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just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios

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just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios

here is my brief (not really) review.


the hotel is ENORMOUS and BEAUTIFUL

the service is really good. they'll do just about anything you ask. (especially @ the bar. they will make anything you want. except a bob marley)

contrary to popular belief, there is NO ROOM SERVICE which is why they dont have a room service menu.

The food is OK. nothing great.

i didnt get to go to any of the specialty restuarants b/c they were booked until after i left. this was NOT COOL. i would have complained but i was too lazy and who cares about eating when there are so many other things to do.

Also, one thing that was kinda bad was that the maid service didnt come until the early evening. Oh yea, and when you check in, they already have your room picked out for you. I got really lucky. I was in room 2418. It's an ocean view room. It was AWESOME. i had an awesome view of the main pool and the beach. IF anything, stick with a room that starts with a "2". Thats the Buildling section. Any of the higher floors are good (there are 5 floors).


i didnt really stick around for any of the shows @ the hotel b/c i like to party with the locals. So i went to margaritaville on saturday night. SO MUCH FUN. this place is GREAT for people in their 20's. they play hip-hop music and reggae and its just fun partying/dancing with the locals. I heard that on wednesdays they have a pool party (there is actually a pool INSIDE the place).

If you're there on a sunday and want to party with the locals, tehre is a beach party @ prarie bay. Very fun as well. Lots of ganj and drinkin and dancin.


ATV riding was SO MUCH FUN. I forget the name of the tour company, but if you go the Air Jamaica receptionist, there are flyers. I have never ridden an ATV so it was so much fun. For people who have, it may not be that fun for u. But anyways, you ride through water, rocks, and up a mountain. And at the very end, you jump off a cliff and into this little cove. VERY BEAUTIFUL & VERY FUN. If you do god, your tour guide will be MARSHALL. he is AWESOME. please please please tell him that JENNY & HANNAH sent you :D HE is one of the nicest guys we met there. That whole trip cost about 75 bucks. make sure to tip!

@ the HOtel tehre is snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boats. Those are all free. snorkeling is just OK. make sure you bring $50 to the snorkeling stand for a deposit. You get the money back when u return the equipment. I didnt see too many fishies out there, but enough to keep me entertained for a while. Plus it was my first time snorkeling so it was fun. Kayaking and paddle boats are just watever as well. u can do that newhere. But since its free u might as well do it.

You can also do parasailing and jet skis @ the hotel. Jet Ski's are not allowed @ the hotel so you'll see a couple guys on their skis outside the ropes of the hotel. Don't pay more than $40 to do it. My friend did it for $40. They will ask for $60. just act kinda disinterested and they'll bring the price down. Ask them to take u to the Dunn's, the dolphin coves, and to see the sharks. My friend got to do all of that and siad it was worth every penny. It is for 30 min. Parasialing is about $50 i think. And for about 8-12 min i believe. didnt do that but it looks fun/scary!

@ the pool theres always activities going on. WAter aerobics, ping pong, water polo, darts, dance contests. its fun. they try to keep u entertained. you'll meet a guy named king kong. he is freakin HUGE but a good guy as well.

Definitely go to the Dunn's. I didnt want to go at first b/c it looked boring, but it's an experience. To take the shuttle there and back and to get in costs $30. Buy a waterproof camera! Its so worth it. So many great pics u can take out there. Climbing the falls isnt too bad. But its not for young kids unless their parents plan on carrying them up there. You NEED water shoes. And they recommend that you hold hands up the falls, but my friend and I just went off on our own and it was fine. More fun too and we got to take lots more pics. WE went on a Sunday so it wasnt packed and we could take our time. Climbing hte falls only took maybe an hour? not even.

