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JBR part 2 Karon beach

Nowra, Australia
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JBR part 2 Karon beach

well here goes on the last installment... sorry if its 'same same, but different'

Oh how i miss being spoilt with a cooked breakfast and cocktails around the pool every afternoon now i am back home! No little elves to come and work their magic, cleaning & tiding the room, make the beds, cook me breakfast, pour that cocktail... oh well.

The only annoyance with the hotel were some of the other guests. Its rather petty i know, but they would reserve a sunbed around the pool with a towel, well before the pool had even opened! Around 7.30am, several sunbeds were covered with towels, yet not one person was using or even around the pool. For the 2 of us, we could usually find a sunbed together, but when our friends joined us, we could only get a set of 4 in the late afternoon or would sit at the tables and chairs behind the bar. Happy hour wasnt busy, so that worked in our favour!!!! Got to love sitting in the pool having a pina colada....is that the bell i hear?????

Besides my hearing problem "i am deaf", another way to get rid of the pesky tailors i discovered days before we left, was to say i will come on wednesday (or the day after you leave). But you can only use that excuse the last week, cause they do remember you!.

Not sure if i mentioned before, but if you are a smoker, ciggs are around $2 a pack of 20 at the 7-11 store.... not worth bringing your own duty. I would buy a pack, and smoke them till i found a brand i liked.

I had a fish spa, facial, manicure and pedicure around the corner from the hotel... dont ask me which one, but the staff were nice and "He who must be obeyed (NOT)" had a neck & foot massage and the fish spa. Total cost was around 1500baht. We didnt haggle as we were happy with the price, especially considering the time they spent on my feet! Trouble is, i ended up with an infection in my big toe. I wouldnt recomend a manicure or pedicure as the average place, doesnt steralize their scissors etc. Always check to see what and how they clean their instruments!! It was only after i got the infection, that i recalled that her scissors and file, came out of her make up bag. I doubt they were even disinfected. Still, we learn by our mistakes. But the fish spa was wonderful!! The going price everwhere of a fish spa is 100 baht for 10 mins. Not sure if we should have haggled with that price, but at around $3 aus it wasnt worth the effort! We had a great fish spa at the Jungceylon Centre, opposite an Irish Bar/restaurant. They thoroughly inspected & washed your feet before you put them in the tank.

We ate a couple of meals at O'Tooles. The hamburgers were good as was the pizza. We also ate at The Green Onion and The Red Pepper (i think that is the names, but i have been known to be wrong). The food is as good as the reports on Trip advisor say! Especially The Green Onion, but go early, as the queues are long for a table by 8pm (or was that the Red Pepper-Its the restaurant on the main road towards the Temple) We ate at a lot of different places and can honestly say we didnt have a bad meal anywhere. Poor service maybe, but i am sure that was due to a language barrier. The prices we paid ranged from 1100 baht to the most espensive at 2200 baht. This always included 2 cocktails, 2 beers and a 2 course meal for 4 people. He who must be obeyed (NOT), decided against eating fish from the ice display out the front of most restaurants. He claimed "the eyes are not clear". Apparantly you can tell how fresh a fish is by the eyes. I will take his word for that, as i dont like fish unless its battered& deep fried and served with copious amounts of chips ( wrapped in newspaper of course)! We also had the banana pancakes...now lets just say, if i was to be enticed back to Phuket, the banana pancakes would do the trick! They are YUMMM, especially with chocolate on top. So between the pina colidas and banana pancakes.... Phuket is starting to look good! Yep good food and cheap drinks will get me every time!!

We had our washing done opposite the hotel. The average price everywhere was 50baht per kilo. We saved up our washing till the last few days, as i knew i wouldnt be washing in Singapore. HINT: drop your washing in at least 3 days before you leave... we had a very scary 15 minutes of lost washing when collecting our washing. The girls made a half hearted attempt to locate our washing, telling us "anyone could have paid and picked it up". Even answered their mobiles. I really think they were hoping we would leave and forget our clothes! They just werent concerned and even laughed till i reminded them ever so nicely, that a naked Shazz is not a pretty sight! We were then taken out back to look for our washing, and low and behold.. there is was... just about to be started.

Patong at night sure is interesting! Bangla Rd is full on 'girlie bars' and the odd ping pong show. We didnt actually see where the shows were, but our men folk were asked a few times if they wanted to see and handed phamplets (that they refused to take), even though us girls were obviously with our men! I actually think our men were hanging on to us to protect them! We all had a good time walking down the street, to see who saw the 'lady boy' first. After walking through, we reached the end and roamed around the shops (all same same). I think we were near the beach, but as it was dark, and i have no idea where we were. We didnt stop for a beer or cocktail in Bangla Rd, none of us even thought of it, it was too much fun just walking.

As we were stopped at Macca's for a cold drink (yes i do drink other things besides Pina Coladas-LOL) and ice cream, where this cute little Thai girl, came up to us, gave us each a kiss, and put a lei of purple orchards around our necks. All this was done without a word being said, till at the end, in perfectly good English said, "100 baht each, thanks". By the time we had handed over our money, the boys getting another kiss as a thank you, and the cute kid leaving us to catch the next sucker, we were all laughing! She definately will go far with that trick!

