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RIU Paradise Island

Latham, New York
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RIU Paradise Island

We're to RIU next month and I had a few questions. First off, has anyone stayed there? I know it only opened in Dec. but there aren't any reviews at all. Secondly do you know if you can use the water park at Atlantis if you're not staying there? Does it cost extra and if so how much?

Many thanks!

Toronto, Canada
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61. Re: RIU Paradise Island


Thanks for the tip. I���m leaving now to the airport, and will enjoy it as is. When back I will post some positives. Have fun everyone.

Shelton, Connecticut
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62. Re: RIU Paradise Island

ScubaGirrl & DSSKing,

My husband sides with ScubaGirrl & I'm with DSSKing. We have a trip booked in March with our 4 teen-agers for Spring Break & we just got off the phone with our travel agent. He can't get us into anything else on Paradise Island so my Husband says let's just go and make the best of it.

We thought after this many complaints RIU will pour many resources into this place to make it at least a 4 star because they can't afford the bad publicity. So we're hoping that by March it will be half-way decent at least.

Our travel agent said he would try & find out as much correct information as possible on this place before we leave so we know what to expect. Until then, I'll just keep checking this site daily to see what else can go wrong!!!

here and there
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63. Re: RIU Paradise Island

Rumour has it that although Sheraton would NEVER sell to Atlantis, the purchase by RIU is just a step in order to sell out to Atlantis in the next phase (a couple years down the line).

If this is the case, I can't see RIU making this place a true 5 star destination, just to turn it over to Atlantis for a tacky overhaul.

Good luck to all on this one. I hope I'm wrong.

The bahamas needs some serious competition for the Atlantis, especially on Paradise Island.

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64. Re: RIU Paradise Island

hi We spent the first week of Jan. at the RIU it is every thing that is reported we ate half our meals at the Atlantis the food was so bad at RIU. Pool is cold and dirty water was yellow every morning in the taps, staff is unhappy and rude, stay somewhere else it will be cheaper in the long run. There is no access to waterslides at Atlantis unless you have a room there

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65. Re: RIU Paradise Island

this my last post here. just cancelled my reservations for riu and switched to sandals. only cost a couple hundred more and looks well worth it. the reviews seem good also. if any one has any advice regarding sandals, i would appreciate it. thanks

Mississauga, Ontario
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66. Re: RIU Paradise Island

We switched too, off to Mexico instead, over a thousand more, but better than wasting over two. Too bad to have to miss out on seeing beautiful Bahamas though. Better luck next time I guess!

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67. Re: RIU Paradise Island

We were suppose to have our wedding at RIU/PI, but after going down in early Jan, we switched to Atlantis. It is going to cost us a LOT more, but with 100 guests coming down, the RIU is no where near ready to be hosting a wedding of that size.

To be honest the wedding coordinator they have on staff was great, but she is not a magician and there is nothing she can do to get the hotel into better shape. I advise anyone planning on getting married there to go and check it out first to avoid disappointment on your wedding day.

We will however, still have the majority of our guest staying at the RIU since it is much more affordable then Atlantis, so we are hoping that they have cleaned up their act by then.

I have learned that RIU does their own star ratings which explains why there are listed as a 5 star. Most travel sites have then listed as a 3 star. Does anyone know if you can buy a day grounds pass for Atlantis to have access to their pools/slides, and what the cost is?

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68. Re: RIU Paradise Island

Has anyone stayed at the Breezes? I have reservations at RUI and am thinking of canceling based on the postings.

I'm looking for an all inclusive.



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69. Re: RIU Paradise Island

Just came back from the RIU...DISASTER any idea how i get my money back...I can't even begin to tell you the problems....I even have pics of certain problems....I just wondered what are the odds of getting my money back

South Jersey
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70. Re: RIU Paradise Island

Just returned yesterday from The Riu. I was with 9 other women for 4 nights. We thought the hotel was clean (there was always staff scrubbing the tile/grout/floors/walls everywhere you looked). The staff was very nice and took care of our needs, etc. The rooms we had were fine, clean, one had a small leak from the shower, otherwise all in working condition. Overall, we thought the food was very good for an all inclusive. The buffets were a lot of food, all different kinds, for all different likes. They had kid favorites, burgers, dogs, pizza (the only thing I thougt was not good ), french fries, grilled cheese, etc. Dessert buffet could have been a little better with selections,e tc, but there was always ice cream!

The restaurants for dinner was very good, had selection and the food was good. Reservations must be made by 10:30 of that day, so we went to the table early in the am, we all got what we wanted.

The pool is nice, it was a bit chilly, but so was the air. The area around the pool is well stocked with chairs and waitresses/waiters to get your drinks as needed.

the beach is good, all vendors out there to get you on a jet ski/banana boat or para sail....all the same vendors as the Atlantis had!!!

Walking distance to the Atlantis, so when shopping was on the agenda, it was not too far.