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Day 11 : The flight home :(

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Day 11 : The flight home :(

Hi guys,

Day 11 was upon the Doobrey family wayyy to quickly. It seems an age now, a distant memory, perhaps even a dream, as I sit here in front of my computer in the comfort of my own home.

So on day 11, the alarm goes off at 3am. Ouchy, we know that we have to shake a tail feather to head out of our room, so Mrs D and I quickly get up and jump into the shower. I poke Mini D, who doesn't seem awfully impressed with the notion of getting up, but eventually he realises that we have to get a move on to get to our transfer mini-bus by around 4am.

We get dressed and sort out the final bits and pieces of the luggage. We weigh and re-weigh the bags, after moving a lot of the presents we have bought from bag to bag. Damn - still over weight, so I make the executive decision to leave behind the soap, shampoo and other unnecessary cleaning products. This brings us pretty close to our weight allowance, and we decide to go with it.

I thought suitcases are normally lighter, not heavier on the way home? Anyway, we carry out a final check on the room and then head down to the reception, looking out to the sea, which is errie with the full moon shining down, the waves crashes quitely, whilst everyone else in the hotel sleeps.

We arrive in reception, check out and I ask if our breakfast boxes are ready. The receptionist phones though and says that they will be with us shortly. So we take a seat and complete the necessary paperwork for the trip home. We have to fill in departure cards and also the name tags on our bags.

The receptions then walks over and says something about we have to wait for another room to check out, prior to joining our coach at the top of the ramp, as it cannot drive down?

This confuses us, as we have booked a private taxi from the hotel to the airport. We are not snobs or anything, but from bitter experience, waiting on others in other hotels, seems to take forever. There is always issues travelling with others, so for the past few years, we have always booked private transfers too and from the hotel. This has, up until know, worked perfectly. We are only dependent upon ourselves getting to our destinations, and not others.

I dig out the paperwork and explain to the receptionist, in a polite manner, that we are not waiting on anyone else, and that we have a private transfer, to which he explains to I, that he is just informing us what the rep has told him.

Mrs D - not a happy bunny - heads over to the rep.

A few minutes later, she comes back, stating that the rep is from Thompsons, and our private taxi is booked via Virgin. The receptionist looks confused, as are we. Apparently he has the wrong names and the wrong tour company.

In walks another rep, who is from Virgin and shows me the paperwork - (our names are on there) and I say, this is our private transfer, yes? To which she replies, thats correct sir, we are ready for you.

So apparently, there is a coach waiting outside, for 2 families, who have decided not to turn up to head for the airport. This is the reason why we always book private.

At this time, our breakfast box arrives, I take out the contents, giving the rather pretty box, but completely inpractical for someone travelling over 6000 miles that day, to the receptionist, and we head to the mini-bus.

We hop on, and head to the airport.

After about 15 mins, Mrs D is not feeling well, and to be honest, with all of the bumps and bashes in the back of the mini-bus I also feel a little bit queezy. We open the window and that abates the sick feeling. About 45 minutes we arrive at the airport and the nice private taxi lady helps us to the correct counter. I decide to weigh the bags, as inherently the scales are different, and I find out that my bag is a couple of k's over, where as Mrs D is under. I quickly move some stuff from mine to hers and smile - :D

All appear under weight now. We check in, my bag is just under the alloted 20 kgs (perfect) and Mrs Ds...well, that has magically gone nearly 2 k's over, from being 2 k's under? I am now convinced that the scales at the airport are not accurate.

The man checking us in, doesn't batter an eyelid, and send them through - yay! no extra charges for us. I think it's because we had the thai guide lady helping us, and am thankful for her assitance. She shows us where the departures gates are, and I tip her and we go through the numerous security phases and arrive at our gate.

We board the plane for the uneventful first hop of our journey, Phuket to Bangkok and arrive safely.

We then board the second plane to London and take our seats.

