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Tipping at All-Inclusive?

Santiago, Chile
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Tipping at All-Inclusive?

We are planning our honeymoon to Punta Cana next month and I am curious about the norms and expectations for tipping there? I have never traveled to an all-inclusive resort and but after reading the reviews, it appears that most staff expect tips. Is this the case?

If so, I am considering staying at a less expensive resort so I'll have the money to tip..lol

New Brunswick...
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1. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

Sorry but no most staff do not expect tips. Tipping there is the same at home - when you get good service you can tip if you want to. If you do not want to tip there will not be any difference. Some people use tipping to get better service but we have never found this to be the case except at one resort where if someone came up to the bar waving money in the air they were served first.

Tipping is up to you - just like at home. Some people tip at tims when they get a coffeee some do not - it's a personal thing.

New York
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2. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

You are going to get a whole slew of recommendations on what others do, but remember, tipping is a personal choice and it’s up to you how you feel about it and what you deem appropriate...

Good Luck!



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3. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

I wouldn't say it's expected, but some people do tip to show appreciation for good service. Like the previous comments state, it's a personal choice.

If you do tip, it doesn't need to be large amounts that would cause you to change or downgrade your accomodations. A couple of dollars here and there goes a long way for some of the staff.

Also, if you choose not to tip, keep in mind that a kind word and a smile goes a long way too.

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4. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

Yes, like the previous posted stated, it is personal choice. You will receive good service even if you do not tip.

Santiago, Chile
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5. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

thanks for the info guys.. If I do tip, are dollars ok or do I need to use the local currency?

Cleveland, Ohio
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6. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

For many years when we began going to all-inclusive's I too thought it meant not tipping and that the employees were indeed receiving a portion of my vacation expense in compensation for their hard work as tips I would normally give. Many trips later (I'm embarrassed to say) I asked a lady I had become friends with about the policy. She laughed and explained that with the company she worked for yes they did receive a small stipend based of the percentage of capacity and all workers working. This usually worked out to be $3-5 dollars a week which was better than where she used to work as it was nothing. She went on to explain that at some hotels if they are allowed to receive tips then they are allowed to split them among that department and shift.

I've verified this with many other people and will always check now what the policy is at my current resort just out of curiosity. I will now always tip, perhaps not as much as at home but I do it more wide spread as well. I try not to forget the lady/man making my omelet or smoothie, the gardener working in the sun all day, the lady cleaning the restrooms. The smiles of surprise and thanks are well worth it.

You might even find some room for school supplies as the children's smiles are priceless!


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7. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

Ditto what Orion said. I'd add this: A couple of bucks does go along way, but the smile and kind word goes much further. COMBINE THE TWO! A dollar or two is greatly appreciated by most of the staff, and means more to them than you can imagine. Learning (and using) even just a couple of words in Spanish is great too... and if you want to learn more, the Dominicans love to teach you a little.

ALSO... The D.R. has been the playground for Europeans for decades, and is only recently being "discovered" by Americans. The "tipping" culture we have here in the U.S. does not exist in Europe. Tipping there is not a matter of routine, and when it's done, tips are minimal. (i.e. in a very nice restaurant, if you received EXCELLENT service, you might round the bill up slightly to the next Euro, or maybe add a Euro or two.) SO... especially in an "all inclusive" the Europeans do not tip, so OUR tips are even more appreciated, but you don't have to over do it.

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8. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

I agree with glennb about trying to incorporate spanish into a thank-you. I used a spanish dictionary, plus the help of a bilingual friend and wrote out some phrases ahead of time so that I could leave a note for the maid, or maintenance workers coming to fix something in the room, or requests for refreshments in the fridge. I think trying this, plus a few dollars, goes a long way. "Coke Light, por favor!!"

Sault Ste. Marie...
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9. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

Hey Gringo. Yes, you can use US$. A buck or two at meals and with drinks is not going to add up to much, so I wouldn't change resorts based on that.

North Carolina
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10. Re: Tipping at All-Inclusive?

We use USD --

$2.00 for breakfast

$2.00 for lunch

$5.00 for dinner

about $7.00/day for drinks throughout the day

$2.00 for maid service AM

$2.00 for turndown service PM

$2.00 -- person who restocks the fridge/booze

Figure about $22.00/day X 7 days = $154.00

But then you also have about an additional $50.00 for trans tip to resort and then back to airport and luggage person and other "thank you's". Maybe the personwho makes the omlets/eggs at breakfast. We try to tip everyone that made our vacation special.