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Legal papers and shots to go on trip????

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Legal papers and shots to go on trip????

My husband and I will be going to Ochi end of this month and I just found out that we need our birth certificates and marriage license. AND a hepititis shot. Is this all true. And is there anything else we need?

Thank you so much

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1. Re: Legal papers and shots to go on trip????

You will also need a government issue picture Id - like a driver's license - but I've never heard of needing a hepatitis shot - where did you hear that?

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2. Re: Legal papers and shots to go on trip????

Why do you need your marriage license?

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3. Re: Legal papers and shots to go on trip????

The name on your drivers license and the name on your birth certificate have to match. If they don't you need a marriage license to show the name change.

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4. Re: Legal papers and shots to go on trip????

I arranged our trip on Expedia. They only told me I needed my passport and a picture ID. I don't know why I'd need anything else?

About the hepatitis shot... maybe that would be a good idea?

I should ask my doctor I guess.

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5. Re: Legal papers and shots to go on trip????

The rules are in the process of changing for documents that you need to carry, before it was simply that you had to have birth certificate and gov issue picture id. Now it's being changed to passports required and was supposed to take effect as of the first of the year, but has been pushed back a year, so it's caused come confusion. Either will work for the next year.

Many women have to bring their marriage license if on their honeymoon, for the reason mentioned above, but the men will never have to worry about it.

As for the hepatitis shot, I believe that this is recommended for anyone travelling abroad. I think that the concern is hepatitis A in particular, as this can be a result of exposure to contaminated water, shellfish, or something similar. So, there's just as much risk for exposure here in the US, as you can't sterilize an entire country, and if you venture into the woods, or go on outdoor tours, there is always the possibility of walking through standing water with bacteria.

It might be a good idea to get a vaccination since there has recently been a problem with leptospirosis, which I believe is also related to contaminated water. The problem is happening in other places as well, just thought that I would mention.

Here is an article about it that was out a couple of months ago.


Not that there is an outbreak or anything, or that the tourist activities are not sanitary, but this is something that I would have liked to have known before visiting earlier this year. I was there for two weeks and had absolutely no problems whatsoever. I felt comfortable drinking from the tap, eating the fish that I caught myself, and jumping into every swimming hole that I could find.

But it would have been nice to know, that just in case(GOD forbid) something should happen, we would have been able to act quickly, as many serious illnesses, leptospirosis being one of them, have flu like symptoms. I don't mean to cause worry, it's just the same precaution I would take here, the same rule applies here right now about not having standing water because of encephalitis.

I just take the same precautions no matter where I am, I get whatever vaccinations are recommended and make sure that I will always have insurance available just in case. I will keep everyone in my thoughts as you travel and I hope that you would never have anything such as this happen on your vacation.

Hope that everyone will have a wonderful trip!!