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Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

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Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

We are planning a trip to Excellence PC, is there a nude beach or topless there.

Ottawa, Ontario
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1. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

It's actually against the law in the Dominican Republic to be topless or nude in public. This includes the beach. However alot of people seem to do it anyway.

Amarillo, Texas
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2. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

what about topless at the punta cana princess

Calgary, Canada
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3. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

I would think it is safe to say you will find topless sunbathing at any and all resorts in Punta Cana, some more than others.

No NUDE sunbathing allowed or tolerated I am certain. Also, the general concenus is - Do Not Sunbath Topless at The Pools.

Regards, Leigh

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4. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

Clearly a great example of a thread that is useless without pics :)

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5. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

Pcen, there are no nude beaches in PC at all, but female toplessness is very common all along the beach. It is also allowed at the pools of adults-only hotels, including Excellence, where my wife did it without being bothered.

Texas, women can surely go topless at the Punta Cana Princess pool. My wife did it just a couple of weeks ago in plain view of some staff members without any of them telling her not to.

In fact, there are a few pictures posted by previous guests with their reviews that show topless ladies by and in the pool.

As said by others before, female toplessness is common all along the beach in PC, and definitely at the PCP beach area.

Wellington, Ohio
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6. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

The Dominican people are generally too polite to tell someone that toplessness is not allowed at the pools. It is tolerated on the beaches but not encouraged. Complete nudity is definately a no-no. While I think that tolerance of different cultures is important, I think that we also need to respect the Dominican culture and keep the toplessness on the beach. That appears to be a compromise that everyone should be able to live with.

New York
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7. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

Good Morning !

~ I have stayed at eight different resorts in DR. Several times at three different adult only. I don’t know what “general consensus” Leigh is referring to, but it is NOT the consensus of ANYONE (resort level) that sunbathing topless at the pool is not “tolerated” or “allowed” …

~ Perhaps it’s the consensus of people who don’t approve of topless, but that is not what the question was. There has not been one resort I’ve been to where it has posted in the pool rules “no topless” and I’ve taken pictures of each and every pool rule board. Now there might be boards out there that state that, but thus far, I’ve not seen one.

~ Topless is what it is. It goes on at EVERY single beach in PC and at most pools. You either do it, or don’t… like it or not. But lets not try and change the facts or discourage people with our personal “morals” and beliefs. In addition this whole “Dominican Culture “ nonsense is always “used” to “prove” why people should not do it.. Lets get real and talk FACTS...

~ If the Dominican “culture” objected so much than there would be rules and regulations prohibiting such “behavior” , just like there is in the States. You can’t go to a resort in the states and sunbathe topless. It is NOT “tolerated”, “accepted” or ”allowed” and it is “against” the “culture” and subsequently you will be arrested. In DR you CAN go topless and WON’T be arrested. It’s tolerated, allowed, done, accepted and prevalent… If it was so so so against the “culture” than it would be banned..

~ What do the Dominican people think and say about it ??? LOL… you’ve got to be kidding me!!. Do some of you think that they are REALLY offended and feel that their culture is being imposed upon? Yeah right !! I have family and friends in DR and THEIR “consensus” is that whatever pays the bills is cool with them. People come from all over to enjoy this spectacular island, drink, eat, vacation and have fun and if topless is what they want to do .. ROCK ON !! And in addition, while THEY do not go topless, the men enjoy it, the women don’t discourage it and the government ALLOWS it..

So lets stop all the silly antics and get on with our vacations..

Lets respect what others do and not try and drag “morals” “values” and “cultural” related tactics to the table. The original posters question was not what do YOU think, it was what is done.

If you sunbathe topless, cool …

If you don’t, cool…

Happy & healthy vacations to all ..



Winnipeg, Canada
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8. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

Just an FYI, this is a sign posted on the beach palapas at the Iberostar Bavaro...


and this one at the pool...


personally I don't care either way.

Cheers, Debbie

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9. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

My experience has been that when done tastefully most do not care. I have seen topless mostly on the beach. To each their own. When on vacation go and enjoy. Do not worry about others. My only negative comment on this subject is once we sitting at the pool bar and there was a women sitting there topless, fairly intoxicated and rather enjoying all the attention. Some where annoyed and uncomfortable. While topless is OK with me, I did not appreciate this. She was very "showy" if you will. As we do not hang at the pool bar much, we just left. All was well with us. My point is do what you like, but be courteous of others. Do not "push your beliefs in there faces" if you get my point....

Go and enjoy. Excellence is very nice.

Corner Brook, Canada
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10. Re: Excellence PC-Nude or topless beach?

I was at the gran bahia principe bavaro a little over a week ago and I could honestly say there were quite a few women each day that were topless around the main pool.

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