We stopped at a bag shop, and was taken to the 'back room' to look at better quality bags. A word of advice, if you really are just looking, say so, they dont like "wasting my time" as we found out! If the women are like me, i will know when i see the bag i want.. it screams at me "buy me, buy me".

The Jungceylon shoping centre was good (as was Phuket Central). Both centres had a Batta shoe store, and $30 aus a pair of shoes that i liked (sandle type-slip on).. needless to say i bought 2 pairs! A Hush Puppy shoe store is at both centres, and the sandle type shoes that i like are around $60Aus, again, much cheaper than home. There is also a Robinsons dept store that i bought Revlon blusher for $10 aus. My friend, bought a Guess (genuine) handbag for around $100 aus- about half the price in Australia, plus was able to claim back the tax on leaving.

He who must be obeyed (NOT), had a haircut in the Jungceylon centre on the top level. For memory it was around $6 aust. What i liked about the hairdresser, there was no magazines to read, you could surf the internet instead!.... there was 4 computers all lined up. I was enjoying myself till i was ever so rudely interupted... He was finished and wanted to leave! I mean... 'how rude'..couldnt they have taken a bit longer?? I wasnt finished! (we didnt have the internet in our room at this stage).

He who must be obeyed (NOT) also had a pair of glasses made at an optometrist in Karon, but as we are in a health fund at home, i dont think it was worth the effort (i am positive it would be cheaper back home). He also lost lost his prescription sunglasses on the island tour... Anyone see them?

After our Fantasea night out, we came out of the theatre (?), to a massive storm. And i mean HUGE-- incredible lightning, loud thunder and torrential rain. I have been in New Guinea and Penang during storms, but nothing like this! Patong had flooded streets, and all of Karon had a black out. Lucky for us, the Hotel has a back up generator for the lifts (no way could i walk up 6 flights) and one light in our room. Some of the bars in Karon, had candles burning, rather romantic really, though most were closed. I had never seen Karon so deserted-everything closed, not even a tuk tuk. When the power finally came back, there was a loud cheer from the street, then a groan when it went out again. At this stage we went to bed, so not sure how long the power was out. On the subject of blackouts, there is a sign in the lift that says "incase of electricity power cut elevator will stop 2 minutes" This is not true! The morning after the blackout, the hotel must have been checking the generator, "He who must be obeyed (NOT)" got stuck in the lift. It was a good 5 minutes before "He who must be obeyed (NOT)" was moving again. Though i did wonder if that was just an excuse to get out of stoll along the streets of Karon after breakfast.

Whilst waiting at Phuket airport, spending the last of our Baht, i asked if we could bring back to Australia the sealed bags & boxes of cashews, (We had bought some at the cashew nut factory, and of course ate the lot) and was told "not to Australia". Will our Customs let them in?

After saying our goodbye's to Phuket we then headed to Singapore for 4 days. That took a bit of getting used to! Besides prices being almost the same as Sydney, they are more aggressive in trying to entice you into their shop, be it jewellery, camera, clothes or shoes! We dont need to go back to Singapore, except for the chilli crab that "He who must be obeyed (NOT)" loves, we have done all the usual touristy things.

We are now thinking of our next holiday, later this year (October or November), to either Hong Kong, South Korea or Taiwan. Anywhere that has good copies of bags & watches for me and electronics for him.

Hope you all like Part 2 of our trip to Karon Beach, Phuket.



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1. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Two great JBR's Shazz, now you've got me curious about the nationality of your 40 other boat people. Think I'll stick with Phuket sail Tours to be safe.

P.S. I hate the sunbed pirates as well, happens everywhere.

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2. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Enjoyed the first report and the 2nd is even better with tons of info, love that you've included prices. Now looking forward to your next report when you come back in October, we are also thinking about South Korea or Taiwan.

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3. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Part 2 was great-thanks. Made me glad we've decided to go Karon Beach for a third time. Yes those pancakes are good, SOH 'hunts' them on a nightly basis - he's like a kid in a candy store :)

London, United...
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4. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

I agree two great trip reports. Thank you so much for sharing

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5. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Hi shazz,

Thanks for part 2

We've never had any problems bringing in boxes of cashews & goodies from the cashew factory... I've always declared them!!

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6. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Really enjoyed both the JBRs Shazz, thanks!!

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Hi Shazz - great JBR's.

Agree with Waz - there is "normally" no problem with most foods providing they've been commercially cooked/processed and are commercially packed - but always declare them.

Regards Jeff

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8. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Hi shazz56

Great trip reports loved both parts. It's going to be my first time in Thailand so well looking forward to it especially after reading your reports - bring on the cocktails only 14 more days


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9. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

Loved both trip reports, frequent traveller to Thailand and you made me look forward even more eagerly to my next visit in 3 weeks. Definitely no problem bringing in cashews provided they are sealed and no nibbles on way home. Look forward to your future JBR's. Thanks

Port Macquarie...
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10. Re: JBR part 2 Karon beach

I loved your report! We are going to Karon for the first time in May. I have noted all your great tips and recommendations... thanks.