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Advise on SPF

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Advise on SPF

I am a real beach bum during the summer months and I usually start the summer off with SPF 30 and then work my way down to SPF 15. But I am reading the sun is much stronger in the DR. I bought SPF 35 for our trip. Do you think that will be strong enough?

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1. Re: Advise on SPF

Hi Sunnymommy! I normally start with 45, then do 30 then 15. I think you should be fine with 35.

all the best,


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2. Re: Advise on SPF

hi sunnymommy

when i went there a couple of years ago it certainly was very strong. i used spf30 and this time im going to get a higher factor. also although i wore my hair up i forgot about the parting and caught the sun there too. im definately taking a hat this time!!!!! when i go to europe i normally drop my sun factor to 15 aswell but in the dominican im not doing that. have fun

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3. Re: Advise on SPF

We used spf 45 each day, all the time, and returned with great color. We are active, and swim a lot, and spent 7 days in Punta Cana. With 45, we had no burning, but still got some sun. I think 35 will be fine, just bring a lot. Our family of 4 went through 3 and a half containers of sunscreen. We also rarely sunbathed in direct sun. It is very hot, strong and wonderful, just use common sense and have fun.

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4. Re: Advise on SPF

To use spf 35, you had better have a good base tan from a tanning bed. You may want to start with 45 and then go to 30. The sun is must more intense becuase you are closer to the equator.


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5. Re: Advise on SPF

Hey sunnymommy! Where are you staying? We are in PC Apr 3-10! Can't wait.

I have heard that once you go over SPF 30 there is no difference, you just need to keep reapplying. I wore SPF 30 the first few days (fair to medium complexion with a base from the tanning bed). Switched to SPF 15; got a little red, went back to 30. By the middle of the week I stuck to SPF 30 on face, chest where I burn more easily. Used SPF 15 on legs, arms, tummy. My sun glasses have UV protection and are rose tinted; I can always "see" my skin getting pink with them on so know when to grab the 30!

It's wierd, when I take them off it looks fine. Yet only the burning areas show up pink with the glasses.

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6. Re: Advise on SPF

Well when i go, it is always so funny, because i am dark and tan all year long, so when i am out on the beach, we usually laugh that we are painting by numbers, i usually have 45 on the top of my feet cause they burn, 4 on my face cause i like to be dark, 0 tanning oil on my body and 8 on my shoulders.........but most people dont tan al year, i just think it is funny , it all depends on the person alone their skin type and so on, just remember to be smart