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Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

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Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

Here's my input to this (but this applies to all the Islands in the West Indies that we have visited or will visit) – can’t wait to read everyone else’s contributions –

1. Booking the holiday – I get sooo excited I’m like a kid at Christmas – then starting the countdown – trying to keep the smiles off our faces when we announce our next destination to family, friends & work colleagues (we always book 18 months in advance as soon as the brochure comes out)

2. The packing of the cases – my wife does these 3 weeks prior to departure but starts buying the clothes at least six months prior to leaving!! (As long as I have my West Indies cricket shirts/hat in mine then I’m happy!!!)

3. Watching the island appear out of the plane window – landing at the airport and feeling the heat when the plane doors open

4. Reacquainting ourselves with the sights, smells and sounds of the island on the journey to the hotel

5. Getting to the room/cottage & dropping off the cases then turning to each other and saying – ‘Welcome Home’!!!

6. Appleton Rum or Cockspur, Mount Gay, Cavalier, English Harbour, River Antoine (depending on island) / Red Stripe, Carib, Banks, Piton, Wadadli (again depends on island) for me & cocktails for my wife.

Plus listening to the sweet sounds of Reggae, Calypso, dancehall & steel pan

7. Salt fish & ackee for breakfast, breadfruit, Johnny Cakes, curried goat, lobster, conch, coconut water, fresh sea food, Roti, festival, souse, fish fry/fish Friday etc etc

8. Enjoying meeting, chatting & mixing with the locals whilst out & about in town etc – they have to be some of the most friendly, warm & welcoming people anywhere

Visit the local ‘party night’ at places like ‘Jump Up’ in St Lucia, ‘Sunday School’ in Tobago, ‘Shirley Heights’ on a Sunday in Antigua etc

9. The tree frogs at night – to quote a movie line “the children of the night, what sweet music they make”.

10. Waking up every morning in such a beautiful part of the world and being lucky enough to be able to visit those islands again & again

I can easily go up to 20 but this gives you an idea (and I could add the rest later) – anyway as the late, great Nesta Robert Marley (his proper name) would say – ‘Don’t worry ‘bout a t’ing, cause every little t’ing gonna be alright’

So come on folks let’s hear what you have to say!!!!

(I have deliberately left island names out as some people get really possessive of particular islands that they cannot see past them & would never, ever consider anywhere else for a visit)

Arroyo de la Miel...
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1. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

Like your list, as you say you could go on, but I think a lot of forum members will be in agreeance with you! My wife starts packing though three months in advance lol

Guelph, Canada
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2. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

Great list. We love all those things too. Plus and heat and humidity. Just love when it hits you when you get off the plane or leave the airport!

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3. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

Yes, so evocative!

We just love the heat hitting us as we get off the plane from the UK, and walking across the tarmac to the decrepit old building, usually with some rum punch available and somebody playing a steel drum awaiting us. That will no doubt change when we get the new terminal!

The drive from the airport to the south of the island where we stay - we anticipate excitedly every village as we go - All Saints, Liberta etc. with their associated beautiful churches.

Coming over the top of Horsford Hill and seeing the harbour with the fantastic yachts. A sight to behold.

Driving around the bend, and catching our first view of Mamora Bay and our hotel.

Chatting to the lovely people who work there.

Getting out and about in the car and meeting local people. We love the Antiguan people!

Driving round to Half Moon Bay, via a village whose name I have forgotten, and where a local gentleman used to display a sign by the churchyard saying "Him want grave cleaned, contact........" I think he must be dead himself now, for the sign has gone.

Arriving at Half Moon Bay via Harry's Bar. Wow!

Shirley Heights is a must. We love the characters there, including the man with the hats, books etc. made from banana leaves, the handsome man who dances with lots of different ladies, the people who cook the delicious BBQ, et al. And the view!! Throw my ashes over the edge when I die!

Driving through Fig Tree Drive - the little villages as you go, the wonderful beaches, the different hotels.

Finding different restaurants to eat at every year, and different beach bars to try. So many really good ones.

Going into St John's to see how it changes and enlarges every year. Lunch at Napoleons or Hemingways.

Buying something, whether I need it or not, from my friend on the beach who sells local trinkets and mends any broken jewelry I have!

A day out on the sea - usually Wadadli circumnavigation. I sometimes laugh till I cry at the antics of the crew - a few rum punches helps! And we never tire of the wonderful sights to see en route.

Just being in Antigua - makes my heart sing! Can't wait to be there again next January.

Alberta, Canada
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4. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

1) Researching the destination before booking. I love to read the reviews about the islands, the hotels, the places to see and what to do. (I've learned a lot over the years, even about places we never ended up going to!)

2) Booking the vacation, it gives me an adrenaline rush

3) Not crazy about the flight itself, but the excitement when the destination comes in view and then the landing and your first view of the place you'll be spending some time at.

4) My absolute favourite part of any vacation to a warm country: the first smell. I can just stand there in the door of the airplane and take a few deep breaths. It's the combination of the heat, the humidity, the smell of the trees and the salty air (often combined with airplane fumes, but even that's part of it!)

6) finding your way around the new place, all the new sights, smells, sounds

7) the beach, the vendors, the language, music,

8) looking for great places to eat and drink and just taking it all in

9) going shopping and seeing all things in the stores, you won't find in Canada

10) the relaxation, being on island time. You can sleep in, take your sweet time to do anything or nothing at all and it's all good!

Houston, TX
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5. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

Not having to:

-blow dry my hair (why bother?)

-wear high heals

-pack more than a carry one (swimsuits don't take up much space)

-constantly check my iphone and android

-do much of anything really

Bonnyville, Canada
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6. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

1. Plan, plan, plan !

2. Annoy friends with another great trip I am going on!

3. Compare your rum punch to others rum punch!

4. All day in nothing but a bikini and flip flops!

5. Beach, snorkel, rum punch, repeat!!

6. Amazing fresh pineapple!

7. Great new food!

8. Quality time with my sweetie!

9. Sunsets on the beach!

10. Thawing out from a long, cold northern Alberta winter :)

**in no particular order**

Oldsmar, Florida
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7. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

The color of the water

The tree frogs at night

Visiting some place new

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8. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean


it has went a bit quiet on this one

Manchester, United...
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9. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

For us, the drive down the night before to Gatwick from Manchester via lunch and shopping at Bicester Village. Then check into the hotel and head to bed - following food and a few beers at the Dukes Head in Crawley! It adds a night to the holiday and there is nothing better than that feeling of complete and utter relaxation and excitement for the following day!

The walk through Duty Free, the first sight of Virgins 747, the heat as the doors open and that moment we survey the scene, realising we have ten days of "this".

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10. Re: Top 10 Favourite Things About Visiting The Caribbean

Get to the airport far to early

Manic search for sunglasses

visit Boots, lots of hangover cures!

Did we lock the back door?

As before, airplane door opening, oh why didn't we get a seat nearer the exit?

That welcome drink...or two...feel abit tipsy

Beach time...rum punch