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Travel wallet for women

Atlanta, Georgia
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Travel wallet for women

Any recommendations for travel wallets or money belts for women? I'm thinking that it's probably uncomfortable for women to have have money belts tucked in, but hey, I want my stuff to be safe without making myself looking too weird in the pictures :)

Pls help!!

U.S. expats
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11. Re: Travel wallet for women

I've found the best strategy is not to carry a purse or wallet. I only ever carry enough cash for the day, and if I really think I'll need it, one debit OR credit card.

Sydney, Australia
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12. Re: Travel wallet for women

I tend to operate on my travels the same way I do at home.. carrying limited cash and just whatever card or ID i will need on the day. My passport is generally secured within my luggage or hotel safe instead of carrying it around the streets. If I have had to change over a significant amount of cash for the trip for whatever reason, I have a regular webbing belt (such as you find on cargo pants or some jeans) and I have sewn a zipper onto the back of it. Its only good for holding notes, and its not somewhere I put cash i want to use during the day, but I did feel safer carrying $1000 in that rather than leaving it at hostels or in my wallet. Depending on where you're travelling, I often think the money pouches etc are more a hindrance than a help. If you can withdraw cash at an ATM (via a travelmoney card or your regular ATM card), then why carry cash?

New York City, New...
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13. Re: Travel wallet for women

When Im in transit, I use a money belt. If Im traveling from place to place daily, I also use the money belt. The entire point of the money belt is that you NEVER dig around in it in public, so not sure why that would come up, unless one is confusing a money belt with a fanny pack, that goes outside your clothing. In all my travels, I have never seen anyone dig into their money belt in public!

Otherwise, I use the big money - small money style of travel. The small money is either in a deep, zippered pocket of whatever Im wearing - or the outer - velcrow closed - pocket of my camera bag if I have no pockets. The big money (the most I could possibly need for the day - the rest is locked up in the hotel), 1 credit card and a copy of my passport is in the zippered pocket on the inside flap of my camera bag. Completely inaccessible.

If Im going to a place like Paris, I do use a regular wallet, but a nice, abbreviated one - not my regular wallet with every credit card, Body Shop discount card, etc.

I also got one of those Big Skinny wallets at a street fair. Its more like a flat credit card case - not a bulky folded thing, but it's good for keeping credit cards separate so the strips dont demagnetize. If I have to carry multiple cards for any reason, I use that thing - and it stays in the camera bag pocket.

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Melbourne, Australia
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14. Re: Travel wallet for women

Well I honestly could not even exaggerate how many American tourists I have seen on the streets of Perth, Sydney and Melbourne over the years digging around deep into their shirts and chests to locate their "hidden" stashes. Have also seen them in the airports doing it.

Naturally I see the folly of it and that us why I wouldn't be caught dead using them nor the rather unfortunately named "fanny" pack (if you knew ehat that was in Australia you probably wouldnt use it to describe any kind of inanimate object !!).

And before anyone riles up with "how can you possibly know they are American tourists" trust me - it's as easy to spot as if they had it tattood on their forehead !! in addition - when I spot them during said rifling in dubious regions of a town - I always go up and have a chat and let them know of the surrounding dangers etc. My civic duty etc.

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15. Re: Travel wallet for women

<And before anyone riles up with "how can you possibly know they are American tourists" trust me - it's as easy to spot as if they had it tattood on their forehead>

I'm sure there are some american tourists who don't do this, but I agree that when you see them doing this, you know they are americans before they even open their mouths!

Calgary, Canada
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16. Re: Travel wallet for women

I like the idea of not carrying a purse so bought both a Scottevest vest and jacket, but neither look good when wearing a skirt or dress so I still need a purse for those occasions. Does anyone have a suggestion for how not to carry a purse when wearing a dress?

As for tourists digging into their money belts, I have to confess that when we travelled with my mother in law, a Canadian, she wore her money belt on the outside of her clothes! Her usual purse is the size of a carry on bag. We took her shopping for a small cross body bag and got her to quit wearing the money belt as a substitute for a purse.

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17. Re: Travel wallet for women

I always use the same sort of handbag as I would at home - non-touristy.

CC is in a zip pocket somewhere on my body not in my purse - more because I lose things than fear of being robbed. If I lose one at least I have the other. Passport goes everywhere with me . Love cargos with pockets on the legs - I defy anyone to get into those without me noticing - just remember to take the passport out BEFORE you wash the pants ;-) IMO money belts are as necessary on holidays as they are in your own hometown unless you live somewhere where everyone is totally honest.

Mission, Canada
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18. Re: Travel wallet for women

Yes, the ScotteVest jackets and vest are nice, but not suitable for women in dresses, not unless you are wearing one jacket as a "cover".

However, here is a suggestion. Are not various women "dress" fashions available now with some limited number of pockets? If so, that would seem appropriate. Also, my "wife" always carried a small sling purse, about the size of a small clutch, for personal items as she was never the type to use her pockets.

Ann Arbor, MI
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for Michigan, Ann Arbor
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19. Re: Travel wallet for women

Hi--two suggestions:

1) google a wrist wallet for runners. It would not do for a formal occasion, but for many situations where a dress/skirt are worn it would be fine. They aren't a full sized wallet so you only carry the bare minimum (no room for cell phone that I've seen). They are securely attached and don't really look like a purse so they seem more safe in public situations.

On occasion I've seen small purses or large wallets that will clip to a waist band or belt. They seemed cute, but I wasn't sure how well they'd stay on so I think security is still an issue with them.

What I'd like to find is a tiny purse (big enough for a bit of money, ID and one card, and a cell phone) that would strap to my wrist/arm.

2) look in the travel supply websites (like Magellans). They have some nicer (dressier) blazers that have secure pockets. A basic color like black would do for most dressier situations.

Calgary, Canada
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20. Re: Travel wallet for women

My problem is I'd like to have my camera, modible phone, a bit of cash and at least one credit card. That's too much for the runner's wrist wallet I have. I have yet to see a skirt or dress with pockets substantial enough to securely hold all those items that are also dressy enough, for example, to go to a Michelin starred restaurant. Until someone designs such a thing, I'll just have to use my travel purse, which is zippered with a magnetic closure flap over the zipper and can be adjusted to be worn close to the body.

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