Misc Stuff:

For people who are single and in their 20's good luck finding other ppl to mingle with. Everyone is either a couple or older & with their families. Thats why I recommend going to margaritaville b/c you will see other ppl there your age to mingle with =) OH yea, and if you wanna know wahts going on, just ask the poepl @ the front desk (when their bosses arent around) most of them are in their 20's and know where the parties are at.

if you want a strong shot, try brain hemmorage, and woo woo. Those are both tasty and STRONG. oh yea, and they dont have this @ the hotel but if you go to a bar, they sell this drink call magnum. it is hilarious. you can think of it as a mix of viagra and red bull. hahaha. my friend drank one without knowing wat it was. So if you're interested, go for it. I think at the bar they go for maybe 3-5 bucks. AT the airport they sell it for $1.25. I brought some back with me to give to my friends. hahaha

and please please pelase TIP. i got so annoyed when people didnt tip. Just tip! the people @ the hotel are SO nice and wait on you hand and foot. They deserve a lil somethin somethin.

ok, for those of you going out there soon. i hope u dont get any bad weather. it was all sun when i was there. good times.

oh yea, and if you're interested in the ganj, ask the jet ski guys. i kno they were sellin some. or just ask any local. i had at least 5 people offer me some during my short stay there.

Buy a phone card too before you go if you want to call home while you're out there. the phone card is expensive @ the gift store. And they also charge you $1 for connecting but i didnt get charged. i dont know why but watever!

And whoever said that it was humid and there were lots of mosquitos was WRONG. the weather was PERFECTION. and i bought mosquito repellent for nothing.

If you're interested in buying 100% blue mountain coffee, there is a store that sells it right by the dunn's. It is right next to the store where u rent the shoes. so most likely u will end up going there. They sell a bag for $10. I saw it being sold for $30 somwehere else. I bought 3 bags and she threw in a handmade tote. I also bought a necklace for $6 and she threw in a free bracelet. great deals.

ok ask me any questions!

Southern New Jersey
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1. Re: just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios

Yo, jorange83:

Sounds like your trip was awesome. I go in January and can't wait. I wasn't planning on going to Margaraitaville, but open bar till 1AM sounds like a good deal. I was at the one in MoBay several years ago (before Jimmy took it over). The slide that dumped you into the ocean was the best part. Do the have a slide in Ocho?

Do the Jetski guys let you rip, or do you have to behave yourself the whole time? $40 for a half hour is not too bad. Did you notice the bartenders were a little quicker o nthe drinks if you tipped? I always start off with a tip first day to let them know I won't stiff them like a lot of people do.

Thanks for the review!

chicago area
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2. Re: just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios


we liked antonio at the bar beteen main stage and the beach. we ended up having many wonderful antonio specials. one guy told me that you tip him well to start with and it can be bosinovas all week. he made me pink, yellow, peach, green, blue, and every color drink inbetween. we would order something sweet, strong, with rum. he made one that had brandy in it too...it was yummy, they all were! i don't know if i had any repeats, so he may even be able to remember which he made you before.

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3. Re: just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios


was the coffee a pound or half pound for that bag? which brand did you get? just curious.

we found 1/2 lb. bags for J$443 at a grocery store.

warning to buyers...it is sometimes not really easy to tell %100 jamaican coffee (high mountain) from %100 blue mountain coffee. they are packaged simularly, and one could easily be pick up unitentionally, so check each package you pick up.

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4. Re: just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios

If your all inclusive package includes gratuity, why tip? I dont consider myself a jerk by any means. This trip is costing me an arm and a leg already

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5. Re: just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios

easy....better service - but be discrete. we tipped about $1 a round on average. a little more sometimes a little less others. when we found a bartender we really liked, we tipped higher and then kept going back to him.

when i saw the poverty around me, saw how hard these guys work for $50-100 a week, yet a stanard size house would cost $100k, i figured what is an extra few bucks to me when it is the world to them.

each morning we left a couple bucks on the pillows for our maids. here in the states it would have been $10 or so. so, we tipped lower than normal given the all inclusive nature of the place, but our bartenders knew us when we walked up, we got great service and fantastic drinks.

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6. Re: just got back from the RUI @ ocho rios

kraM_nilknarF, Even though gratuity is included, the workers only make about $50. a week. A dollar here and there really helps them out. You could never get away with tipping only a dollar in the States.