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Anguilla vs. TCI

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Anguilla vs. TCI

I need some help from you that have been to both islands and can compare. I really want to return to Provo, but my husband would rather try somewhere new this year. I'd like to know how these two islands compare in regards to the following...


*calmness, clarity of water (especially near the resorts)

*ease in getting to restaurants (I know there's the Gecko in TCI, but what about Anguilla)

*price and options of restaurants

One thing that I'm having trouble with is that the resorts/hotels on Anguilla don't appear to be quite as nice as on Provo. I don't need a luxury resort or anything, but a nice pool is a necessity as well as clean rooms that aren't too dated.

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1. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

Having been to both islands, lived in Bermuda and St Lucia and traveled to a host of islands, hands down, I'd choose Anguilla over Provo. Better beaches! For great snorkeling Shoal Bay East and Upper Shoal Bay, Little Bay and Scrub Island to name a few. Incredibly clear and calm water on the Atlantic side of the island in the summer. On SBE look at Ku and Shoal Bay Villas (where we always stay). Both properties have pools but Ku has a restaurant and bar with longer hours than SBV and an on-site grocery store. As to the ease of getting to restaurants, renting a car is better than the exorpitant price you'll pay for taxis. While they drive on the left side it's a small island so you'll get the hang of it in no time and have fun being tooling around. Fantastic restaurants on the island, my recommendations:

Straw Hat (Beautiful location, sits over the water.)

Deon's Overlook (Amazing location on the side of a hill incredible food, he also has a restaurant on Martha's Vineyard in the summer.)

Hibernia (Wonderful art gallery)

Johnno's (Try the fungi.)

Zara's (An open kitchen with wonderful food.)

Gwen's Reggae Grill (Fab for lunch)

Elodia's (Great lunch)



Blanchard's (Romantic location.)

Scilly Cay (Though we were disappointed with their service on our last trip.)

George's at Cap Juluca

Pimm's at CJ (One of the islands most expensive, but another lovely location.)

Eating in Anguilla is not inexpensive but I think it cost less than Provo.

If you want luxury, go to CuisinArt.

Another great way to get information on Anguilla is to go back and read previous posts, you'll get great information from the replies. Any response from MaryGG is chockful of great information as she's an expert on the island.

I thought the people were just nicer in Anguilla than Provo. Some of the best snorkeing ever was in Barbuda on the same beach the K Club is located. Gin clear water full of of pretty fish.

There is not a lot to do on Anguilla, it's all about the sea, beach and eating really. If you need more to do than make a day trip to St. Maarten/St. Martin only 20 minutes from Anguilla by ferry. Good shopping on the Dutch side, good food on the French side. Too much hustle and bustle for us and their beaches aren't nearly as great as Anguilla's but it's an option if you need more to do.

Best of luck with your holiday!

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2. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

Anguilla is really great and I think you will really like it. We have been to Provo and like Anguilla's beaches better than Grace Bay Beach. Grace Bay is so much more crowded and there are hotels lined up back to back where as Anguilla has more of a calm serene feel when you are on the beaches.

Also there is great snorkeling. water is beautiful! and just rent a jeep and you can get around to all the restaurants if you choose.

If you want a really nice resort with a great pool I would also say CuisinArt is a great choice for you.

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3. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

Was in Provo in 2005 and Anguilla 2006. As beautiful as Grace Bay is, I'm heading back to Shoal Bay East, Anguilla in 2007.

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4. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

Anguilla, all the way. My husband and I are 45, 42 respectively, were there Mar 2006. Food was awsome at every single rest, the best being the lobster at the Overlook and dinner at Cap Juluca.

We stay Shoal Bay and Rendevous Bay (Cusinart). Locals were so very nice, intelligent and always seemed okay with helping. I guess a lot has to do with you own attitude. If we to return, we would not stay at the Cusinart. If you have any questions on any particular hotel you should post those questions.

Good luck!!

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5. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

Thanks everyone for the great recommendations. I'm still on the fence about where to go, but maybe after I look at the websites of some of the recommended resorts, it'll help me.

I've read several posts talking about the time it takes to get from st. Martin to Anguilla by the ferry. I guess I can deal with 2 hours to get there, but I wondered how difficult it is in regards to the airport (customs and all). I guess it goes pretty smoothly since so many people do this all the time.

