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I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

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I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

With the country, lol! Had lots of men trying, but how can any one man compete with what is the most beautiful place I have ever been to in my life, with the most beautiful warm and friendly culture?

Yes, I LOVED my trip! It was a long an exhausting drive back from St. Louis, and got into a car accident of sorts on the way back..had to slam on the brakes to avoid a crazy driver, and my daughter had her feet up on the dashboard and smashed the windshield, but she was unhurt, THANK GOD! She had been buckled, and wearing shoes, so the right front window was cracked some but she was not cut any and we were still good to drive home with it, and it will still not rain in it since the cracks look bad but are closed, and I will be gettin it fixed as soon as I can.

Got my bathing suits and towels that were still damp in the dryer now..and was going through tons of email..but decided to take a break, and say thank you for all the help and information I got here before I helped..it helped more than I can say!

Tomorrow or the next day will do a day by day 'trip account', and in a day or two will do a review of Seastar (and Thrills..was a minor mixup, and Seastar put us up there the first night), but will say now that I cannot wait until the time that I can come back, and that both places were very nice...and yes, now after coming down and checking out the beach..and walking all around the west end..have to admit now I know what ya'll are talking about when you say that the vibe is a bit more laid back than on the beach..it is more COUNTRY..(this from an Okie hick, so trust me I know what I am talking about, lol!) Still..next time want to split up half and half..with the latter half on the west end for sure. I am already dreaming of when I can come back ...probably for my birthday in February. I caught the bug..I have Jamaicaitis!!!

Highlights of my trip were the tour with Talk of the Town Tours going to see dolphins swimming in the sea..and to Pelican Bar..and then up the black river..where we swam and jumped from a rope after climbing up a tree (past where the crocodiles were tho, lol!)...and jumping into the water at Ricks (no, I didn't jump off the high ledge, although my daughters did!)...heck..going in the water anywhere..it was soooooo CLEAR!..and going snorkeling..it was like a whole other world..never been snorkeling before..and the reef were teeming with fish..including these gorgeous electric blue ones that are my favorite color..(poor Tori got stung by a jelly fish on her side, but rallied well, and although she didn't want to take the known 'cure' for jellyfish stings, lol, did agree to have some overproof rum rubbed on it when she got back and did say that that helped some..

I loved the food..the BEST lobster I ate was at LTU..and I had it three times I was there..the rest of the time was eating other things..I found the chicken dishes okay..but the fish dishes were so awesome for me that I found myself ordering that more and more when I was surprised because I thought I would be eating lobster everyday..but the fish was sooo goood!

My girls didn't care much for ackee and saltfish, but I loved it. I had the best soup in the world at LTU too..that pumpkin soup was AWESOME!

Of course Seastar had some great food too..their conch fritters were amazing, the cocobread pizza was great, and Stacy and Clarol make the BEST dirty bananas I tasted on the Island..not too strong..they let the banana flavor go through..and just a hint of the liquor can be tasted..just the way I love it.

These are just some of the things that come to mind off the top of my head right now..but like I said..will go into more detail and do a 'day by day' trip report tomorrow or the next day..I will say that I never wanted to leave, made some neat friends, and can't wait to come back...yes most definitely I will SOON COME!

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1. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

I just got on my computer after being in northern Idaho for the last 8 days ( a beautiful place as well). I knew you were going to be in JA at about the same time and I wondered how your vacation went. I am so glad that you loved your time in JA. You researched more thoroughly than most and got such great advise. Glad you "got it" as we all figured you would. Heck, I think you "got it" before you even went! Many of us will look forward to your trip report to hear about JA through the eyes and ears of a new convert. Try to image the tree frogs lulling you to sleep tonight.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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2. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

Oh my goodness the tree frogs..LOVED them..got to SEE one making that noise..such a little critter to make such a big noise, lol!

yup..am most definitely a convert, that is for sure hon. Will have my review of Seastar up tomorrow..or should I wait until I get the pics developed? That might be a few weeks..took eight throwaway rolls worth, and now that I am back, still have the rest of the month to budget out, so it will be a while to get them all back..but my daughter did take some digital camera pics and if she has some spare paper might be able to get some of those printed and then scan them to show here. :-)

I will say right now that the Seastar was a great place to stay at and made me feel very welcome.

Brooklyn, New York
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3. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

I'm so glad you had a great time.

can't wait till your review.

I have just 15 days and like 6 hours till "take off" myself.

my lady and I can't wait, we are going crazy till we leave. lol


Tulsa, Oklahoma
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4. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

Do what I am doing right now..put on some reggae..sip some red stripe..and dream..

