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Spanish Translation

New Jersey
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Spanish Translation

I know I have seen this on here before, but now I can't find it!! I am looking for some phrases in Spanish that I can write before we get to Punta Cana on a note card to leave for the maids. Can anyone help me? PLEASE!!!

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1. Re: Spanish Translation

"Esto es para usted." (This is for you.)

"Muchas gracias." (Thanks a lot.)

Fort Worth, Texas
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2. Re: Spanish Translation

Please accept these gifts as a token of our appreciation:

Acepte por favor estos regalos como símbolo de nuestro aprecio

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3. Re: Spanish Translation

I didn't see the last forum on this but...this is short and sweet.

Querida (Her Name);

Gracias por todo su trabajo. Acepta por favor estos regalitos de parte de John y Mary.

Thank you for all your work. Please accept these gifts on behalf of John and Mary.

Or to say please accept this tip- Acepta por favor este propina de parte de John y Mary.

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4. Re: Spanish Translation


Try this site.

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5. Re: Spanish Translation

Here are some I use:

Thanks for everything: Gracias por todo

Thanks for your hard work: Gracias for su buen trabajo (good work)

The service here has been great: El servicio aqui ha sido fabuloso/maravilloso (fabulous/wonderful)

Thank you for all you have done: Gracias por todo que usted ha hecho

These gifts are for you: Estos regalos son para usted

This gift is for you: Este regalo es para usted

Please accept these gifts as a token of our

appreciation: Por favor acepte estos regalos como símbolo de nuestro agradecimiento


1. For the Workers:

Thank you so much for a job well done!

Name: Room #


Muchas gracias para un trabajo bien hecho!


Your name: Hab #

2. For the Maid:


Thank you so much for doing our room! We hope you'll enjoy this little something.

Have a Great Day!

your name: Room #


Muchas gracias por limpiar nuestro cuarto! Esperamos que disfrute este regalo. Tenga un buen Dia!


Your Name Hab #

Hope this is helpful


Happy Travels,


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6. Re: Spanish Translation

Please be careful with online translators unless you have a decent knowledge of Spanish (in which case why do you need it anyway - LOL).

Online translators translate literally word for word with no allowance for context or phraseology and can provide some interesting and very inaccurate results.

Just a warning.


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7. Re: Spanish Translation

Long list from Debbies site:

English Spanish Pronunciation

Yes Si SEE


Please Por favor Pore fah-VORE

Thank you Gracias GRAH-see-ahs

You’re Welcome De nada De-NAW-da

No, thank you No, gracias No GRAH-see-ahs

Sorry Lo siento Loh see-EHN-toh


Good morning Buenos dias BWEHnos DHEE ahs

Good afternoon Buenas tardes BWEHnahs TAHRdh ehs

Good evening Buenas noches BWEHnahs NO chehs

Good bye Adios Ah dhee OHS

Hello/Hi Hola OH lah

See you later Hasta luego AH-stah LWEH-go

What is your name? Como se llama? KOH-moh say YAHmah

My name is… Mi nombre es Mee NOMBreh ehs

How are you? Como esta usted KOH-mo ehs-TAH OOS-THE-dh

Fine, thank you. Muy bien, gracias MOOay bee en GRAH see ahs


Do you speak English? Habla ingles? AH-bla een-GLASE

I’m Canadian. Soy Canadiense. Soy kah nah dheeEHN sehs

I’m American. Soy norteamericano Soy nohr the ah meh ree KAH noh

I don’t understand. No comprendo. Noh kohm-PREHN-dho

Please speak slowly. Hable despacio por favor. HAHbleh dhehs-PAH-see-oh, pohr fahBOHR

English Spanish Pronunciation


Where is/are…? Donde esta/estan…? DHOHN-dheh ehs-TAH

When? Cuando? KWAHNdho

Who? Quien? Kee-EHN

Why? Por que? Pohr kay

What? Que? Kay

How long…? Cuanto Tiempo? KWAHN-toh TYEHM-po

How much does it cost? Cuanto cuesta? KWAHN-toh KWEH-stah

How far? A que distancia? Ah kay dhees-Tan-syah

Can you help me? Puede ayudarme? PWEH-dhe ah-yoo-dh-AHR-meh

What time is it Que hora es? Kay OH-rah ehs

Useful Statements

I (don’t) like it (No) me gusta Meh GOOS-tah/No meh GOOS-tah

I don’t know No se NOH say.

