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Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

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Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

My husband and I are planning our first trip to Eleuthera, and we're leaning toward renting a home called Endless Summer, in Palmetto Point (there's also a different Endless Summer in Double Bay). Anyone stayed there or know anything about it? We're having a hard time finding much available in February. We want something as private/isolated as possible.


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1. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

I've heard of Endless Summer but never stayed there. I'm aware of the one in Governor's & I wouldn't stay in Governor's as there are much better locations.

I've stayed in houses for the past 5 years on Banks Road aka North Shore Drive out of N. Palmetto.

Get ready for the following websites that will keep you dizzy/busy.






eleuthera-map.com/vacation-rentals.htm (click on pins for house websites, doesn't show all, but many.)







Also post a querry on the "Eleuthera Message Board" if haven't already.

I'm sorry to say that for rentals other than the 4 months during peak hurricane season you should book or look at least 3-6 months in advance. The reason for this is because Eleuthera is a wonderful getaway. Just enough amenities but few people.

I've been looking at houses just for the fun of it for others recently because I love the place. Give me specifics in regards to your requirements & I'll see if I can reccommend a few places.

When you post a querry also list your needs as homeowners frequently check out the Elethera Message Board as well as the Trip Advisor Forum.

I'm going down for 2 weeks in 10 days so hurry if you want my help/advice.


Tim from Chicagoland

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2. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

P.S. Finding a rental vehicle will probably be harder than finding a house at such a late time frame. I've been down in April & May & the weather was fine if you can wait to go & get what you want.

Don't expect much from whatever rental you get. Everything is imported & expensive so they usually only repair the vehicles to keep them running. Part of the experience. Not that bad as I make it out to be. Most vehicles are about 10 years old.

Try the following:

Stanton Cooper - the largest rental co. in GHB (30-40) vehicles.

Namaan Rolle - never used but highly reccommended by local expats

Winsette Cooper; located in N. Palmetto. Not many vehicles but very nice gentleman. I've rented from him.

Expect to pay about $50.00 a day.

Google these gentlemen as follows;

"Eleuthera vehicle rentals i.e. "John Doe"

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3. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?


Also check out Hilton Johnson for a vehicle.

Fort Lauderdale
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4. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

Just to add to the list www.eleutheracarrentals.com

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5. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

Thanks for all the advice! I think I must have looked into just about every home on Eleuthera at this point -- endless summer seemed like the nicest one available, but you can never really tell from the Web sites -- is palmetto point considered part of Governor's harbour? Does Palmetto Point have nice beaches? If we are ever able to go back, we'll make sure to book way in advance. But we're desparate for a break from NY, we've found friends who will watch our kids, and don't want to wait until April!

Also available is Shangri-la on Cat Island -- know anything about that one? Or Pebbles, also in Palmetto Point -- then there's the beachfront home in Casuarina Bay, but we read on Trip Advisor that there are tons of misquitos, holes in the screens of the house, and no AC.

We want something as private/secluded as possible, where we can hopefully see no one!

Any guidance is much appreciated,


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6. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

Governor's is the capital "town" on the island. It is about a 1/2 hour north of Palmetto Point. Palmetto Point consists of south(caribbean) & north (atlantic). You must rent a car. The atlantic side has the best beaches for long walks. Softest sand I've ever come across. Windier than the sea side but that keeps the bugs away. Bugs really aren't a problem except for the no-see-ums. Skin So Soft works wonders. The ocean side has wonderful snorkeling, weather permitting. There are wonderful beaches for kids on the sea side, especially Ten Bay Beach. Only 2' foot deep a hundred yards out as well as shade trees. 3 miles long & never more than a half dozen on the entire beach. See if you can get the book "Elusive Beaches of Eleuthera" before you go. It is a must in regards to reviews of 40+ beaches. Check out the website I listed that has a satellite image of the island with the pins & click on the pins on the east coast. Also check out "Canta Libre" house. It has a built in pool. There are plenty of beaches safe for even toddlers. Also there are much more amenities on Elethera than Cat but it is in know way close to crowded. Good restaurants, ATM's, small grocery stores, & wonderful bakeries. I repeat, you must rent a car! You have no need to leave the kids behind unless you want a little romance. For that you'll need the beach book. Almost all of the beaches are nearly empty except those near a settlement & even those rarely have more than a handfull of people on them. The locals couldn't care less about the beach except on the weekends when they have group the Fish Fry at GHB, a must do on FRI & SAT.

