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Renting an RV from Cruise America?

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Renting an RV from Cruise America?

We rented an RV from Cruise America Delray Beach, FL location. I have read the reviews and they are all horrible - however they are almost all from 2011 nothing recent.Has anyone had a good experience? Can you recommend another company? Any and all info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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1. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Here's a fascinating, well written, article about RV rentals.


Tampa, Florida
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2. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

We rented From Cruise America in Tampa Fl. ( Florida Av) and had no problems.... the motor home Was extra clean on the inside and Bonita (Mgn.) explained everything we needed to know and was very hepful..do note there is a dump fee if you don't dump your tanks before you return .and a charge for used propane..

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3. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Beware of first-time posts touting any commercial service.

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4. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Normally I am not one to write a review, however after travelling recently, I found myself relying on reviews and therefore thought I should write a review on Cruise America especially as it was my first time renting an RV and is very tricky to work out all the expenses before you go. I thought that I read all the fineprint however there was still lots that I missed or couldnt find out.

Here is my Cruise America experience, I hope it provides you with a closer, honest look before you decide to rent with this company. There are good and bad points to this review.

First of all when you are booking the rv, you pay a deposit and then the rest comes out like a week or two later, so make sure you have enough in your account to avoid fees and the cancellation of your rv booking.

We booked the C19 compact rv. I travelled with my sister and we are both young, so we didnt know anything about rv's, but we thought this one was big enough for our needs. We booked this rv for one month. From november 20th-december 20th.

Daily rate $34.80x 30 equals rental total $1044.00.

Extras total:

unlimited miles option $984.50

2x personal kits $110

sales tax $168.75


On arrival also you have to pay $500 for bond (if using a raised number credit card) or $1000 (if paying cash) which you will get back on return if everything is to standard.

You obviously have to have a drivers licence and be over the age of 21.

A day before you pick the rv up, you must ring them and tell them a time you will be there so they can have it ready. You cannot pick the rv up the day you arrive in from overseas either.

As we did not pay for the 'early bird departure special' we could not get the rv until after 1pm, if you pay for the early special you can drive the rv from 9am. Also when returning the rv if you paid for the early special you can return the rv up until 3pm, however we didnt so you have to return the rv at 9am. If you wish to return the rv a few days early there is no refund for unused days. We actually wished we only booked it for 3 weeks.

We picked our rv up from 223rd east street in carson, Los Angeles (which is in quite a ghetto scary place when taking the metro as two young girls). We paid the bond, signed the contract, and were asked if we wanted to watch the video which you can also watch online on the cruise america sight. We watched the video, then were taken to our rv. We didnt get the run through of the rv like it says on the video. The lady checked the propane and gas (fuel) gauges to see what we had to return with the same amount. Then we were on our way. That was it. We could drive a rv for the first time in a completely different country. pretty overwhelming.

So the personal kit comes with:


1 flat sheet

1 pillowcase

2 face washers

2 bath towels

1 toilet roll

1 tea towel

1 box of matches

1 toilet rv flusher

The rv comes with two rv manuals and a KOA book and pamphlet.

It also comes with in the c19 compact:

6 plastic cups

4 mugs

6 large plates

5 bowls

1 large pot

1 small saucepan

1 frypan

1 kettle

6 power outlets

1 cable outlet

6 coathangers

1 spatula

1 large blunt knife

1 small sharp knife

6 steak knives

6 butter knives

6 table spoons

5 forks

5 teaspoons

1 bbq prong

1 can opener

3x 9v battery

Things you need to buy:

papertowel, clingwrap, containers, bottled water, dust pan of brush, extra blankets (if in winter like we were), dishwashing detergent, tongs, strainer, peeler, plugs for the sinks and garbage bags. also good idea to have electronic cords that you can charge things through the cigarette lghter.

OK things that are broken/need fixing/went wrong etc:

-pressure sensor fault tyre light on dash the whole time we had rv.

-internal furnace aka heater didnt work

-no sink plug? most annoying thing ever to start off with.

-cupboard door latch broken, swings everytime we drive.

-drivers mirror collapses in when you drive 60mph or higher.

-window over table always opens when driving

-exhaust fan above stove top doesnt work

-one of the two cigarette lighters doesnt work.


-good privacy curtains

-lights and alarm work well

-fridge is decent size with freezer draw

-perfect size for 2 people, no more than that.

-gas top works well

-you can use space behind car seats to store suitcases if you dont have the seat right back as well as the space behind the third seat next to the rv door entry.

-the heater in the front of the car works well.

-CD player works well

-plenty of above head storage for clothes, shoes etc

-comfy seats

-table is really handy

Things we wish we knew before roadtripping around the u.s in an rv:

-vehicle must be 'winterised', so you pay $35 to have anti freeze etc. therefore before getting to a cold destination, you must empty your water holding tank otherwise it will freeze. and the propane will be too cold to use and your internal heater doesnt work, so be prepared for a freezing cold night.