I’m hungry Tengo hambre TEHN-go AHM-breh

I’m thirsty Tengo sed TEHN-go SAY-dh

I’m tired Estoy cansado Ehs-TOY kahn-SAH-dho

I’m ready Estoy listo Ehs-TOY LEEsto

Right now Ahora mismo Ah OHR ah MEES mo

Just a minute Un momento Oon mo-MEHN toh

Come in! Entre EHN-treh

It’s cheap Es barato Ehs bah-RAH-toh

It’s expensive Es caro Ehs KAH-ro

It’s cold (weather) Hace frio AH-say FREE-o

It’s hot (weather) Hace calor AH-say kah-LOHR

A little Un poco Oon POH-ko

A lot Mucho MOO-cho

Tomorrow Manana Mah-ny-AH-nah

Next week La semana proxima Lah-say-MAHN-ah PROK-see-mah

English Spanish Pronunciation

The Hotel

Bathroom Banos BAH-ny-os

Swimming Pool Piscina Pee-SEE-nah

Open Abierto Ah-bee-ehr-toh

Closed Cerrado Say RAH dho

Bed Cama KAH-mah

Towel Toalla Toh-AH-yah

Soap Jabon HAH-bohn

Pillow Almohada Ahl-moh-Ahdah

Shower Una ducha oo-nah DHOO-chah

Iron Plancha PLAHN-chah

Hair drier Secador Say-kah-DOHR

There are no towels No hay toallas Noh Ah-ee toh-AH-yahs

I have a problem. Tengo un problema TEHN-go oon pro-BLEH-mah

The Restaurant

Waiter/waitress Camarero/camarera Kah-mah-REH-roh/rah

I’d like…. Quiero KYEH-ro

The bill please La cuenta, por favor Lah KWEHN-tah, pohr fah VORE

Breakfast Desayuno Dhay-sah-YOO-noh

Lunch Almuerzo Ahl-MWEHR-so

Dinner Cena SAY-nah

Knife Cuchillo Koo-CHEE-yo

Fork Tenedor Tay-neh-dh-OHR

Spoon Cuchara Koo CHAH-rah

Tea Te Tay

Black Café negro Kah-FEH naygro

Coffee with milk Café con leche Kah-FEH kahn LEH-cheh

Milk Leche LEH-cheh

Ice Hielo Yellow

Mineral water Agua mineral AH-gwah mee-neh-RAHL

Wine Vino BEE-no

Beer Cerveza Sehr-BEH-sah

White wine Vino blanco BEE-no blawn-coh

Lemonade Limonada Lee-moh-NAH-dh-ah

Juice Jugo HOO-go

Egg Huevo WEH-boh

Scrambled eggs Huevos revueltos WEH-bohs reh-BWEHL-tos

Cheese Queso KAY-soh

English Spanish Pronunciation

The Restaurant continued...

Butter Mantequilla Mahn-the-KEE-yah

Bread Pan Pahn

Fruit Fruta FROO-tah

Salt Sal Sahl

Pepper Pimienta Pee-mee-en-toh

Sugar Azucar Ah-soo-kahr

Fish Pescado Pehs-KAH-dho

Salad Ensalada Ens-sah-LAH-dha

Soup Sopa SOH-pah

Dessert Postre POH-streh

Ice cream Helado Eh-LAH-dho

Days of the Week

Sunday Domingo Doh-MEEN-goh

Monday Lunes LOO-nehs

Tuesday Martes MAHR-tehs

Wednesday Miercoles Mee-er-cohl-ees

Thursday Jueves HWEH-behs

Friday Viernes Bee-HER-nehs

Saturday Sabado SAH-bah-doh


1 Uno Oon-o

2 Dos Dhos

3 Tres Trehs

4 Cuatro KWAH-tro

5 Cinco Seen-koh

6 Seis Say-ees

7 Siete See-EH-the

8 Ocho Oh-choh

9 Nueve NWEH-beh

10 Diez De ez


Husband Esposo Ehs-POH-soh

Wife Esposa Ehs-POH-sah

Son Hijo EE-hoh

Daughter Hija EE-hah

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8. Re: Spanish Translation

that was very helpful, much better than my spanish book on translations. cheers!!

New Jersey
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9. Re: Spanish Translation

Yes, Thank you all for responding. I've got everything written down, I am sure this will help. I was afraid to go onto one of those translation sites--I tried one, I typed in English the message I wanted in Spanish, OK they did that for me. Since I had no idea if what was written in Spanish was exactly what I was trying to say--well I went onto another site and typed in the Spanish that I got from the first site, for it to be translated back to English to see what it really said, and I am sure glad I did that!!! When I read what it translated into, I could not believe it!! So if you use these Free sites, be careful!! I am not saying that this will always be the case. But I really don't think the maid would be too happy being called my Slave. Thats terrible. So thanks again for the help on here, I really appreaciate help from people I know I can trust.

Louisville, KY
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10. Re: Spanish Translation

Just curious when you say please except these gifts for your hard work, are you writing that in a note or saying it directly to the person? If the suggestion is to say it, I need to practice my spanish for SURE!!!!