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Return to Paradise, Pt 9

Columbus, Ohio
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Return to Paradise, Pt 9

A few final thought, before I tumble headlong into the DIFs once again.


Thank you so very much for following our adventures!


Klamath Falls...
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1. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

I have read all 9 parts of your Anguilla blog post and it's fantastic. Your capture the love of Anguilla to accurately right down to the obsession of reading trip reports and selling plasma to get there. We are heading back in May for our 3rd time and every year my obsession gains a bit more momentum. We have friends who we talked into going this year. And this is not a small feat being that we live on the West Coast in Oregon and it's a good 15 plus hours to get to Anguilla for us and that's if your lucky. Plus everyone around here heads to Hawaii. Hawaii is wonderful. But it's not Anguilla. Nothing else is Anguilla. I used to dream of over the water huts in Bora Bora before I came to Anguilla. Now those over the water huts still look beautiful to me but the desire to go anywhere else but Anguilla has completely left me. It really is a drug! Anyway I had to send my friends (who I mentioned above) clips of your part 9 blog. Specially the part about warning them it's a powerful drug you will do anything to get back to. 😂😂😂 thanks for your awesome trip report! I got to live in Anguilla in my mind for a awhile because of it!

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2. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9


You certainly could not have picked a better screen name. Thanks for providing so much enjoyment taking me along to experience Anguilla with your loving family. What a perfect trip you had to experience true Island life down at Sandy Ground and then the quiet and seclusion of Seafeathers. Would you split your visit again?

The phenomena of euphoria while there, words can't really express, The lightness of the atmosphere, the friendliness of strangers living a totally different culture, and then theres that water. My way of describing the addiction is this Island "owns me". It happened once before in my youth, living on Martha's Vineyard Island. Of course not the same but that gravitational or magnetic, if you must, pull on your soul at many frequent times of the day, week, and year.....

Your writing style is very entertaining, the photos sublime and its uplifting to see a family including teens who all look to be enjoying each others company. I know no family's perfect but in this day and age "big up" to you and husband for being involved when most would leave them back safely (yuh lol) at home.

My writing ability lacks ( I am a week-end artist) but here is a little poem written by Louise Aldrich Bugbee:

I own and Island in the sea.

I do not own it actually.

I claim it only by right of need,

Defying those who hold the deed.

Perhaps a truer phrase would be,

There is an Island which owns me.

The other desirable quality of Anguilla unlike the fourth line of this poem, is that there is no need to defy those

who hold the deed. Every inch of all those 33 gorgeous beaches are there for all of us to enjoy with reverence!

London, United...
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3. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

If you hadn't left your heart on the beach it would have been in your mouth with the Captain's announcement - scary!

What a wonderful party you threw - A+ for effort and attention to detail. Everything looked superb!

You know you will return. Anguilla will be waiting for you and the next trip will be wonderful - full of new places to visit, new things to eat, new friends to meet and mango coladas.

Thanks for taking us along for the ride and sharing your excellent trip reports and lovely photos. I am quite sad it's over.

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4. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

Thanks for the lengthy report. They are never long enough, especially when a nomination for "Best Ever" is due.

May you return soon, relive those days, and find new adventures.

Baltimore, Maryland
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5. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

Sorry your report is finished! LOVED It! I can't wait to get back in July!

On our last trip home, AAA had to send us to San Juan to get more fuel. They said the wind made it impossible to get over the mountains with a full tank of gas! That put us 2 hrs late getting home. So much for booking a non-stop!

Mystic, CT
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6. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

Oh Kyla I'm so sad to see this end. For purely selfish purposes, I hope you get back to Anguilla soon.

Paoli, Pennsylvania
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7. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

Kyla-I too am sorry that your report has to end. Those of us who truly love Anguilla get how you feel. We just finished our 10th trip in February and have already planned next years. Your report gave me some new ideas on places to visit.Luckily our kids are through college and married and we can now save for our favorite destination.

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8. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

Sigh! (she says, as she wipes a furtive tear from her eye.)

If you will please excuse me now. I am in compiling mode. I already have my days and restaurant choices picked out (all but 1). Hopefully that choice will show its face later in the season when a new restaurant comes on the scene.

It is a challenge to coordinate days open with my choices to be sure I don't go to the same place twice, one or two days after the other (t'ain't easy!)

Being an A type personality I have already booked our airline, our accommodations, our dates (and then some!!) in hopes that Mama Nature will be kind to us and allow it to actually take place.

I will continue to think of you Kyla and your free spirit personality that I admire and envy.

Thank you once again for your wonderful posts.

Till next time....

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9. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

That was a great, awsome report. From beginning to end it explains why Anguilla is special, to visitors and locals. The people who visit and the people who live there, make the island special....as a first time visitor this year, I can't wait to return. Thanks for the vision, from your eyes to mine.

Columbus, Ohio
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10. Re: Return to Paradise, Pt 9

Well, it's good to know I don't suffer alone! Just for the record, at present I have two separate itineraries in the works, one for a group trip with friends, one for just Mark and me (and yes, I kind of feel bad no kids are in the plans, but we'll all get over it). And both are mere figments of my imagination, nothing is actually in the works. THIS is the reality of addiction.

(But that's okay: we'll make it back someday. And when we do we'll have a fabulous itinerary ready made.)

(Although I'll most likely plan a whole new one then.)

Until then, I trust you all will continue posting updates and trip reports to feed the habit. Plus, I'll need to find restaurants to replace Sarjai's and Barrel Stay, and obviously need help there. Pepper?

Littlehbrcoh, to answer your question, I'd definitely split the stay again, as long as the trip is at least a week long. I love the idea of splitting it between the east and west ends, as the vibes are so different on each. As others have said, it would be like having two separate vacations.

And btw, that poem is the best. I have a big birthday coming up this year.: if I don't get back to Anguilla for that, maybe I could get a tattoo of that last line!

But seriously, thank you all so much for reading. I'd probably do it anyway, even if nobody read it. But it's gratifying to know you did.