Did you say you had a sitter for the kids? If so the house with a pool might be a good choice. Also "Blue Palms" has a pool but it's 4 bedrooms & a little more expensive but in a great location.

I'm bored so I'll do some homework in regards to houses available in FEB that might suit your needs. You're really under the gun because you have to juggle renting, airfare, & a vehicle. I've been in your position before & trust me it's not easy no matter the cost.

Mail me with further questions such as restaurants, groceries, etc.


North Andover...
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7. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

I spent a week at Pebbles last year and it was fine. Clean enough, but when sitting on the patio you had no view of the water because of bushes. Then on checkout day, which was suppose to be at 11:00 a.m., the housekeeper showed up at 8:30. We were not happy about that, because it was raining out and we just wanted to hang around the house until it was time to get ready to go. Personnally I wouldn't go back. I've been to nicer places on the island. If you had no other options, I would take it.

Treasure Island...
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8. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

Keep in mind that there are two coasts, with different aspects: Atlantic coast (east side), with breezes and less bugs, waves are flattened because of the outlying reefs; and what they call the "caribbean" coast (west side), which is really a bay, where it is very very calm and the water is greener. (I prefer the Atlantic side because I love the wildness).

Endless Summer is on the bay side.

Double Bay is an Atlantic side beach.

For complete privacy, check out Sable Rose, and here's a new one I'm interested in: Med Point

Take a look at that aerial shot! Great location for day tripping, and available most of February.


Langley City, Canada
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9. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

Hi Tim,

I was just browsing the Eleuthera forum here (planning a wedding for March 2010)... if you're game for answering some questions I would love a perspective from someone who has been there.

For the wedding, we will be booking 3 or 4 different houses since we'll have about 20 people total with us. I am pretty set on "Bahama Castaway" in Double Bay. The owner sounds great and said we could even have the wedding there. Magic Sands is also on Double Bay, but I can hardly find any extra info about it (looks not bad though).

I'm trying to figure out if it is feasible to walk from here (this one is on the google map link you posted) to some rentals on Palmetto Point (ie: Blue Palms is one I'm thinking of for some other guests)... and approx how long it would take to walk down the beach. We will have a car for each rental as well, but would really like to be able to walk place to place sometimes since our group will be spread out.

If you know of any other nice ones in Double Bay, or Palmetto (and close to Bahama Castaway), please let me know. I've been through I think every rental on the internet, but can't figure out the exact location of some.

I am also planning to stay an extra week or so for my honeymoon afterwards. I'd love to stay in the same rental but doesn't really make sense for 2 people... so these are some I was checking out if you have any insight please let me know! (ocean views from the master bedroom a definite plus... and must be right on the beach of course).

-Bahamian Villa (Palmetto Point)

-Romantic Bungalow (Palmetto Point)

-Le Sable Rose (I think also in Palmetto Point)

Any tips at all are appreciated!



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10. Re: Been to "Endless Summer" in Palmetto Point, Eleuthera?

Go to "Bahamasweb.com & click on Eleuthera, then rentals. Click on Double Bay. They have 7 houses listed which I'm sure will meet your requirements since you're looking at 2 years in advance. They should be able to get you houses all together. Double bay isn't that long. If the houses are together I'm sure it will easy to walk from one to another. Hopefully there won't be any rocky outcroppings so you can visit each other via the beach. I've never walked too far on the beach myself. The same rental agency handles the houses here so you'll only have to deal with one person. They should also answer ALL of your questions! Do not be afraid to ask anything. This, I assume is something you want to be as perfect as possible. That is their job. Only thing you shouldn't expect is for them to control the weather.

Also you can't drive north or south from Le Sable to Double Bay. The road is shown on maps but is inaccessible. You'd have to go back to the Highway & travel south then go east to Double Bay. Approximately a 1/2 hour.

I really hope they can help you. Double Bay is quite secluded, a wonderful choice. I really think you & yours will have a wonderful experience.



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