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Food Poisoning????????

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Food Poisoning????????

I am really freaked out about a lot of complaints of food poisoning at almost every resort in Punta Cana. I'm staying at the Bavaro Princess April 24- May 1 and lately there have been quite a few bad reviews about food poisoning. I'm very concerned. However, I've also read other reviews at other resorts and they too have had the same problems there as well. I guess it doesn't matter where you book. I'm hoping that their sickness may instead be due to too much alcohol & sun rather than the food. I think it may be a good idea to pack some Pepto Bismol, Tums, Ammodium AD, & Alka Selzar!! Maybe a whole suit case full!! LOL

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1. Re: Food Poisoning????????

jewlsinri- I think you will be fine, like I said earlier to another one of your post. I am going to be at the sister hotel and might meet up with you at the disco.

As for food, I have seen more positive responses of good food then food poisoning.

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2. Re: Food Poisoning????????

Good evening !!

I’ve traveled with my family to PC for several years. I’d like to share with you the following about the dreaded PC “food poisoning”….

Okay, lets start with the total disruption of your body both mentally & physically by first, stressing it out because you are planning, packing and taking off for vacation……

Then, you arrive and eat different cultural dishes and consume more than you EVER would at home….

Next, you are under the Caribbean sun and no matter how much SPF you use you are burning & basking in the heat & humidity…. causing the body to become dehydrated

Then, you are taking full advantages of the unlimited Coco loco’s. ….Pina Colada’s and President’s…

And in fact, you are not consuming the equal amounts of water to properly hydrate yourself AND more importantly… you are sharing the next 7-14 days with total strangers who come from all over the world and have brought their germs from their foreign homes and perhaps have not practiced good hygiene and YOU have just used the same spoon as 500 of them at the buffet …...

So the moral of Lea’s little story is……


Take a 6oz drink when you get up of a “energy booster” such as Gatorade or Emergen C ...

This replaces all thirty two Mineral Complexes that you lost by being an active vacationer….

Eat in moderation and not like a glutton….

Ask your resort if they are Sanitation Certified in handling, preparing and serving food….

If NOT, book somewhere else the next time !!

Drink plenty of water….

And please, sanitize, every moment you get… and do not believe that it makes germs immune…that’s a total fabricated story by those who forget to purchase stock in hand sanitizers…

Hand sanitizers are not an antibiotic, its alcohol with a little fresh scent and aloe added…

Remember, your body is not happy with you right now for changing it’s natural & normal existence..

Hence the numerous unnecessary bathroom trips!!

And finally, and the MOST IMPORTANT…..balance the natural flora in your body by taking a well recommended probiotic, everyday… We take a product call Cultrelle, which requires no refrigeration and works beyond the scope of regular probiotics…

End of story !!

No medicines or unnecessary garbage to contend with…

Happy & healthy vacations to all !!



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3. Re: Food Poisoning????????

Another lovely post from PCP herself Lea

I agree that I too was afraid of the food however, this issue got drawned out when I was only focusing on EdenH.

Like Lea mentioned we are in the sun, away from the regular day to day activities and dont worry about food poisoning.

This is the last thing on my mind.

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4. Re: Food Poisoning????????

BTW… The PCP is Sanitation Certified and has undergone proper training in food handling, preparing and serving. This training minimizes the risks in “food poisoning”.....

You can view those certifications on the wall at the front desk…

Which now lends to the question.....

What’s on your resort’s wall !!!!! :)



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5. Re: Food Poisoning????????

What I think is important to remember (and I have posted this before) is to NOT take acid reducers of any kind unless you absolutely have to. If you have a healing ulcer, and have to take proton pump inhibitors, so be it. But, if you take them to prevent occasional minor heartburn, try not to do it. Similarly, don't take over the counter acid reducers like Tums, if you can help it. They all lower your stomach acid, and make you more prone to having symptoms if you happen to consume something less than perfect. You have to let your stomach's acid do its job. This is documented in medical journals(i.e., American Family Physician). Unfortunately, occasional users of these meds tend to go overboard with them on a preventative basis on vacation, and it can make things worse.

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6. Re: Food Poisoning????????

Sbulldog, thanks for the info on 'Tums'. My bf is a frequent user (at home) but I will be sure to advise him not to take this while on vaca. I will pack some stomach ailment meds just in case. Maybe Pepto or Ammodium. I will definetly pack this. I would sure hate to get sick while on vacation. That's got to be the worse. Seems like a lot of people are weary about the food. Also I'm sure a lot of other factors are the problem, like sun, alcohol, ect.

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7. Re: Food Poisoning????????

Jewls - I agree with Lea, that precautions and common sense are #1. I often read about people being sick, but ok, the cafeteria at university had food poisoning and about 1/3 of ENTIRE residence got sick (think: plumbing issues?), of which there were so many students hospitalized they set 2 wards aside for them....the cafeteria supplier refused to acknowledge the problem, but it miraculously cleared. Anyway, my point is that food poisoning will be relatively immediate, virulent, and noticeable. My friend gets sick every time she goes south, milk products and beef are a problem for her. But it took 3 yrs to figure out. Also, a lot of people still don't realize that coconut milk, fresh fruit, and also parasites that occur naturally off reefs etc, can all cause similar problems. I always eat a lot of fruit/ veggies because that is my usual diet(and I have not been sick at all to date). I took my kids to BP last year and my son - aka "Hoover" - never had a single problem (neither did my daughter but she only eats pizza and fries...) As for meds, if you are concerned, ask your Dr about dukoral, an oral vaccine for e. coli, and take immodium, and dramamine with you just in case you are sick & have to travel, would be my suggestion...ndt_guy's wife is a nurse, so if you take his list, you'll be able to self medicate for ...well, almost anything. Try to relax, have a great trip & check you pm's!!!!

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8. Re: Food Poisoning????????

I too agree with Lea, people go to these resorts, whether it is Punta Cana, Mexico, Cuba and gorge themselves the first couple of days with all those sweet drinks, food, etc. and then they get a bad stomach and swear it is food poisoning. Not true in most cases, just be careful the first few days and let your system adjust.

Just bring down some immodium, tums, etc. and you will be fine. We bring all that down just in case and have yet to use them. Be smart when travelling, otherwise it could ruin your holiday for being not aware.

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9. Re: Food Poisoning????????

LeaPerLaVita does not speak with forked tongue, she hits the nail right on the head.

People get sick, even at home, 200+ people in a closed environment of an airplane, one sick with a virus, soon all are sick....but guess what it is the resorts fault...bunk

in 23 trips to the DR and extensive travel worldwide besides, I have yet to be sick on a trip anywhere.

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10. Re: Food Poisoning????????

I returned from the Palladium Bavaro in Puta cana a few weeks ago.I travel every year and this was my first with food poisoning!I am not a heavy drinker,not bake in the sun(find shade most of the day)and I do drink lots of water while on vacation.Thankfully I only lost one day of my vacation.It could have been a lot worse.if you do find yourself sick...please don't take things like immodium ect.Let your body get the poison out!!You will recover a lot quicker(hopefully).I did not coplain about this problem to the resort...because really,it can happen anywhere.Go and enjoy your vacation..have lots of fun.