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we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

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we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...


my wife and i are going to coralia club playa de oro, varadero on the 16/06/05... help us with answers to these questions

please, we are from london UK

1) the travel agency said not to take US dollars...should we take US dollars or just take UK pounds ?

and how about travelers checks ? should we take some?

2)what can you NOT take to cuba? example:

mobile phone

digital camera

video camera


portable cd player and cd's

3)what you MUST take when traveling to cuba?

4) is there a lot of crime and robbery in varadero?

if its yes then...

where do these take place and where should we NOT go to?

5)how expensive is it in varadero? example

a can of coke

a bottle of water

a box of ciggars

a bottle of rum

6)how are the army and police?

friendly, in your face. or you dont even notice them?

7)is there jet skies in varadero to hire? and how much an hour?

if not then what can you hire while there?




8)how much uk pounds should we change when we get to cuba?

and how much money do you need to have a good 2 weeks?

example how much did you take and how much did you spend?

i hope you guys out there that have been to 'coralia club playa de oro' can help us...

i wasnt worry but i have had a few people tell me some negative stuff about what sometimes can happen in cuba, and i just want to know what to expect, and i hope you guys can calm my nerves...so please help me with answers to these questions...

if you take your time to help us

then...thank you

you can email me at



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1. Re: we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

check your pontebruto@hotmail.com

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2. Re: we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

I came back from Varadero just over a week ago (different hotel) so in answer to your questions:

1. Take UK pounds - these are easily changed in the resorts without the 10% commission they charge on US dollar conversion. I didn't take travellers cheques but if you do make sure they're not American Express.

2. You shouldn't have a problem with any of the items you mention. Only DVD players are banned. I have a really cheap pay-as-you-go mobile and was amazed when it worked over there although my friend's expensive contract phone didn't. Coverage can be a bit patchy though.

3. Take all toiletries etc you think you'll need - i forgot to take a razor and it cost me a fiver and a 30 minute bus ride to buy one! Take tropical strength mosquito repellent to be on the safe side, even people who don't normally get bitten do in Cuba and I can say from personal experience it's very painful!

4. Didn't see any crime while we were there and felt very safe, even when myself and a friend (2 youngish women) walked through a quite deserted area to a nightclub on our own. Watch your bags/pockets if you go to Havana though, same as any big city London included.

5. 1.5 lt of water approx ��1, can of coke cheap if the local brand but expensive if the real thing, I only bought single cigars for ��2-5 each (you need your passport with you if you're buying a box of 25), 1 lt bottle of rum ��2. All in all much cheaper than at home.

6. Didn't really see any problems with army or police - might be different if you hire a car and outside the resort, apparently even tourist buses get stopped a lot but we were lucky. Be prepared for a long wait at Customs and for a possible inquisition.

7. Don't know about jetskis. You can hire a car, moped, pedalo, small catamaran.... We were warned not to hire a car due to petrol shortages but if you do find a filling station prices are similar to the UK (the only country in the world who pay as much as us for fuel!). Taxis are very cheap for getting around Varadero and there's also an open topped red double decker bus which costs 5 CUC for a hop-on hop-off all day ticket.

8. I only went for a week and spent about ��75 over the week excluding excursions but including souvenirs/gifts. We were all-inclusive but did go out of the hotel to a local bar most nights and to a nightclub a couple of times (e.g. la rumba, ��5 to get in then a free bar). Excursions are quite pricey (compared to my experience of say Spain) but you can go to Havana for the day for ��50 including a meal and an all-day boat trip with meal and free drinks for about the same. You can pay for excursions by credit card (not Amex/MBNA) but they charge you an extra 12% so might be best to pay cash. I suggest changing ��100 when you get there and see how you go. Don't forget you need 25 CUC in cash for a departure tax when you leave and the Cubans are a lot stricter then the UK re excess baggage. We managed to get a good deal by paying for our excess in sterling.

Hope you really enjoy it - I also was worried but it was so much better than expected. Don't expect 5* luxury but make the most of it. The beach is fantastic, the people are really friendly. I've already booked a 2-week trip next year!

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3. Re: we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

Just noticed that the pound signs in my last post haven't come out. All prices are pound sterling unless stated otherwise.

london england
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4. Re: we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

chica where did you stay?

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5. Re: we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

I sent you an e-mail, hope it helps.

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6. Re: we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

Shannon125 - stayed at the Cuatro Palmas. Really central so was good for getting out in Varadero.

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7. Re: we are going to coralia club playa de oro on 16/06/05 help...

thank you all so much for all the information

it has really helped...thank you

if anybody want me to take emails for friends in varadero

then please email them at


once again thank you for the feedback

and if anybody has anything to add then please feel free to do so...