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Getting sick in Punta Cana

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Getting sick in Punta Cana

I've read many reviews of people getting sick with stomach issues even though they stuck to drinking bottled water and watched what foods they ate.

I wonder if possibly people might get sick from the soft drinks at the bars and restaurants since I'm assuming the carbonated water used through a fountain system is from their water lines. Any thoughts on this?

Toronto, Canada
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1. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

Too much sun combined with lots of alcohol is one reason. Eating different foods than you're used to. Too much coconut and pineapple. Perhaps catching a bug from fellow travellers.

At the resorts, the water they serve is filtered.


Ellicott City MD
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2. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

Most people get sick from the plane or something they caught from someone else on vacation.

Food prep and hand sanitizing are at a all time high these days.

Reviews are reviews.

Nobody knows what really made them sick.

Possibly the guy who sits for 6 hours at the swim-up bar and never leaves to pee?


Cobourg Ontario
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3. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

I've also read reviews about people becoming quick sick on the "first day" but I think, like Mark said, some people get there and over do it.

Also, you could have the flu virus before you leave, and it hit you, in it's time fashion, but it happens to be once you're already there, and people just flip out and blame the hotel or food. WE often are the ones that bring the flu there.

I've been lucky, we've never been sick.

I'd say just bring meds you know you might need, and be smart. People don't realize over indulging, even on fruits, can cause you stomach issues.

Cobourg Ontario
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4. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww the pee people lol

Yeah, I love that awkward moment when you realize how long someone's been sitting there....drinkin away....... gross lol

Bavaro, Dominican...
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5. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

Get sick at home and its a bug going round or the time of year for it, get sick while on vacation and automatically its the fault of the resort or the country for some people, Not saying it doesn't happen but probably a hundred reviews to one in the favour of not getting sick, if every review starts to say the same thing that's the time to start thinking somethings not right

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6. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

You might just get sick from a different diet of food and different cooking oils and butter. Everybody wants to chalk it up to bad food, when in reality your not eating the same as you do at home. Foods are prepared and cooked differently with oils, spices etc. Even if you are careful, you can get an upset stomach. I have been to the DR 12 times and got sick once. I eat out sometimes in the states and get the same way. Bring something for an upset stomach.

Chester, United...
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7. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

So far this winter season in England and Wales here in the UK they estimate that 1.26 million people could have suffered from the norovirus bug

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8. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

The only way you can chalk it up to food poisoning etc. is if MANY people get sick eating the same food. About 5 sick people with similar symptoms of nausa, vomitting, diarrhea would declare an outbreak. Realize that most of these types of infections spread from the oral/fecal route so... if the person who used the salad tongs before you didn't wash their hands after using the restroom.... you got it.

The absolute best source of prevention is research based: frequent hand-washing, and/or use of alcohol-based sanitizers which is just as good. It's such an inexpensive and effective way to ward off many contact-based illnesses, if only more people would be diligent and conscientious about using it regularly and properly.

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9. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

Although I can appreciate all these responses, they all apply to general reasons for getting sick.

But I am with the OP, the number of reviews of people getting sick at DR, is far higher than any of the other Caribbean resorts I've been reviewing here. So I think the question is - what is that? why does DR seem to have a disproportionate number of reviews about getting sick than Jamaica, or Mexico, etc.

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10. Re: Getting sick in Punta Cana

I don't believe you can really pin point why some get sick and others do not as every persons immune system is completely different.

Some might try a different type of food that they normally would not eat at home which can have effects based on their body.

Many drink fruity drinks, coconut drinks, etc all day in the sun. The combination of those drinks, sugar, milk and intense heat can put your body off tilt.

I'd have to say I highly doubt it is the fountain system. I drink rum and cokes from 11am to 5am for 7 days straight plus a multitude of other drinks and never once have been sick other then the standard hangover.

However it could be the different type of soda that causes effects on certain peoples bodies. For instance a family member can drink fountain soda here in Canada but a fountain drink in the US is not possible as it makes them sick.

My friend got sick once in DR and that was by drinking the tap water. Here in Canada when your out at the bar it is common to take a sip while going to the washroom. He did it in DR and was dead for the next two days in the room.

Brian S I doubt DR is higher then other Caribbean destinations. Go to Cuba the food unbelievably sucks there. You need to stay at a 5 star to have food close to a 3 star in Punta Cana. I know many that have been sick in Cuba. As for Mexico likely no one gets sick there because Mexico is like the new USA. You can walk across the street from your hotel at get american fast food.

My philosophy is "stick to what I know"

I don't go to DR and have the need to try every type of food laid out at the buffet.

I also have the need to try all those fancy smancy drinks on the menu's.

I know what my body is used to and that is what it is given and as a result I have never been sick. I would hate to be stuck in a room all day sick because I was foolish enough to try some weird type of food.

Safe Travels!

Edited: 2:17 pm, May 30, 2013