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more malaria angst...

Tarrytown, New York
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more malaria angst...

Hate to beat a (hopefully) dying horse with this new topic considering the wealth of discussion that has already taken place about this but...

We're traveling to Club Med in a couple of weeks with young kids and although our pediatrician advised against the meds (which we definitely) don't want to take, it seems that the majority of folks here are taking them. Is anyone opting against it? It seems from what I've read here that there are few mosquitos around the resort area these days. Perhaps I should be more concerned about food poisoning!?

Also, has anyone been to club med since it reopened in December?

thanks much!

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11. Re: more malaria angst...

First I want to thank Videopp for their posting. Great info. Sound experienced advise from a serious traveler. That has reassured our trip to D.R. We never in a million years would have even considered malaria or Hepatitis B shots, etc. until we went to this website. Now instead of being excited about a fun and relaxing trip, we are filled with anxiety and fear.

On one level I think things have gotten a bit blown out of porportion and yet on the other level, I always think its good to be precautious. I appreciated reading everyone's opinion about this hot topic. If you read all the reports about malaria cases found, its always immediately following a hurricane. Even as far back as 2000. (just some food for thought) Also, it still seems the odds of actually getting bit by a mosquito carrying malaria are slim to none considering our personal experience is that we never see mosquitoes whenever we travel to these resorts. Also, 17 people out of literally thousands are pretty high odds.

Needless to say, I felt with all the people saying they are taking the meds, I would put my 2 cents in for the people who aren't and say we also are not taking the meds and relying on bugspray with DEET at night. My guess is to those who are not taking the meds and looking for others who aren't, they probably aren't reading these postings because the thought has never even crossed their minds. Okay, I better sign off before I jinx myself.

Everyone have a great trip and fingers crossed for sunshine!

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12. Re: more malaria angst...


Iagree with lindyloo,noworries, and videopp. It is an unusual decision to take the chloroquine or not. We have travelled for 20 years in the carribean and have never had a warning posted before traveling. We went to Punta Cana Dec 18-25th 2004 ,our 5th christmas there, and with the warnings of both ministry of health in Canada and the CDC decided there must be a problem and we should take the pills. Will finish our last dose this friday, We are 50,45,18 and 16 and had no problems with them. Bitter to get down and not something I'd line up to take again. We sunned and drank more than we normally would and I guess we lucked out with no effects. We did take them with a big meal as our doctor had taken them before and said to take them before dinner and it seemed to work for us avoiding any stomach upset.

We have played in the jungles of Panama and Costa Rica, beautiful Mexico and all other islands than Jamaica........(.they should have sell off's. )We have certainly played with malaria , it's everywhere just not causing problems ,but never had a warning prior to a trip. So I guess we chose to go with the warnings of the people in charge of keeping us all healthy and have no regrets.

Safe and healthy travels what ever road you take.

Hamilton ON
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13. Re: more malaria angst...

Hi -- We are a family with 2 teenagers, planning to go to Punta Cana mid-Feb -- gotta book the resort soon! Debating the cholorquine issue -- I understand that the malaria carrying mosquitoes come out at dusk. When does dusk start? I'm leaning toward bug spray for evenings and no meds. I am concerned however about inland trips ... will probably ask our doctor for a prescription. Will decide in a few days.

Have been spending mucho time reading postings ... thanks to all who participate!

San Diego
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14. Re: more malaria angst...

Just got back from Club Med Punta Cana this week. I was soo worried about whether or not to take anti-malaria meds. From a cost-benefit POV, I thought that the costs were pretty high (read up on the side effects--violent/psychotic dreams, nausea...I think they say you can't give blood for 3 years after taking that stuff...yikes...and it doesn't guarantee you won't get infected). In the end, I chose to buy deet...and guess what? I never used a squirt of it. I didn't bat off any mosquitos. I can appreciate the worry of it, and I don't have kids...I think if I had kids I would have made them wear that children's version of deet at night. I'm glad I didn't put any of those antimalarials in my body. I don't think I ever even saw a mosquito. It's scarey..malaria is really scarey. But I dunno, you take risks every time you get in your car. I guess do what makes you feel most comfortable to reduce you risks. The water was fine, they purify the drinking water and the ice. Just like in mexico, don't drink water from the bathroom sink. We went as a big group and only one of us ever used Amonium AD. One dose. No food poisoning. Just go and have fun, that place is beyond compare. I envy that you're going..I wish I didn't have to leave!!

Edmonton, Canada
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15. Re: more malaria angst...

A 500mg of Chloroquine taken once a week is the med taken the form of Malaria found in the DR. The meds you are talking about are for Malaria found in the Middle East and you take them daily. Yes they do give you strange dreams. I only know this because I have a friend in the Armed Services posted in the Middle East. I am taking Chloroquine and I feel fine.

Windsor, Ontario
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16. Re: more malaria angst...

The first dose of Chloroquine is the worst. Out of 6 of us, 4 had bad headaches and basically slept for the entire day after the first dose. The second and third doses have not given any major side effects. The problem we are experiencing is indigestion, but that may be still from the food in the dominican.

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17. Re: more malaria angst...

My wife and I were booked for Punta Cana and were going to stay at the Bahia Jan 28 -Feb 4, we cancelled. We have now rebooked to Cancun the same week.

We really don't travel a whole lot and what we really want in a vacation is to relax and enjoy. With reports of malaria and reports that people are getting ill from food and the language barrier it seems a bit much for what my wife and I want to deal with.

Take care best of luck!

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18. Re: more malaria angst...

we were in punta cana over christmas...didnt take the meds n' touch wood we arent sick now nor showing any kind of symptoms...the grand paradise sprayed quite often n' didnt see any mosquitos...:O) ...unless you count the two on the 'bus' taking us back to the airport on the 30th...

Fort Drum, New York
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19. Re: more malaria angst...

If anyone is going soon, or is there, ask the employees what they are doing to protect themselves. If they are just using bug replelant, then so should we. I haven't heard of any locals getting sick.

I just don't agee w/ taking any med of any kind, thats just me, I feel they bring down my immune system, but I hold nothing agaisnt those who do, I understand they dont want to take a chance, or are whatching out for their families.