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Stollen jewelry

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Stollen jewelry

we were coming home from Jamaica and flew from Montego Bay to Vancouver.and when arrived to check in they said my carry on was to heavy and i had to take something out and put it in my big luggage to be sent.so i took out my makeup bag and my jewelry was in there very sentimental jewelry from my late husband.so and stuck it in the luggage she said great that's better, so we checked it in and it sat fro 3i/2 hrs in customs or in the baggage room where they can rummage through are luggage i guess cause when i arrived to the house i open my luggage and it looked like it had been rummaged through so i got my make up bag to take out my tooth brush and so on and i then thought i better open my jewelry bag and sure enough 5 of my sentimental rings were gone and my bottle of channel coco perfume just got it for Xmas so ya and you can not lock your luggage they said cause they will cut it off .so i don't know what kind of people you have working in your airport if security does there job and if they have cameras in there. and they got better things to do then rummaging through peoples luggage and steal jewelry and i am not the first one its been going on so catch the thief who is doing this.cause it is the last time i will be traveling with Thomas cook air lines and to to Montego airport....

Cortland, New York
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1. Re: Stollen jewelry

Ada G I feel badly for you to have to go thru this. Anything of importance needs to be in your posession at all times. Even a carry-on may not be good enough as frequently they are gate checked and out of your hands. Thanks for posting this to remind others to personally hang on to anything of value when traveling...or leave valuable/sentimental things at home.

Rehoboth Beach...
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2. Re: Stollen jewelry

SO very sorry for the loss of things so very sentimental. You must be heart broken.

Things can and do go missing in every airport. You have no way of knowing if it was in Mo'Bay or Vancouver. This has been discussed many times on a lot of forums worldwide. I know in YYZ(Toronto), PHL (philly) and JFK (NY) they have busted up rings of thieves all within the past 5 years or so.

One thing to protect your self LauraP has already said. Never ever let things you cannot stand to loose leave your possession. Then make sure you have everything INSURED! The price to add a rider to your home owners or a separate policy for jewelery /electronics is very inexpensive. I recently had just my everyday pieces insured. My wedding set, a bracelet and earrings for a total replacement value of $40,000.00 is only $200.00 a year. These policies not only include theft coverage but lose of stones and "mysterious" disappearances. If you have an earring and loose one or the clasp of your bracelet breaks then falls off you are covered.

While no amount of money can replace your memories at least you would have been able to replace the physical pieces.

Chicago, Illinois
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3. Re: Stollen jewelry

This is unforturnate, however I have never understood why anyone travels with any jewelry whatsoever. The only jewelry in my opinion that should ever be taken is inexpensive pieces that have no sentimental value. A person is just asking for trouble if they go to countries with extreme poverty and leave these items unattended.

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4. Re: Stollen jewelry

funinthesun- I was thinking the exact same thing. I am sorry this happened to you Ada, live and learn. Leave items that are expensive and especially that can not be replaced, at home! Bringing 5 sentimental rings on vacation, cheap or expensive, is just asking for trouble. I hope you enjoyed your vacation, and like frodo stated, this type of thing can happen ANYWHERE!

Vista, CA
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5. Re: Stollen jewelry

So sorry about your missing items. I always keep my jewerly in my oversize purse.

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6. Re: Stollen jewelry

OP- sorry to hear what happened. It's a learning experience and important reminder to those who do not travel very often. If we choose to take valuables, have it with us at all times. There is no guarantee, but that increase the odds of returning home with them and great memories. We haven't taken off our wedding band, most valuable and expensive jewelry we own, in almost 20 years. We couldn't imagine doing so just to go on vacation. No, it's not the Hope diamond but means much more.

My friends takes her jewelry and cash in an oversize, battery operated TOY. You get them at specialty gag stores and the joke is on them. Kinda, you can't/won't touch this:-)

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Nova Scotia
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7. Re: Stollen jewelry

Sorry to hear about this, we never like to hear that someone has gone through our luggage, etc while it is supposed to be in a secure area awaiting travel. The truth is, there is no secure area when your belongings are separated from you.

I keep whatever jewelry that I travel with in a small cloth bag in my purse. It would fit in the palm of my hand. The jewelry that I do take with me is usually something I bough on vacation previously and usually not more than $10 per item. I also have some $ store stuff that looks pretty but only costs me $1 or $2 looks nice, but I won't cry if it gets lost.

Ada, don't let this put you off from traveling, this could have happened in any airport in the world. Travel, enjoy your vacations and leave the expensive/sentimental jewelry at home.

Saskatoon, Canada
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8. Re: Stollen jewelry

Maybe try a TSA lock. You can put them on checked (and carry on) luggage. Security at the airports have a master key to open them and you have a key or combination. It's not fool proof but it slows them down a bit. You can get them at CAA or walmart. It's meant more for US travel (I think) but I've used them around the world and worked great. I also found them handy when you're leaving luggage at the front lobby waiting to check in and the wait is very long.

Apache Junction...
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9. Re: Stollen jewelry

Has anyone else ever had to weigh a carry on bag? Maybe this is something a particular airline does? I've never had to weigh a carry on. If I did have to move something, it sure wouldn't be something of value, such as jewelry. I just find the story a bit suspicious.

Montego Bay
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10. Re: Stollen jewelry

^^^^ considering that TSA are also doing the stealing, I can't see how this lock is effective. The only way to make sure none of your valuables go missing is to either leave them home (best bet) or make sure they are with you on whatever bag to take on the plane.

In Mobay, your luggage is in the open for everyone to see..very hard for someone to sneak in your bag and dig thru it without drawing attention to themselves. But, if can happen.

LIve and learn and leave your jewelry home.