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It shows rain all week :(

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It shows rain all week :(

For those who know punta cana it shows 50% chance rain starting Wednesday everyday until Monday. How likely is that?

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1. Re: It shows rain all week :(

I would say very likely. It may be all day or it could be for 2 mins. Don't worry about weather forecasts.

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2. Re: It shows rain all week :(

Those that know Punta Cana love it because of the great weather.

Rain can always happen but it is more likely a quick refreshing shower than a whole day of rain.

I hardly ever see a forecast saying only sun and yet I always have a great time in the sun in the DR.

In fact, I hardly look at the forecasts at all anymore, I know it will be great.

Of course you can get a whole day of rain or a heavy shower lasting longer but please do not mistake the forecast of a shower (chance of rain) with a rainy day!

Many people end up getting worried because of the forecasts but you should read them more like this.

1 day is about 6 hrs of sun, 50% chance of a shower means that out of the 100% sun in a day you might lose about 17% of that on a shower and you only have 50% chance of that happening in the first place!



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3. Re: It shows rain all week :(

After dozens of trips to the Caribbean I have completely given up on reading forecast's except for maybe temperatures. I think they show rain as a CYA as it is the tropics and a quick shower can pop up at times. If you have a window seat on the plane going in take a look at how the clouds form and you'll see what I mean. Pockets of clouds here and there, some with rain in them but not the "fronts" we are used to in the North. Tropical Depression not withstanding of course.

muskoka ON
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4. Re: It shows rain all week :(

Forecast here calls for 60% chance of snow for the next 4 days - and it likely will. I'd take a Punta Cana rain shower over this anyday!!

St. Thomas Ontario
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5. Re: It shows rain all week :(

We spent 14 days in Punta Cana last Feb and it showed rain every day. It rained one night for about 2 hours and one day for an hour around dinner time.

We spent 7 days in Punta Cana in May in 2009, it showed rain every day. It rained every day.

I no longer look at any weather forecasts for Punta Cana other than the eyewitness one - get up, open drapes and witness what it is like. Plan day from there.

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6. Re: It shows rain all week :(

We were in Punta Cana last week. The forecast was for rain every day, but we only had rain for a little while one morning. I was stressed about the rain for nothing.

Cornwall, Canada
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7. Re: It shows rain all week :(

....and you don't have to shovel rain :-P

Enjoy your trip - rain or not, you'll be in a tropical haven - relax and enjoy!!

Punta Cana...
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8. Re: It shows rain all week :(

Raining and blustery since late yesterday afternoon. Good morning to be a duck!

Weather here can change in a minute and thus forecasts are highly vague and inaccurate.

Next 48 hours...expect showers, some sun and cool temps.



Erieau, Canada
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9. Re: It shows rain all week :(

why do people look at internet forecasts, they always say rain??

Vienemo you should start a daily weather blog.

Arnprior, Canada
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10. Re: It shows rain all week :(

Not to mention what are you going to do, cancel your trip??