0f clear blue seas and tropical breezes and smiles and chatting with new friends...

yup..I've got it bad and when my folks said..'well you got that out of your system, right'..I just laughed..but I did at least say that I knew I had the kids to put through college before I moved to Negril, lol! Until then..will just have to satisfy myself with a slice of the closest thing to heaven on earth I have ever known once or twice a year..

Hey, even going as I did with two teenage girls who are just about as much of a polar opposite from this overgrown tomboy as can be (making for an ocassional squabble of course), I had the time of my life..I love my daughters dearly, but can't wait until I take my son too so we can roughouse in the water together without worrying about getting our hair wet, lol! Although I do have to say that Nicki was a trooper and did actually get wet some, even when her hair was done up, which was cool..heck, she even jumped off the cliff at Ricks!

Me..I would wake up at around 6am every morning ready to go..and since the girls were still asleep, would just start walking down the road, and let it lead me where it would..had the best time that way..would talk with folks just getting up too..and a few who were still up..go swimming at the cliffs (and a few pools)a few different resorts along the way, eat a breakfast, then head back around 11am or so when they got up, lol!

I just couldn't wait to get up in the morning to soak it all in, and for me that is saying something..usually I sleep in a lot more..I also moved around a heck of a lot more than I do at home..by the end of the week it was easier to climb up the stairs from the cliffs to the sea after having jumped in, and I plan on keeping up this excercise regimen so that when I get back people will be a bit surprised maybe to see that I have lost some weight, lol!

That is not to say I didn't enjoy the cuisine and the tropical drinks..heck yeah I did..but I am pretty sure that every calorie I consumed was more than burned off. ;-)

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5. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

This is wonderful news ! (Minus the car accident, of course - so glad you're all okay)

I love to read your enthusiams...yes, you are now a Jamerican and a good will ambassador for the island we all love and write about.

Your written words embody the way we all felt upon the return from all of our first trips - replaying the memories over and over.....

My friend, the only way to cope with Jamaican withdrawl symptoms is to plan your next trip and visit this forum daily.

And I will tell you - with each trip you will take in your future - you will fall more and more madly in love with Jamaica!


Kingston, Canada
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6. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

Welcome back medicvet and welcome to the club of Negril adicts. I knew this would happen to you just by the way you were absorbing all of the info before you went about Negril and the JA culture. You were really into the full experience. Seems like just a few days ago that you were on your way. Time flies. Now that you are back I look forward to your contributions here.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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7. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

Thanks ya'll. My next trip won't be until February..but I will be most definitely thinking of Negril everyday until then, lol!

I was told that I am a "Jamerican" and a "roots lady"..had to get that one explained to me, lol! I just had a ball walking about and getting to know people and swimming..I practically lived in my swimsuit, only getting out to shower and get in my nightgown. :-D

I didn't end up going on a wildthing cruise or parasailing, but did see and do an awful lot just walking around and swimming at places from Coral Seas Cliffs, Negril Escape, Tensing Pen, Pirates Cave, Rockhouse, and of course Ricks.

Also on the beach after catching the margaritaville shuttle would walk up and down until finding a spot to eat and then just hang out there for a while, like at CocoLaPalm or Seasplash or White Sands. Didn't spend as much time on the beach as I would have liked..but then again..I didn't spend as much time in Negril period as I would have liked, lol! I just tried to soak up as much as I could, with the schedule as loose as possible, just walking along to see what to see next or just jumping in the water whenever I felt like it, which to me was the best part of the trip!

Next time I come I definitely want to stay on the beach to see more of what that is like..then after that will split up my trip..

yup, I'm hooked. :-)

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8. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

Hi medicvet,

Welcome home! I knew you were a "Roots Lady" long time.

Glad you're all fine after the car accident, and I just knew you would love JA before you went with all the careful research you did.

It would of saddened my heart to see you go through all that and come back and say you hated it.

You were there in regards to Emancipation week please let us know your experience.

I hope the girls truly loved it as much as you did, you deserved it all and more.


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9. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

Hello medicvet,

I must congratulate you.

Most people do some research and reading before they go to Jamaica.

Then they get to JAM and return disappointed. They were expecting too much.

From January you have been participating on this forum.

I am really glad that you went and lived your own experiences.

Am even more happy that you made the time to return and share the experience with us.

Thank you.

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10. Re: I am back from Jamaica..and fell in love!!!

Welcome Back! even tho I know your heart is still in Jamaica!

Glad to hear about the vibe you picked up, sad to hear about the accident.....

We are always in Negril in February, will have to meet up for a stripe or two!

Is PNS setting in yet?