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Trip to Trapani Province: road map

In February I'm coming to Trapani with a friend of mine. We are making a hiking trip trough Trapani Province. We are having a slight problem though.

We can't find a tourist map of the province. Is there a place in Trapani city where we can buy good and detailed maps? Or on the internet? (I looked on, but my Italian is really poor, not to say non-existant!). We are looking for something detailed, not a road map or a 1:200 000 map of any kind.

Our tour would be an 8 day trip with first stop in Trapani City! Every tip is welcome off course. :-)

Another thing: is it easy to camp in the province? We are not planning on going to campings. Maybe ask some farmers if we can put up our tent. Are Sicilian people friendly and good hosts? And above all: how well is their English? ;-)