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Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

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Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

I know that you can't please everyone, but this last review makes the Grande sound really disgusting and dirty. We stayed at the Sandals Whitehouse 2 years ago and loved it. Please tell me this person is wrong...I don't want to be disappointed. I realize it's the Carribean, so there are some critters roaming around, but hopefully not roaches!!!! They also made it sound like there are not many food choices there, but on the website it seems like there are a ton of options. I hope someone can alleviate my anxiety :-)

St. Lucia
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1. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande


Our friends stayed in that room 2 weeks ago and it was fine !!!

He is an award winning Chef here in the the UK and had only minor issues with one restaurant during there stay. I must say that i have seen one or two roaches in the 10 years i have been coming to the island.

Just take a look at the other reviews most people are more than happy with there stay at the grande. For some reason it is always First time posters that have just joined that give these bad reviews.

Do not worry it will be fine :-)

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2. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

Rather than tell you that one specific review is wrong, I'll just advise you not to go by one review, or even 2 or 3. Go by the overall average. Get a picture of what the majority of opinions are. I normally disregard either very positive or very negative reviews, especially from one-time posters. Try to gte an average view.

Tampa, Florida
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3. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

I’ll just add that when I was there a month ago I saw many lizards running around the property and we had at least one (I think I recognized him) that hung out on our patio. I’m a big fan of these guys as they keep the livestock, anything with more than two legs, in check. If the reviewer really had roaches, it’s probably because they scared off all the lizards.

Urbandale, Iowa
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4. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

I wouldn't worry about what the person wrote. 1st that's the only posting or review they have ever left. 2nd I don't think anything could make that person happy. Some of the things they complained about are easy to find out about up front. I don't scuba dive but I know you have to take a class (and pay for it). Don't let one persons review make your decision for you. We stayed at the Grande in April 2008 and can't wait to go back.

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5. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

We usually stay at the Regency, but we go to the grand for our beach days.....beautiful beach.

I have to say, we rarely hear anyone complaining about the grand. it is a fairly new resort so, I don't understand what could be so bad??? we find the staff very friendly ,always smiling....no place is going to be perfect. if someone is the type to complain they will find something, anything.....just go with the flow ....and you will be fine. Have a wonderful time.......in my Beautiful St. Lucia.

Barrie, Canada
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6. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

we stayed at the Grande for a week in Jan. We were there during the same period of time because they warned us one afternoon they would be fumigating (a normal monthly activity)

we were exceptionally pleased with the room, restaurants, beach and service.

I wouldn't be worried about going to the Grande for a future vacation.

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7. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

Basically you can get a cockroach infestation anywhere - when we lived in Sydney they flew in through the windows frequently. We just had to be careful keeping all areas where they could breed clean and luckily the cat enjoyed catching them. So if they were under a cupboard or whereever then it would take long for them to multiply. So you don't really need to worry because one room was infested as long as they dealt with it.

The thing I'm paranoid about when I travel is bed bugs - they can so easily be brought in by travellers in their luggage. New York hotels have been plagued with them for some time and we are seeing more cases in the UK. It doesn't mean that the hotel is dirty - just that they've spread from elsewhere. I don't put my suitcase on the floor when I travel just to be on the safe side!

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8. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

I was at Sandals Grande this past December and we had a GREAT vacation there...we didn't ONE bug the entire 7 days we were there. There are plenty of food options (don't know what that reviewer was talking about)..plus with 2 other Sandals resorts on the island...you can stay at one and play/dine at the others. Do not have any reservations about going to this place.....go and enjoy!!!

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9. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

We just got back on Tuesday. The resort was amazing...our room was clean and we did not see ANY cockroaches...just the cute little lizards and a big frog. One lizard in the room (which I rescued and put outside) and the rest of the "wildlife" outside.

The food was GREAT. I imagine if you stayed there for two weeks you MIGHT get bored...I said might, I don't know you. We were there for 8 days and did not get bored. There are different meal events on different nights and you can access the restaurants at the other Sandals.

The diving is included if you are certified, either by the resort or by PADI. I'm not sure how much the resort course is, we did our Open Water certification so had to pay for that, but our other days of diving were included. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
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10. Re: Horrible Review of Sandals Grande

So funny that I've heard that the bed bug thing was basically gone in the US. However, because of all of the people who travel to and from other countries, they have come back here with a vengance. Everything that I've read indicates that they have come back over

from across the pond. Do you not have a problem in England?