-RV parks in america cost an average of $30 for two people per night, any more people and it costs more. Places we liked were Anderson camp in twin falls, malibu rv park (cheap and nice in off peak season), KOA (although expensive eg 66 a night in San Diego). We didnt like Kit Carson in flagstaff, arrived at night, toilets were locked and shoreline didnt fit into designated night sites, even with adaptor. Rv parks will allow you to empty your tanks, use power and wifi and showers, toilets and fresh water.

we didnt use the shower in the rv ever, it was too small and the shower head you have to hold up as you shower, also our 'water heater' button didnt heat anything.

-you can stay at walmart and starbucks carports for free, however in california, pay for a rv park, the police will find you whereever you are and disturb you say you cannot sleep in a vehicle overnight.

AND FINALLY, gas or (fuel) costs an average of $3.13-$3.89 per gallon depending on your destination (we stayed on the west coast of u.s.a). california was the most expensive. Our rv held approximately 35 gallons i think, it normally cost us $80-$100 to fill completely which lasted 5-6hrs worth of driving at 65mph. the rv must have 1/4 tank of gas to operate the generator as it uses 1 gallon per hour.

So overall, what we expected to be a 'budget' holiday for us actually worked out to be just as expensive as our trip to europe backpacking around and staying at hostels and hotels. we actually had financial issues at the end of our trip as the 500 bond did not go straight back on. Hope this helps someone. Also the 24/7 phone assistance and booking through the online company are really easy and helpful assistance.

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5. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Laura525252, thank you for taking the time for a review. Your experiences are ones we try to warn people about so it is really nice to have it confirmed by a traveler.

Hope you will come back to the US when it is not winter!!


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6. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Laura, that's a very comprehensive post, thanks. However, as someone who has been RVing for over 20 years, there are a few statements that need to be addressed and corrected.

>>propane will be too cold to use and your internal heater doesnt work, so be prepared for a freezing cold night.<<

I don't know why your furnace didn't work - probably a problem with the computer "brain" or maybe just the thermostat, but all RVs have good furnaces. Propane works just fine when it is cold outside... that comment really puzzles me!

If you camp in cold weather, you *must* use your furnace to keep the pipes warm. Thousands of people both camp and live in very very cold weather - well below 0ºC - and as long as they manage their hoses and keep the unit warm, they do not have problems.

We just completed a short trip where it was below freezing every night and not much above it during the day and everything was fine.


>>any more people and it costs more.<<

No, usually it is the same price for a family up to 4 to 6 people.


>>we didnt use the shower in the rv ever, it was too small<<

Yes, they are small, and the smaller the RV, the smaller the shower! Your 19 footer is considered *very small* by American standards. A larger motorhome has a larger shower.


>>our 'water heater' button didnt heat anything.<<

This comment in conjunction with your furnace comment makes it sound to me almost as if you had NO propane! RVs have excellent fast recovery water heaters! They are small, usually only 6 gallons, but very efficient and they heat the water very well.


>>the police will find you whereever you are and disturb you say you cannot sleep in a vehicle overnight.<<


Inside city limits and in populated areas, there are usually laws not allowing overnighting if you are not in an RV park or campground. However, in rural areas, people do this all the time - it's called "boondocking". Within National Parks, you must be in a recognized campground.


Allie R, keep in mind that in today's world, whenever somebody has a poor experience, they jump on the internet to complain to the world about it. People who are happy with their experiences do not do this nearly as much!

It is true that RV rentals in Florida seem to be "harder-used" than in other areas. Things do go wrong with motorhomes. Broken latches, rattling stovetops, cracked and broken plastic gizmos are very common with rentals as the units get beat up! The last few years, some companies seem to be keeping their rentals longer, so an older one might not be as nice. I would strongly suggest you try the various operations onboard before you leave the rental yard. Make sure the furnace works, for example :-)

I am familar with RV rental companies on the west coast. You could check to see if there is an El Monte RV and/or CAmping World / Moturis office near where you are renting and check reviews on them. Also, do a general search and see what turns up.


Although off season RV rentals do cost less, many of us here on TripAdvisor always say that renting a small/medium car and staying in moderate motels will be cheaper than renting a motorhome!

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7. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Old post resurrected but great info from all.

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8. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Yes, it's an old post, but laura has posted some good info and advice, and based on personal experience - which is always invaluable.

Sorry you had to learn an expensive lesson. Had you posted your plans on this forum before you travelled we could have advised you on much of what you discovered for yourself. RVs are almost never cheaper in the USA than a car plus camping, hostels or even motels unless there really are a lot of you and you don't plan to eat out ever!


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9. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Motorhome rentals for a family with several children may make more sense than constantly changing motels, particularly if the children are younger. No changing motels every night, and parents can avoid dragging kids into restaurants twice a day. But "Mom" will still have to do the dishes ;-)

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10. Re: Renting an RV from Cruise America?

Very old fashioned H-B. Actually washing dishes is my task in our trailer....and no kids to help ;-)

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