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My airport story

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My airport story

So for all you airport complainers (and I understand, it's annoying, but I've been through worse and Provo is so worth it!)

Yesterdays "rush hour" 1-4. 4 planes leaving PLS that were sold out.

Checked in at 1:45. Once you have boarding passes plane can't leave without you! So relax and go with the flow.

Tunnel, actually has air conditioners every 50 feet or so. Hot, but not heat stroke hot. Bring water.

Tunnel line to security took 17 minutes to get to the gate.

Gate was packed with 4 flights going out, some standing room only. Had fans all over and was okay temps.

Workers pleasant and helpful.


Landed in Miami, gate not ready, stayed on runway extra 20 minutes. Trying to connect, stayed in line first security point that they made us get in, to close it and send us to the next.

Next gate closed.

3rd gate she wouldn't let us in because she said controlling the crowds. I told her "this is the 4th security line they're sending us too".

She decided to act like she didn't understand my English. So surprise:

I speak Spanish! (but don't look the part) so then she had to speak to me. All of the sudden she explained gate too slow, go to next. Of course she let persons behind us go through.

Made it to last check in point, closer to our connecting gate D25.

As soon as we get through we notice they changed gates to D9.

Workers were so rude and not helpful. No one at customs guiding to US lines. Workers acting like they don't speak ?English, or when talking in Spanish don't speak Spanish. They could care less if you make your flight.

Moral of story?

PLS a piece of cake compared to Miami.

So why is everyone complaining?

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1. Re: My airport story

I would not go ANYWHERE if I had to go through MIA again. I have horror stories that include overnights there because of bad weather to get home.....looking forward to experiencing PLS next year !

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2. Re: My airport story

Well, blamona, now you are really making me feel "encouraged." (Not!) I was bracing myself for the most recent horrors at PLS but this will be my first experience flying through MIA. USAirways has begun to make some changes and consolidations as the merger is starting. I guess the good news is we are traveling on Tuesdays!

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3. Re: My airport story


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4. Re: My airport story

I like your story, because I like reading stories here on the forum. It hit just the airport we hang out at, a lot--Miami. Both DR. VICKI & I speak Spanish(surprises them because we don't look the part either), so we don't need interpreters in our profession when examining patients. So we give them the "little lecture" they need before their supervisor gets involved in the conversation. We dislike ineptitude. Suddenly they regain their undivided attention to our situation and focus on us 100%. Works well with us. We' ll see it for ourselves next week in our touchdown Airport-Miami. Good post. DR. JIM

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5. Re: My airport story

Thanks for your current experience with the airport situation, Blamona. We've connecedt through MIA a few times and thankfully haven't experienced what you did BUT I could go through the roof with the whole non-English speaking thing at many of the US airports, but then I'd digress.

So I guess the moral about the PLS airport is pack some patience and while it's no where near perfect, it's all good.

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6. Re: My airport story

My Tips:

Print out boarding passes prior to arrival at the Provo airport. You will move past the passengers (at the direction of airline personnel, of course) who must use the kiosks at the Provo airport to print their boarding passes.

Enroll in Global Entry. Even if you don't travel internationally that often, the side benefit (included with Global Entry) is also having TSA Pre. Neither program applies to TCI; however, it makes a huge difference at airports like MIA. Passport/fingerprint kiosk for immigration, "flight crew" line at customs, "flight crew" line at concourse security. Highly recommended!

From the TSA Pre website:

Some passengers could qualify for expedited screening through U.S. airport security checkpoints via designated screening lanes. Benefits may include no longer removing the following items when going through airport security:


•3-1-1 compliant bag in carry-on

•Laptop from bag

•Light outerwear/jacket


At no point, however, is this program an entitlement. Passengers are always subject to random, unpredictable screening measures.

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7. Re: My airport story

Some place you stay may not be able to print boarding passes. So everyone knows, even preprinting them and even with no bags to check you still have to get in line for the counter to give them the departure tax stub.

So preprinting only saves 1 of 3 steps.

Getting Global entry for places like Miami still don't help much, the rudest workers ever. ALWAYS

Even with entry they still might make you go to 4 security lines if they feel like it.

I have tons of Miami horror stories.

I will say I do have 1 great employee in Miami story. Provo is still worth it!

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8. Re: My airport story

I guess I'll have to brush up on my Spanish when I travel through MIA next May. Como se dice do you hear me en espanol?

DR JIM, you remind me of McGuyver, as it seems there is never a situation that you can't find a solution to.

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9. Re: My airport story

Hi Blamona.

Looks like we were leaving just as you were arriving. (roughly)

We'll hook up one of these trips. :-)

Your 17min for security was exactly 1 1/2 hours for us (just for the security line) last Sat, with 4-5 planes doing the turn-around.

Westjet check-in before security was maybe 10 min tops.

To all those that fret this. Its just a line. Yes its hot, (no the AC does not keep up), as Blamona says, take water. (the staff at the airport were actually handing out bottle water as we waited)

The wooden tunnel is hot, but I'm sure its been hotter standing outside in the security line on many previous trips.

Don't change any travel plans due to the construction at the airport!

Looking forward to whenever this is done.

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10. Re: My airport story

I noticed Blamona mentioned the departure tax stub. Does anyone know if USAir collects that tax as part of the ticket price? I've scoured the reservation, but is non-specific. Thanks!!!!