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jamaican police

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jamaican police

My very soon to be Bride and me, will be arriving in Jamaica on Sunday, Mar. 13 for our honeymoon, and I was wondering if Jamaica has a regular police force or is it patroled by military?

I have been told that they have tourist police that protect you from up-in-your face haglers, and rugularly beat them with billy clubs. Just wondering, because when in Cancun, Mexico's Police are on every corner, standing with machine guns and it's a little itimidating. Go figure. It makes you feel like there's no room for error. Meaning, you have to be a little reserve and when I'm on Vacation, I act like a donkey. Any info would be great


Peoria, Arizona
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1. Re: jamaican police

Hi jherald,

Jamaica has a regular police force, very polite and distinguish. One morning during my early walk in Mobay,where they installed the FIRST traffic light on the roundabout, everyone was honking, waving or talking to the two policeman standing there, talk about Respect! One thing, doing stupid acts, really no big deal, doing illegal things, thats a different story all together. You don't want to go to jail in Jamaica, just remember you're not in Kansas.

You're going to have a great time in Jamaica, Hire a taxi for the day and do day trips and see the local sights and meet the people of Jamaica.

Take it nice and easy,


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2. Re: jamaican police

Jamaica is generally policed by the Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) but is assisted in trouble spots by the military Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

Both have reputations for unofficial shoot to kill policies, but this doesn't usually extend to tourists !

The JCF are armed but I don't find them intrusive, they are, despite their reputation, usually quite professional and easy to deal with. If you see the JDF patrolling you are probably in the wrong area.

The JCF are notorioulsy corrupt (probably because they don't earn much) and commonly take bribes for traffic offences ( I even heard about a JCF officer who accompanied a motorist to an ATM when he claimed he had no money to pay a bribe).

The justice system is slow and often fails so summary justice is dished out in varying forms. I guess a few people fall down the stairs at the police station and others die in "shoot outs" but this is unlikely to affect you.

Enjoy your time

Kingston, Jamaica
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3. Re: jamaican police

I agree with Miyaad. The Jamaican police are usually polite and accomodating to tourist. Not the same with fellow Jamaicans. You probably wont see a police on the beach walking around with a machine gun. Also the ones in the tourist resort areas are better trained when it comes to community relations so they are much easier to talk to.