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Red Ants at Moomba Beach

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Red Ants at Moomba Beach

A friend of mine claimed that there were many red ants on Moomba Beach. A woman she was with had her leg swell up from getting bit by them. Has this happened to anyone else?

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1. Re: Red Ants at Moomba Beach

Good to know - There Is No "Moomba" beach in Aruba.

There is a beach bar on Palm Beach called "Moomba Beach Bar".

As anyone who has stayed on Palm beach or walked Palm Beach can attest the sand harbors no red ants.

No see-em biting flies and mosquitoes do exist on Aruba and when not in the rather brisk breeze of the Trades one can be bitten. As well, man-made structures can become and do become "home" for all sorts of interesting bugs and such. Hanging out at a pier based beach bar or on the sand bar/food venue may result in bug bites. Then, if sensitive to such, the bite can become a noticeable swelling.

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2. Re: Red Ants at Moomba Beach

4 of us ate dinner at Moomba last month and had no issues with any bug bites. If a mosquito is flying around; I will definitely be it's #1 target and nothing!

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3. Re: Red Ants at Moomba Beach

Friends have encountered some extreme reactions to the bugs on Palm Beach - two years in a row! Use bug spray and hope that it works. Otherwise dress to protect. Last episode ruined a week in Aruba and ultimately required the person to go to the hospital at home for a week with residual problems lasting for about six months! Chickungunya and Zika may still be problems - check with the CDC or other similar organizations.

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4. Re: Red Ants at Moomba Beach

There are insects all over the world. Thankfully, the US government invented DEET for soldiers fighting in wars back in 1946. DEET is the key ingredient in INSECT REPELLENT, which is now readily available to all humans, not just soldiers.

That being said, I can confirm that there are NOT red ants on Palm Beach.

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5. Re: Red Ants at Moomba Beach

We just got back from Marriott and i def got bit by no seeums - not as bad as I did in feb but I felt a few bites on my ankles and within 24 hours I was swollen, itchy and bumpy - it's just a reaction my body has to them - this is new for me and it's super annoying. We travel to grand cayman in Feb and I'm going to be really careful being by the beach during sunset, rainy times or at night.

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6. Re: Red Ants at Moomba Beach

try dabbing very hot water on the bite,for me the itch quickly goes away

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