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My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Dartford Kent GREAT...
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My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Hi just returned and would like to share my experiance.

Hotel and grounds are beautiful

Hotel staff are very friendly

Food generally O.K but lots overcooked, just to make sure

Rooms very basic poor T.V reception, cleaned reguarly, a bit damp and mouldy but it does rain alot so may be unavoidable.

Kids club was not very good to start but after much moaning from lots of irate Mums last years Animation girl Janiara was re-employed, she was fantastic.

Entertainment team were very hard working and allowed you to join in as much or as little as you liked. Got to see all the shows some good some not so good ,much the same dancing with different costumes. My kids particually liked, Nono ,Jimmy, Bety and La-Chary.

Illness. Even after reading the reports on this site i allowed myself to be reassured by Thompson both in the U.K and at the airport in D.R. the there was no problem and what little illness was on resort was mainly due to over-indulgence. 48 hours after arrival my wife became very ill, she was in her room the best part of 2 days and never strayed too far away from the toilet for a total of 15 days. She saw the Dr. 3 times on the last visit I asked him Twice if he thought my wife was suffering Norwalk twice he said YES. This was strongly denied by Thompson rep. and hotel management. In several meetings with both I mentioned Norwalk , i was told it was not Norwalk, no way was it Norwalk, none of the authorities had found NorwalK, ect. ect. Everything was blamed for the illness; Canadians, sun, no sun, rain, over-eating, over-drinking, and even people jumping on the bandwagon. Measures to stop the spread of illness included, change of water supplier, sauce sachets to replace large despensers, insect lights above food, hand sanatising on leaving the toilet, staff wearing gloves cutting bread in resturants, constant cleaning, and when any guests ,who had suffered left, a man with a petrol powered back-pack sprayed the room, all materials were removed even the curtains! Bit of a shock at 7AM!! Also all partys and bar-b-qs

were cancelled on the Dr.s orders. Personally i feel Rui are doing everything possible without doing what they really need to do Close!

The first week I feel i was droped in the middle of an Epidemic, everyone you talked to had been ill or members of thier party had. 4 extra Dr.s were brought in to cope. When i left lots of people were still becoming ill but numbers seemed down. It could be a trough or that there are less people on site some said the hotel was running only 70% full. Many people were ill but said nothing allowing the hotel to say there was not a big problem when there very deffinaty was. I find it very strange that in 3 weeks my wife suffered illness for 2 but i remained well.

When we spoke to people we were releaved to here children did not seem affected but although, thank god, my kids suffered no more than a very short bout of diarrehia, which in all likelyhood they would have done anyway, I did hear from 2 parents whose children had become very ill.

Overall my wifes illness ruined what should have been, and I think would have been, a great holiday.

This report is my experiance and I hope it is of some use to you all.

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1. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Firstly, welcome home! And thank you for taking the time to share your experiences, views and opinions on the trip, I know that there are many people due to travel including quite a fiar few of us from the UK.

Unfortunately, Thomsons' have not assisted many of us in changing and as such we are all still due to go over the next couple of weeks. I am sorry to hear of your wife being ill, I hope that she is better? But we do understand when you say it ruins what would have been a great holiday.

Had the situation, in your opinion got better through your stay? And how was the weather? Is there anything you would suggest those still to travel to take, to do, to avoid? Any other info would be great,

Sorry about your illness of your wife and get well wishes...

From a Riu traveller in waiting :S

Karen x

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2. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Those crazy Canadians were responsible for the sickness!?!?! *wink* And to think they didn't have the gall to boot them outta there! Darn them! :]

Sorry to hear your trip didn't turn out very well simon.

Mississauga, ON
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3. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Dear Simon,

Very sorry to hear about your trip and the illness that has plagued so many. My little one suffered a great deal while we were there - one of the unlucky children.

I must agree with you and as I have been stating all a long - RIU must shut down in order to stop this illness. They should stop taking the chance of accepting new guests - knowing that they too can become ill. It is no way to spend a vacation - I wish you could have switched hotels. We unfortunately were not informed before we went.

Good luck and hope your wife is feeling better!

London, United...
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4. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

simon thanks for the update, so sorry that some of you family were really poorly, its not nice to have as i well now i was ill last year with the same thing at the beach club hotel in torremoluinos and in bed for the whole week of my holiday!

just wish someone who has travelled with first choice would state the same as yourself and leave a report.

i am to go with first choice later in the year but they are saying there is no problem at these resorts, just like thomsons did with you. i have printed off your comments to show first choice as because you are british they may believe you, they seem to think the canadian and usa reports are exagerated!. can you believe them.

They just wont loose the money these holidays are making them.

anyone out there been with first choice and reported illness????

please post, thanks

Yorktown Heights
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5. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Please to my fellow Canadians, please in the future boycott

this Riu chain, they are now blaming you, why not the Germans

or Spanish, maybe because their partners in this chain?

Dartford Kent GREAT...
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6. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Hi from Carolyn.(The ill Wife)

Weather seemed to improve throughout our stay. During the final week it was hot and sunny most days.

Thanks for your concern. I am feeling fine now.

As for your concerns on prevention. I can't see that there was anything different i could have done.It just seems if you are going to get it, you are going to get it!!

It is hard to say if the problem is any better. But when you go don't be afraid to eat and drink normally.As i do not think this is how the illness is contracted.

Hope you have a great time

Carolyn x

Dartford Kent GREAT...
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7. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Hi Mrseggy

I am sure there are plenty of people who have travelled with your tour company.So they will be very aware of the massive problem the Riu Resort is suffering.

We are currently sharing our experience with internet company travelwatch and i am in possession of 2 lists of people .One from the first week 25 names.And the second taken during our third week 20 names. I am sure all of these people will be in contact with travel watch. Please check these postings for travelwatches internet address and contact them letting them know what your tour company is saying.

Regards Carolyn

Newcastle, England
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8. Re: My 3 weeks at Rui Mambo

Holiday Travelwatch (0121 747 8100) (www.holidaytravelwatch.com)