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bohio resort

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bohio resort


Does anyone have any experience with the Bohio resort in Grand Turk? Any other recommendations for a week long stay in Grand Turk for two divers?

Thanks and happy holidays

John C

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1. Re: bohio resort

Aha!!! You had me confused here for a while!

I know this resort as the Guanahani Hotel. It has been completely refurbished. It went with the designer of the Parrot Cay Resort to develop itself into an upscale dive resort and spa.

It is on Pillory Beach which was recently voted Best Diving Beach.

I have not been there since the renovation so I cannot tell you anything first hand about it, but it sounds wonderful. If you do go, I would love to read your trip report.

I found this press release about it too.


Grand Turk is how the Caribbean used to be many, many years ago. If you are looking for some of the worlds best diving, friendly people, Some of the most unspoilt beaches, outstanding wildlife and peace and quiet, then Grand Turk is for you.

This Beach is also a long way away from the new proposed cruise ship dock!

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2. Re: bohio resort

Great small resort, run by very friendly, knowledgeable and qualified staff. Have all the facilities required to enjoy the fantastic beach - kayaks, catarmarans, snorkling, diving, fishing, BBQ! Restaurant is best food on island. Also best place to access 'the wall' for diving from the beach if you don't want to use the boats to access the many other diving locations.

Had a fantastic time there - both times! - April and Nov 2005.

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3. Re: bohio resort

I have been diligently searching the travel boards for ANYONE'S opinion on Bohio Dive Resort: http://www.bohioresort.com/

It was highly recommended for snorkeling by U.S. Dive Travel:


They suggested the best Caribbean snorkeling is a toss-up between: Bohio Dive Resort on Grand Turk and Manta Resort, Glover's Atoll, Belize! The best time to go, for snorkeling, is April/May.

The food descriptions on their website for the restaurant will make you hungry. Would one of our local experts know about how much to budget for food at Bohio if you ate all your meals there?

Thank you from a passionate snorkeler (or pathological snorkeler).

Sue Williams


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4. Re: bohio resort

just been booking my next trip to Bohio for April. Hear they've just had their first whale sightings of the season off the beach.

Regarding food costs - me and the girlfriend struggled many a time to share a single starter and main, as portions were very generous, and yes very mouth watering! The deserts were absurdly luxurious! I put on weight.

I would say if you were to live just on Bohio restaurant food, one could survive on a budget of $30/day/person min. But the occassional splash out on a good steak meal is $40. So I would say $50-60/day/person should be adequate to include breakfast and lunch snacks, and the no doubt venture into town for simpler foods. Some rooms have cooking facilities if you want to do your own thing.

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5. Re: bohio resort

Thanks, Cam006! You have answered my food questions. Now, can you tell me anything about the snorkeling? Bohio Resort sounds really perfect for my husband and I. We prefer quiet resorts without alot of people ... but the snorkeling is really the most important aspect for us. Thank you, it is so exciting to correspond with someone who has been there.

Sue Williams



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6. Re: bohio resort

Check Oasis Divers, Grand Turk. They get great reviews in Undercurrent, which is what we use for dive trip research. They do packages with resorts -- we're going to the Osprey Beach Resort for a week, also gets good reviews.

There are sites for both on-line.

Have fun!

Suzanne S

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7. Re: bohio resort

We just returned from a delightful and super-relaxing week at Bohio and would very highly recommend it. The resort itself is charming and low-key, the restaurant is great, and the rooms are very comfortable and well-appointed. The diving was top-notch: the dive boat is extraaordinarily comfortable and there is plenty of shade, the dive staff are professional and fun, plus you may also dive with Chef Zev and owner/manager Kelly.

If five-star luxury is what you're looking for, you will undoubtly be better off in Provo. However, if you're looking for a laid-back, out-of-the-way place to relax, eat delicious food, indulge in full-service diving, chat with locals in the bar and get to know the lovely and interesting owners/managers/staff who really make this place special, do not hesitate. In fact, go immediately.

Part of what makes Bohio perfect is that the people who run it have done precisely what many of us dream of doing -- decamped from high-pressure urban professional lives to a gorgeous place where they are happy to be. This enthusiasm carries over to their interactions with guests, and to the relaxing experience that they so adeptly and discretely provide.

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8. Re: bohio resort

Ok. We're sold. Going out for Feb 11th for a week. Cant wait!

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9. Re: bohio resort

OK, A1111 please post a trip report!

Sherman Ct.
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10. Re: bohio resort

Attn: Sue Williams


I have been to both Grand Turk and Manta Resort. Went to Grand Turk about 7 years

ago. We stayed at Island House which is NOT

on the beach but it was great anyway. Had use

of golf cart and ate and shopped where the

locals went. I will get to the snorkeling in a minute..it is why we travel. We are always

in search of great snorkeling. Regarding

GT we had a great stay. Took cart to (Dutys?)

a guy who makes ribs across from a locals bar. We also found a women who made fresh bread and fried chicken sold from her house.

I wish I could remember the names of the restaurants we ate at but they were twice as good and one third the cost of the "strip"

where the hotels are located. We had been

to S. Caicos three years earlier and snorkeled there and off of East Caicos. A local named Ganger took us around. Apparently

he is still on S. Caicos which has incredible

snorkeling. Again let me say that ALL my wife and myself like to do is find great snorkeling. Having said that let me say the

following. I don't care how good anyone

anywhere tells you the snorkeling is from the

beach you need a boat and guide to make the

best of your snorkel time. When we were in

GT we hired Smitty from one of the local dive

shops along with another couple to take us out for a few hours each day. We snorkeled the BIG coral heads in about 20 to 40 feet of

water about 1/2 mile off the island. We feel

the best way to snorkel is to get off the boat and do a drift snorkel. Let the tide take you and snorkel as long as you want , then signal your ride to pick you up. The snorkeling was incredible. Smitty also made

the best conch salad I have ever had. He also

didn't mind when I got tired if I dropped my

fishing line overboard. We had fresh fried

fish one day on the beach. The point is you

want to be able to do and go when and where

you want. I know I am living in the past but

Smitty charged us 75.00 total for four of us

and we gave him a 25.00 tip each day. Again

there are hundreds of these giant ( small

house size, you will see them as you fly in)

coral formations that you can drift snorkel

Manta Resort is MUCH more laid back. You will

never hear noise there. No traffic, no nothing. I just looked at their website and I

see they have added a few cabanas since we were there about 5 years ago. The snorkeling

is fantastic. When we were there they had two

trips daily if I recall correctly. One in the

morning ,one in the afternoon. We stayed for

10 days and could have easily stayed longer.

By the time we left a number of the folks that were there to scuba ended up going snorkeling. The food was great, but if the

cook is different then I would ask for references before going. The lagoon in front

of the resort is fun to snorkel but the trips

are the good stuff. If you like to fish there

were bonefish in the lagoon and I usually caught a few before breakfast. A word of warning. Unless things have changed at Manta

be careful of getting beaned by a falling coconut. You will hear them hitting the sand

at night. Don't place a lounge chair underneath a tree without checking. One more thing, across the lagoon was a small island

that had 2 tiny homes on it. This "small"

piece may now have a ???? on it. Nevertheless

Manta is amagic place. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. And btw my wife and I are going to North Caicos march 8th

to the 16th and are hoping for the best.

Happy Trails