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6. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

Travcarib...can you tell me where you snorkeled on Anguilla?? Also, have you snorkeled the Virgin Islands or Caymans? How would Anguilla's snorkeling compare?

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7. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

It doesn't take 2 hrs to travel from St. Maarten to Anguilla. More like 20 m inutes to 1/2 an hr. Take Funtime Tours shuttle, they'll meet you at the airport in Phillipsberg and take transport you the 5 minutes to the dock where a rum punch will be waiting for you. Their boats are really nice and you'll be in Blowing Point (Anguilla) in no time. It's a pretty ride! Here's their website:


Here's some information on Funtime:

Please wait at Arrivals area for charter boat pickup.

Funtime Charter Boats will pick you up at the SXM airport in Sint Maarten and deliver you to Anguilla. Funtime now has a shuttle service that leaves Anguilla twice a day and leaves SXM twice a day for $65.00 one way. This shuttle takes you directly from the airport to Anguilla without going through St. Martin by taxi to the ferry port. Use the form to reserve your seat on the shuttle.

Funtime Charters

Captain: Chris Cutler

Cell: 264 235 8106

Tel: 264 497 6812


Depart Anguilla

Blowing Point Ferry Terminal: 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM

Depart Sint Maarten

Juliana Airport SXM Stop and Shop Dock 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM

The new terminal is too far away from the charter boat dock to walk. Someone from the charterboat you have reserved will meet you at arrivals. If they are not there when you get out of the luggage area just wait for them.

Day Charter Boat : Up to 12 passengers. No cover.

$275.00 for 4 passengers, $25.00 per head for additional passengers, children under 12 are free.

Special Night Charter: Up to 12 people

$350.00 for up to 4 people, $25.00 each for additional up to 12 people per boat.

Important: Must inform Funtime Charter by 2:00 PM on day of charter to secure charter for that night.

You will be met outside the luggage claim area at Juliana Airport with a notice with your name on it. The dock is directly across from the airport and we can assist with your luggage as well.

Our boats are day cruisers between 34 to 38 feet in length. powered by twin outboard motors.

Funtime Snorkeling Trips: $115.00 per hour.

Please use this form for more information and to make a reservation. Use the schedule above to coordinate your flight time with the Funtime Shuttle times.

If you would like an Anguilla Guide Road Map please include your address in the space provided.

Anguilla is a truly special place, enjoy your trip!!

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8. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

I've been to both numerous times, love both.

snorkeling: almost non exisitent in Anguilla-not it's stong point.

calmness, clarity of water: Gorgeous in Anguilla, like in Provo, consistently calm, clear, bright turqiouse, stunning

ease of getting to restaurants: need a car or taxi (I recommend car for exploring, nothing is walkable to each other)

price and options of restaurants: The best restaurants in Caribbean are in Anguilla. They are more upscale, and more expensive than Provo. Google some websites for menus, such as Mango's (my favorite) and Blanchards.

The resorts in Anguilla are spectacular: comparable to Point Grace and Somerset to give you perspective. They are not set as condos with kitchens, but are extremely nice, and generally more expensive than Provo. Try to check out specials at Cuisinart, especially around May.

It's easy to day trip to St. Martin, for a whole other "world" and best shopping in Caribbean.

When where you planning on going?

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9. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI


You say that Anguilla resorts are comparale to Somerset.. Is Cuisinart that comparable?? I was in Turks in August 06 and nothing seems to compare to Somerset or the Palms on Anguilla..

I looked at CJ reviews, some say older hotel and need some renovation. But, the location is great!!

Cruisinart reviews say nice clean but, decor are not that great..Beach windy?

Please give me your opinon..

Sorry to Hijack your thread MBL340...

Mbl, I have been to turks and it was awesome.. But, reading all the reviews on Anguilla its a must..

I'm trying to go to Anguilla this summer.. I like the fact that you can to St. Martin for the day too and do some shopping..

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10. Re: Anguilla vs. TCI

It is like they say...Once you've been to Anguilla you'll be back. I would highly recommend Cuisinart. The pool there is awesome. We were there in Mid-December and were the only two people at the pool three days straight. The rooms are fantastic and not at all outdated. The bathrooms are spectacular with nice Rusk products. The staff is the best. You are treated like royalty. Oh, also, one perk at the pool or beach-sorbet served each day at 3pm. Yum!