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Punta Cana


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Are people getting HepA vaccine, Malaria pills, or Tyhoid vaccine before going to Punta Cana?

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1. Re: Mosquitos

Not that I know of but the best thing to do is ask your doctor for advice.

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2. Re: Mosquitos

Yes I do because I believe that it’s better to take precautions to prevent a life threatening condition...but that’s my personal opinion. Some do and some don’t. It’s a personal decision. You need to check out the terms and conditions of your travel insurance as some companies will not insure you unless you have had the recommended vaccinations and anti-malarials. The best thing to do is make an appointment with a GP and disucss with them rather than relying on a travel forum where (believe me!) people will have different opinions.

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3. Re: Mosquitos

Thank you - yes I have calls into my Dr - was curious for others' thoughts and experiences.

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4. Re: Mosquitos

FYI, recommendations for our friends across the pond for, say malaria, will differ from what your doctor in the U.S. will likely tell you...different health systems, different recommendations. Since you've already put a call in to your doctor, I'd wait to hear back from him.

Personally, I haven't gotten any additional vaccinations (on top of whatever I've already had as part of my standard medical care) and make sure to pack plenty of bug spray.

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5. Re: Mosquitos

Check CDC website and several other threads this site

Cape May, New Jersey
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6. Re: Mosquitos

Hep A is always a good thing to keep up to date, traveling or not. Those from the USA do not generally get the others. UK health system is different.

Oshawa, Canada
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7. Re: Mosquitos

To be clear, Hep A and B, and Typhoid are not carried by mosquitos. Malaria, chikungunya, dengue fever, and Zika virus are.

Hep A&B combined is always a good thing of you haven't has Hep B growing up. It’s part of the general immunization procedures here.

Malaria seems to be recommended for Brits, because their insurance won’t cover them for anything if they don’t take a Malaria pills.

We have been 6 times, and had 15 vacations in the Caribbean, we had our full Hep A&B series, but never worry about Malaria, there is nothing for chikungunya or Zika.

Typhoid is a bacteria caused by a Salmonella strain.

There is Dukerol, which is for travellers diarrhea, but most causes of diarrhea is from eating different, too much sun, too little bottled water, and fresh coconut which is a natural laxative.

The best person to give you advise is a physician, or a travel clinic.

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8. Re: Mosquitos

Im heew in pubta Cana now and no mosquitoes. It's amazing here. We got the shots a few months ago before coming down. I recommend it. Play it safe


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9. Re: Mosquitos

got back from Punta Cana last week after 2 amazing weeks.

I had 1 bite on my hand..cleared up within about 5 minutes after putting some cooling gel on it.

1 child had no bites, my other child had 3 small bites on his ankle. again...applied cooling gel and he was fine.

my wife had a couple bites.. again...cleared up after 5 minutes.

Had a party of 16 of us and in total about 20-25 bites between us all. - the place is sprayed constantly (Grand Palladium)... please do not panic or worry!!!! scare mongering! - nobody was ill or anything.

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10. Re: Mosquitos

Get your Hep A shot. Actually I got one called Twinrex, I believe that is the spelling. Anyway it is the Hep A and C all in one shot. I tried the Malaria pills once and it just had too many side effects. The Tyhoid I took once in liquid form but never bothered to use it again. It had to be taken every year. I think unless you are going into the deep forest and swamp areas and very dirty places you do not need those things.

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