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Stomach Bugs

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Stomach Bugs

My family composition consists on 2 adults and 2 children (14 and 1 yr old). I have read quite a few reviews where people have complained of becoming ill whilst staying at the resort. We have just booked for nxt year and was wondering how common this 'bug' is??

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1. Re: Stomach Bugs

Sorry to ask "What bug?"

Many people get sick from over indulgence, too much sun and possibly for ingesting pool or sea water.

There has been no reported bugs going around.

Start a high regiment of acidophilous and build up the bacterial flora in your system.

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2. Re: Stomach Bugs

hlywd.... I don't understand your post. Why would one have to build up their bacterial flora in their system if not to ward of bacterial infection? How does acidophilus help with over exposure to sunlight, over indulgence in food or swallowing sea water? By suggesting people take precautionary measures to prevent bacterial infection, aren't you kind of implying that there are, in fact, bacteria that can wreak havoc on one's system?

Thing is, regardless of where you travel, you will encounter bacteria that is unfamiliar to what your system is accustomed to. They're not necessarily "bad"... just different. So, Wud's advice is good, to alter the flora in your own system to better accommodate "visitors"

So many people dismiss the notion that a lot of people do truly fall ill in DR. They love the place so much that they simply won't accept the fact that it's one of those places where people are more likely to fall ill than in other places. And, they'll look to blame illness on too much sun, over indulgence of alcohol and food, or a combination of all three. But, I've read too many resort reviews with people laid up in bed for days out of their vacation, or even needing hospiltalization with IV antibiotics and fluids. Sorry... that kind of medical attention isn't usually what one needs if they're nursing a hangover.

I've only been to PC twice. The first time, I had mild digestive distress... and it wasn't from any over-indulgence. And, I didn't drink the water either. Can't pinpoint what caused it, and thankfully I managed it with OTC. But, I gotta say, I get real tired of the PC faithful dismissing even the possibility of illness. I think it's almost irresponsible.

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3. Re: Stomach Bugs

Unfortunately some folks do fall ill. It can be due to eating unfamiliar food. The suggestion to beef up your digestive system beforehand is a good idea. I don't know if it is available where you live but on recent trips to PC and Mexico my daughter and I took an oral vaccine called Dukoral. This protects you from most strains of e-coli which is the number one cause of travellers upsets.

There is a chance you can pick up parasites. To help against this I suggest eating foods that are cooked well. Heat kills parasites which can be lurking in raw fish/seafood. Make sure your meat is well cooked too. When eating at the buffet ensure what you're putting on your plate has been sitting at the proper temperature. If in doubt, don't eat. If eating chicken or hamburgers make sure before it reaches your mouth that it has been cooked well. No pink.

Another biggie is wash hands frequently. Carry hand sanitizer to the restaurant and use it after handling utensils used by other guests.

Touch wood, in all the years I've been travelling since I was a young girl, I only became ill once.

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4. Re: Stomach Bugs

Indeed there is illness....just like home.

I travelled home to Canada for 2 weeks....just back yesterday. My wife (Dominican) was ill the first night there and had a few restless moments through our stay.

I ...for lack of a better way to say it....spent more time than usual on the throne.

Change effects us all in different ways...the majority (large majority) will suffer nothing or very mild readjustments to the system...a select few will not react well.

What I noticed most upon my re-arrival in PC, is that although the temperature in Toronto was 31 and in PC...31....it was a much more intense 31 here, with the sun at a higher angle. I have been drinking a ton of water and juice...so far...so good!

Cheers and enjoy your holiday!

PuntaCana Mike

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5. Re: Stomach Bugs

I have been to Punta Cana once and I did get sick. I was shocked since that was the first time I ever got ill on vacation from food, I have a iron stomach usually.

I think I figured out why. The first few days I gained a few pounds so I went to uncooked veg's, fruit and salad to fill me up. Then I was stuck in the bathroom for 2 days. I now know I should eat cooked food, lesson learned.

I go back in Jan and I am not worried.

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6. Re: Stomach Bugs

vienemo hit the nail right on the head "Indeed there is illness....just like home. "

Maybe he and Carmen feasted on some othe wonderful sweet corn which is season here in Ontario, a definite change in eating habits for them, that certainly would send you to the throne.

I has done that to me, but that is not a sickness.

but attribute that to the change in eating habits, climatic conditions and many other sources

now OP's question was

"how common this 'bug' is??"

as if there was an epidemic of legionella or a noro virus moving around, which has happened before. That is why I asked "What bug"

As suggested Dukoral is a good preventative for e coli which can be picked in many ways.

It is also good as I suggested to increase

bacterial flora in your system.

Personally, I take acidophilous tablets on a daily basis and in 31 trips to the Dominican Republic, and other trips to Mexico and Caribbean locations, l have never been sick from anything other than what I would call self induced and also have had to used the throne more than usual on occasion.

Guess I have been very lucky "touch Wud"

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7. Re: Stomach Bugs


-do NOT drink water that is not from a bottle or gallons

-try to not eat RAW foods or things that are not well cooked

-Start taking peptobismol 3 days prior to arriving in DR this helps prevent travelers diarrhea.

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8. Re: Stomach Bugs

I usually get a bit of a funny stomach when on any vacation, especially leaving the country....I believe that it is do to the different foods, drinks and just not staying in your normal routine it does mess with your flora.

Like vienemo says, different variety of food that we are not accustomed to, my sister in law and nephew get that way everytime they comes in from Tailand.

Some people do get a bacteria, no question about it. But I really believe that it is rare.

Happy travels

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9. Re: Stomach Bugs

Hi there,

Yes unfortunately people do and can get sick....from a variety of reasons.

Friends of ours spent several days in a PC hospital with their 4 year old who was hooked to an IV......started with vommit and diarhhea and the poor little guy got so dehydrated from it all, that he had to go to the hospital.

We have been taking Dukarol (for travellers diarrhea) for years now, including our kids. You can get it from your doctor or a travellers clinic - but plan inadvance, as the first time, has to done in 2 doses over several weeks. We have never had a problem since.

And wash wash wash your hands!!! I even carry hand sanitizer in my beach bag. Unfortunately, I have seen my fair share of women leave the public washrooms WITHOUT washing their hands....and if any of those women had diarrhea......touching doorknobs, etc.....think about it....it is easy to spread. (sorry for the visual).

Stick to bottled water for brushing teeth. Be careful when you bathe your one year old so that he/she doesn't get any water into the mouth....same with the pool.

No need to be scared....just cautious.

Be smart about what you eat.......cheese and other dairy products, some deli, anything with mayo....that has been sitting out on the buffet is probably not the greatest idea...or at least eat in moderation.

Careful with the fruity drinks - especially pina coladas and anything made with coconut milk.

Unfortunately, stomache problems can happen at any resort and on any island....it isn't specific to Punta Cana.

Just be aware, take precautions, and everyone and everything should be just fine!

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10. Re: Stomach Bugs

We were in PC for a week at the beginning of July. Unfortunately for my 12 yo son, when we got home from the trip he had diarrhea for several days. Fortunately for my son it didn't happen on vacation and he felt fine, ate and stayed hydrated. But I agree too. We ate alot of fruit, the pineapple was delicious! And our eating pattern was differnt than at home.