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Packing list.

San Diego
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Packing list.

As the departue date gets closer (just over 3 weeks), I'm looking over the packing list I've compiled from reading the posts here in TA. Any suggestions on what I might be missing? list to follow:

San Diego
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1. Re: Packing list.



Travel Documents

Copies of Passport and travel documents sent in an email to self

health insurance card


Lots of sunscreen (repeat, lots of sunscreen)

lip balm with spf


pepto bismol,




sun burn lotion

allergy medicine


toothpaste & toothbrush

medicines (in original bottles)

Hand sanitizer

Clothes: To each his own, personal note - Don't over pack. The clothes will weigh more comeing home than they do going. Also, the bulk of the time will be spent in swimming trunks.


candles/fabreeze/plug-ins/static sheets for possible musty smell in the room

credit card

US dollars - 1's, 5's, and 10's for tips and shopping.

Camera with memory and charger

bubba mug

reading materials



inflatable pillow for lounge chairs

inflatable float for pool

over the door shoe organizer - besides the shoes, you can store your bathroom stuff to keep the counter clutter free

small light weight backpack

night light

beach bag

sewing kit

small flashlight

carry-on - sun tan lotion, swim suit, gum, snacks for flight

Vancouver, Canada
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2. Re: Packing list.

bubble wrap for rum ,we took duct tape this time(came in handy..daughter fractured finger playing volleyball-made homemade splint with splastic spoon and duct tape) Some GOOD hair conditioner-stuff in hotels is junk.

Have fun holiday!

Vancouver, Canada
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3. Re: Packing list.

thats plastic ,not splastic!

Cornwall, Canada
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4. Re: Packing list.

I have not even been yet, but am planning away for honeymoon next year :)

Like you in my planning, I've learned some great ideas on TA, of what to bring also:

* You might want to include some mosquito repellant with DEET, and After-bite or calamine lotion (you never know with mosquitos).

* Depending on the level/floor of your room, citronella candles for sitting outside (again, if there's a chance of mosquitos).

* It was suggested to us by people here at home, that we leave copies of our ID, passports, etc. here at home with whoever has the resort ph.number for emergencies (heaven forbid)

* Tide-to-Go travel size, especially if there's no laundry service at your hotel.

* A bottle opener (if you drink beer in room - I've read of some not having one)

* we're also taking Pepto, but we're also taking Zantac - we use it at home too, but it was suggested to take one in the morning and one at night to prevent tummy not being used to different food and drinks

Other than that, I personally feel better, as your list looks a lot like mine :)

Have an amazing, incredible, wonderful trip!!!

London, Canada
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5. Re: Packing list.

Wow, I think you've covered all your bases :-) I always bring snacks for happy hour - a can of nuts, some pringles and licorice.......and if you have long hair, extra hair elastics as I always lose and break them like crazy down there......

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6. Re: Packing list.

I'm not on that list???

Birmingham, United...
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7. Re: Packing list.

ziplock bags ideal for wet swimming costumes on the last day or too put munchies in from the breakfast buffet for snacking instead of having to pay for expensive food at the airport or on the flight on the way back home

defo mozzie repellant

duct tape in case your suitcase breaks and you need a quick repair

pen for on the plane, filling in forms

great list, very organized

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8. Re: Packing list.

hydrocortisone cream incase the insect repellant doesn't keep them away. Best thing I have ever packed !!!

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9. Re: Packing list.

i will not forget to pack two very important items to me when I leave in 10 days for punta cana Majestic Elegance can't wait

1) Morrocan Oil (for my hair when i get out of the shower before stylin

2) Maui Babe (after using sunscreen for 3 days then i start to switch to

Maui Babe lotion along with lower spf sunscreen gives nice dark tan.

Never leave home without these two items.

Hope this helps


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10. Re: Packing list.

I would bring something that resembles a room key card so you can keep it in the slot for the air conditioning so it runs even when you are out of the room with both keys (an old library card or something that you wouldn't mind if it was taken). Also, I think AirWick makes a plug in night light combo so you can have fragrance and the light. You wouldn't have to take separate items. I already bought one of them for my trip in May. Don't forget a hat to protect you from the sun!

There are some great ideas on here..stuff I never thought of..like duct tape!