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Much more than just liquid Viagra!

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Much more than just liquid Viagra!

I found this great artical on the infamous Dominican Mamajuana, and they seem to add a few suprize extras in the formula that suprized me and I am sure will suprize you as well........ enjoy the read......hahaha!!!

The 'mythology' of Dominican Mamajuana is well known to many visitors to the Dominican Republic by now...and no doubt there are a good number who can tell stories of whether this supposed 'liquid viagra' really did 'keep them up' all night... or merely inspired their dreams! (...and their hangovers!)

The most 'popular' type of Dominican Mamajuana recipe, however, is probably the one that is reckoned to emulate the effect of 'viagra'...for this the Mamajuana needs a 'bit more body' as you might imagine...so generally you'll need a Dominican Mamajuana recipe that includes enough essential 'mariscos'. Yes, you may have seen that word on the menu at the seafood restaurant you went to recently, because the best Dominican Mamajuana recipe that is most effectively supposed to 'stiffen your resolve' (so to speak) will usually include various marine life derivatives – perhaps octopus, conch and maybe snail.

Such a Dominican Mamajuana recipe might also demand the addition of a selection of insects (if the octopus has run out!;-)). No need to be squeamish though...after all you've probably consumed 'cochineal' coloring before (in the icing on a birthday cake maybe?) quite happily, and you never even expected the crushed beetle shells used to make that to 'invigorate your masculinity'!*

Now to start with you'll need to raid an apothecary! (If you can find one) Or at least have a decent knowledge of ancient herbalism to assemble such ingredients that some claim are essential to the potency of the most effective Dominican Mamajuana recipe. Such wonderfully named items as – Anamú (bark of the tree), Bohuco (a type of creeper), Brasil, Canelilla (Cinammon based ingredient), Caro, Marabeli, Osua, various 'twig type ingredients' like Palo Indio, Palo de Maguey and Pega Palo (to 'give it some stick'! – Pega Palo literally means a 'hitting stick'), plus some other exotics like Timacle...

These plant based items carefully combined in 'secret proportions' are just the beginning, however! It is essential of course that you 'acquire' the right Domincan Mamajuana recipe for your particular needs! For instance if your desire is to stimulate your fertility, and become pregnant, you must ensure that you get hold of the Mamajuana that contains 'cat's claw' or 'talon of parakeet'

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1. Re: Much more than just liquid Viagra!

we have a bottle with the red mixture already in it. I was wondering if you have to drain that or if it will hurt you? We have heard so many different ways that my husband left the red mixture and put in the honey and the rum. I am just a tad leary. Please let me know if it would be ok to drink with the mixture in it. thanks

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2. Re: Much more than just liquid Viagra!

We just returned and brought with us a bottle of mamajuana. We bought it dry and had our bartender mix it up for us. He put in a tablespoon of honey (mix it with a little rum to thin it out a little for pouring), rum, red wine, and vermouth. He said to let it sit for 3 days, then pour it out and do it again. The first batch is too strong to drink. Let the second batch sit for 15 days. You can drink this one, but may choose to wait for the third batch, which sits for another 15 days. Long process, but the sample we were given tasted sooooooo goood :-) It is probably a good idea to use a good rum. Hope this helps.

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3. Re: Much more than just liquid Viagra!


Why do the words "bubble bubble toil and trouble" pop into my head????