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Centre Picasso D'Orta

Antic Hospital

43596 Horta de Sant Joan

Tel: 977-435-330


Horta de Sant Joan is a medieval village made of stone, sitting on top of a mountain, and it has a great deal of charm. The village is famous because it has a small Picasso museum, the Centre Picasso D’Orta.

When Picasso was young, he had a companion who came from this village, Manuel Pallares, and he invited Picasso to paint with him in the village. They spent two years starting in 1898, holed up in a cave near the town and painted many things there.

Later when Picasso became famous, he returned to the town with his French girlfriend, Fernande. He left the town when the townswomen started throwing stones to Fernande because she was living with Picasso without being married. Picasso had a gun at that time and he fired several shots in the air to scare the women off. Picasso and his girlfriend left the town right after that.

When Picasso died, the town started the museum and asked the Picasso family for some of his paintings for the museum, with negative results. The Picasso family did not want to hand the town a fortune in paintings. So the town bought lithographs of the paintings that Picasso painted while he was in the town, when Picasso started his cubist period. These are what you find in the museum now, and it is a good collection, but of course they are not originals.

Today thousands of visitors go to this museum to see their collection.