responsibilty to make sure their kids behave & do NOT cause a disturbance to other guests. Mine are extremely behaved kids so I don't have to worry about whether they will cause a disturbance or not.

If you really dislike seeing kids whilst you are in the Maldives, then there are plenty of Adult Only islands for you to choose. Meeru Island for example has a adult only section at the north end of the island.

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7. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

Lol, i presume you where boarded on your works PC and decided to stir the pot re Kids in the Maldives!!!

Well, like the post's above my kids have been 4 times and they want to go again...so watch out!! lol

West Midlands,
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8. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

All I can say is you all have VERY lucky kids, wish I was taken to the Maldives, at any age!

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9. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

I wish my parents could have taken me somewhere like the Maldives as well when I was younger :-)

There are two sides to this and I can sympathise with both views. Personally I don't have a problem with children when on holiday, even in the Maldives. I wouldn't take a small child as I don't think it is necessarily that comfortable for them, but that is a personal opinion and if a parent decides it is ok, then fine. If the children are well behaved and enjoying what the Maldives has to offer I don't see the problem.

If someone wants a quiet peaceful holiday with as few children around as possible - do a bit of research and don't go to an island which clearly caters for them! (Larger islands with more facilities, Kids club, pool, etc. are a bit of a clue!).

These threads usually generate a bit of a heated debate, could be time to get the popcorn out!


Edited: 12:55 pm, January 15, 2010
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10. Re: Getting annoyed with some reviews

I totally agree with kp, any child that gets to go somewhere so beautiful on holiday is extremely lucky! Now that I'm pregnant I'm worried it may be too late for me (at least for many years to come) - if I can't take a child with me that is. I've wanted to go for a long time and wonder if I may never now be able to go due to the fact that I really wouldn't to feel like I was annoying others by bringing a child.

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