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Travel with cat in an RV

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Travel with cat in an RV


We are planning a 2 month RV trip through the southern US. We plan to bring our cat. We plan to acclimate her to the RV before we start driving.

Does anyone have experience traveling with a cat in an RV?

Where do you keep the litter box?

How do you ensure that the vehicle does not get too hot inside while you are away from the vehicle?

Any other tips are welcome.


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1. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

When I was a kid we took the cats everywhere with us. The cats just adapted...I don't remember any issues at all...other than one of them sitting and staring at the border guards with a dirty look on his face... the border guards never seemed to hold it against us though.

We didn't have air in the rv (it was the mid 1970's). The cats may have been hot on occasion, but they survived just as we did. We left the windows open for them, just as we would have had to do if we left them at home.

I believe the litter box was in the bathroom, small as it was.

There are lots of blogs out there by full time rvr,s some of whome have cats. Why don't you do a search and start reading through some of those blogs?


2. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

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3. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

We owned a camper & contemplated bringing Cat1 & Cat2 with us. However, we were concerned about opening the door & having a freaked cat escape. So I would have a careful plan for that: cracking the door a tiny bit first to check for cat locations or even an expandable baby fence.

We met some folks who had lost their cat at a campground who bolted out the door. I think I would want a collar with identification on.

Our cat travels in the cab of our truck. We only crack the window enough for air & not escape. And we always put a little water in a heavy ceramic bowl with a stable base that won't spill. Kitty litter travels well on the floor.

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4. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

We travel in an RV with three kitties and one small dog.

They have traveled with us the past 15 years. Our oldest kitty is 21

and she will go with us again as we hit the road this summer

Cats are in fact great travelers....each of our kitties have their own

spot in the RV....we have one little box, we do the scoopable litter

and every time the box is used, we scoop.

Have your kitty establish a comfortable spot for them. Keep in mind

that kitties can find the darest spots to get into or wedged in.

Behind a sofa, literally in a slide out and that type of thing.

I would suggest that you literally do a couple overnight test trips just

to see how your kitty reacts and if there is a spot in the rv he/she always goes.

Always take your kitty's kennel along with you...her vet records and any of meds

or things that they may have.

Make sure to have current information on a pet tag. When we travel we have special

id tags that states our vehicle license number, the type of RV we have and two current

cell phone numbers on the tag.

When we are not there we keep the top vents open for air and adjust the inside temps

according to the weather of the day....if we are hooked up and its warm then we keep

the a/c on for the kitties.

If you kitty has a scratch post take that along...I think you might be surprised how much

they like to travel or look out a window.

Do make sure you have a good lock on your screen door and prior to coming into your

RV open the door slowly to make sure no one is sitting in the step well waiting to exit

the motorhome...

Our kitties are usually too busy looking out the front window to do that but its always

good to be safe and make sure you do not have any lost kitties.

Establish your kitties spot towards the rear of the RV or in the bedroom, further away

from the door...I am guessing they will nest right in and find their spot for safe travels.

We always do a head count and make sure everyone is up and away from all slides or those

type of places prior to putting the slides in or moving down the road...

Hope any of this information helps.

Once you start to travel with your kitty you will notice more traveling felines!

We keep our litter box in the bathroom area right in front of the shower door with

a nice heavy bath towel under the box...works great

We use little wooden dowels in the windows to insure the kitties cannot slide the screens open

when we have the side windows open....they simply sit in the sill and prevent the screens from

being moved.

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5. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

Check state laws; in Arizona, for example, it is illegal to leave a pet in an unattended vehicle. It gets much too hot too fast in the summer. Other states might have similar laws.

6. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

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7. Re: Travel with cat in an RV


the people you met that lost their cat - do you know if they lost the cat in Washington State? A cat has been found at a campground in Elma Washington, and a rescue group is desperately trying to reunite it with its owners.


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8. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

We travel with 2 cats. We have a Class C with an over cab bunk. The litter box is under the dinette, and it is cleaned two or three times a day, more if needed. While we are driving, one cat rides under the bedspread. He doesn't move from that spot until we stop. The other rides in the crate, even though the crate is open and she is free to move around, she seems to feel safe in that spot while driving. When we get where we are going, they both just lay wherever they want. I have made a point of making the over cab bunk their spot. I feed them up there and the scratching post is up there and the toys are up there, so they know that's their spot. It also has side windows that they look out of. We keep a small water bottle that hangs on the outside door handle, so when we come in, we crack the door and spray them with the water bottle if they are near. The one cat runs in the bedroom when the door opens and the other has escaped once. After the one escape, we have used the water bottle ever since and there has been no issue of an escape. I ended up getting an XL folding nylon crate so they will be able to stay outside while we are eating outside or watching TV outside. And I just ordered a pet stroller so I can walk them around, and maybe they won't be so bored cooped up in the RV.

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9. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

We have a 8 year old Calico female who was raised in our country home. We retired and bought an RV and headed to San Diego. The cat was drugged on the trip down we prepped her for the ride with several shorter rides in the car and carrier. After a month she was ok, wanted to go outside, but could not per park rules. So we let her out an hour or two early evening all was well. We purchased a pet pavilion (large covered) she hated it.

We returned with her to our home to get our boat. she was ok, but starting to withdraw some. Late November she got her front paw hung up in the pavilion and howled in pain, she then started to growl and moan in the RV, this degraded to violent hissing and defensive measures. She was then traveled with us back home for the holidays (10 days) She was unchanged even in her own territory. Would not venture outside just moaned and slept. We have taken her to three vets, got the anti inflammatory medicine, pain killers, laxative, and others. The cat has continued to decline....What happened? She received all blood work, urine, and bowels plus xrays and all is perfect.. This was a healthy, happy kitty anyone with any ideas?

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10. Re: Travel with cat in an RV

This is a travel forum, not an "Ask the Veterinarian" forum.

I am sorry that your cat is unwell, but this is not the place for such a question.