About 5 hours into the flight, Mini D is not feeling very well, so I ensure that he has lots of water to drink and ask him to take on some food. He eats, but then goes a horrible pale while colour and says, daddy, i'm going to be sick.... GAWD. at 35 thousand feet, with the persons chair in front, completely back to me, my tray is down with food on board, I can't move and Mini D wants to throw up! ARGH!.

The inneviatable happens..... How can that much sick come out of that small boy, I will never know. Interestingly, no carrots.

I ask Mrs D to come around to my side of the aisle to take away my tray, and start the clean up process. I wont go into the details, as some of you might be eating breakfast, but to say that he was covered was an under-statement.

I take him to the onboard toilet, and strip him down, washing his clothes in the rather miniscule sink. The boy boy is standing on the toilet, buck naked, apart from his pants.

I pop out and ask the cabin crew for some blankets and cover him up. Bless, he looks like a purple monk..... I laugh, and then the rest of the cabin crew huddle around to give us a hand. They are brilliant on Thai airlines, and proceed to go to first class and locate some Pyjamas for him. They are man size, but with a small bit of alteration, he sits there, in 1st class PJs, at the back of the plane with 4 or 5 thai ladies fussing over him....just imagine, it can only happen to us.

Mrs D and I sort out the chairs, remove the "contents" and then give Mini D some drinks, etc. We get back to our chairs and we hang out the wet clothes at the back of the airplane to dry.

The rest of the journey on the plane is with Mini D getting up a couple more times to be sick in the toilet and eventually we arrive on terra-frima in the UK. To one final blow of chunks on landing from Mini D....what a trip.

Mini D decides that he is going to stay as Guru (Mini D). as we have decided to call him, and we go through customs, etc and collect our baggage.

We join up with our taxi and then head home, a 3 hour car trip.

Mrs D and Mini D fall asleep in the back, I manage just to keep awake until we arrive on the outskirts of our town.

We arrive home over 24 hours later from leaving Thailand, grateful to finally be inside our own home.

We jump the bags off and head to bed.

Thursday is a blur, we unpack, put the washing in, and have moments of sleepyness, but we are here...Safe, after our adventures.

I will write on the forums now and again, but our next adventure is Prague, in the Czech republic in November. And next year, well, that could be Cambodia, Vietnam or maybe the Maldives - either way, you know it will be an adventure and you are welcome to join us on our on-going travels.

Thank you for following us....

The Doobs family - Chad, Sam and Ben.


P.S. Our surname is not Doobs or Doobrey... so it was interesting when Panya told us of several bookings related to the doobs family - we explained it all to him...

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1. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

Good Story.


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2. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

Have really loved reading about your adventures, will miss them! Glad your home safe but wow what a horrible flight home you had! We will be in Karon in 3 weeks, hope our holiday is as much fun as yours was!

Knysna, South Africa
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3. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

Thanks 'Doobs' have loved following your travels! Would love to do Cambodia as well. For us, it also has a lot to do with costs and exchange rates! Our South African rand doesn't quite do what the pound does!!! Happy planning but how will be know where to find your travel diaries!!

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4. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

arrr cool storys ,we are heading to karon in december with our 8 half year old so been great reading x

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5. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

awwww,poor mini doobs.

Thanks again, and the evomals wish you all the best of health and more happy travels.

Best wishes

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6. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

That was blooming lovely tale.

Hope you are well and returned to Norfolk ok.

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7. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

Thanks for the final story really enjoyed your journey felt I was there with you. Have you been to Borneo? We went a couple of years ago and it was fab I am sure if you haven' t been you would enjoy it as there is loads to do and mini Doobs would love the Orangutan sanctuary in Sepilok. Anyway regardless happy travels and enjoy Prague in November. X

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8. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

Thanks Doobs I've loved travelling with you on your journey and will certainly loook out for future reports, I'm really sorry this one has come to an end.

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9. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

Great report. What I loved most is the way you accepted the complications, difficulties and lets say "challenges" of travelling. Loved it. Happy future travels to you all.

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10. Re: Day 11 : The flight home :(

Sounds like a great trip was had by all. Thanks for sharing your trip updates!

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